“The Garden of Secrets”

"The Garden of Secrets" Standing at her window, staring at grey skies heavy with more rain and the soggy grass covered in dead leaves, the only color she sees is the gloomy dark of evergreen trees. She’s bored, seriously bored with heaps of restless on top! The long...

“Seeking the Divine”

Welcome to all my long time members, dedicated graduates, and new Akashic friends who have recently subscribed! I'm so excited to finally launch my NEW Akashic Inspirations Posts & Events page! The Records asked me to share the following with you. Whenever you...

Akashic Opportunities

♥  Monthly Akashic Group Infusions

17th of every month @ 11:00pm your local time.
Love to have an Akashic spiritual practice designed to fit your mega busy lifestyle?
Then MAGI is for you! Economical subscription.
Details about MAGI here.


♥  Private Akashic Sessions
Come with me to explore your Akashic Records through an Akashic Session. Limited number of clients each month. Ready for a deeper commitment and even more transformation? Sign up for a series of 5 – 10 sessions.
New Clients: Please complete my simple Discovery Call Form for a free 20 minute chat about the Records.

Returning Clients: Contact me by email or phone to set up an Akashic Session.
Details about Sessions here.


♥  "Learn to Access & Explore Your Akashic Records"
Eager to learn to access your own Akashic Records? 
Details about Module A here.


♥  "Learn to Access & Explore Your Akashic Records" ONLINE
Eager to learn to access your own Akashic Records AND prefer the privacy and convenience of online training? Work at your own pace when most convenient for you. No need to wait.
Details about Module A ONLINE here.


♥  “Learn to Access & Explore the Akashic Records of Other People, Places, & Things”
When your Records and your heart encourage you to learn to access the Records of Others, this is your next step.
Details about Module B:  Part 1 – Essentials here.



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