“How to Interact with Your Ancestors in the Akashic Records!”

My intention is that after absorbing this month’s post, you’ll be inspired by your Records to work more deeply and effectively with your own ancestors (and with your clients” ancestors if you have that advanced level of training).   If you have yet to learn to access your Akashic Records and would like to know more about the energetic database of your soul in all your lifetimes, then this post is for you too! In this month’s Akashic Inspirations post you’ll discover . . .

  • How to energetically connect and communicate with your ancestors through your Records.
  • Understand why this is often such a rewarding area of Akashic discovery.
  • Ideas to expand your ability to help your ancestors forgive themselves and others, release deep seated family traumas, and initiate healing through the generations, including yourself and often your children.
  • Ideas to free your ancestors (and yourself) from long standing shame, guilt, fears, beliefs, and more.
  • Opportunity to put this all into action with your own Records!

Image of many treasured photos of ancestors collected from different people. So let’s get started! How to energetically connect & communicate with Ancestors thru your Records . . . Remember always to let the Records be your guide, regardless of what you read in this post. Most of the time, when it becomes apparent that an ancestor is the originator of a family belief, a fear or other detrimental emotion, an inappropriate vow, self-imposed curse or anything else – I usually begin by asking the Records a few simple questions. “Did this begin in the ancestors of the mother or the father?” And I write down whatever I receive. Let’s say it’s the mother’s side. Then it seems to follow well to ask: How many generations back on the mother’s side?” And I write down that number. Let’s say it’s 5 generations back on the Mother’s side. Then I’ll usually ask: Is this ancestor where this all began male or female?” And I write that down. Once I establish these basic facts, I usually like to invite this ancestor to be present in my Records. If I’m working with a client, I suggest that she invite her ancestor to be present in the Records with us. She can do this silently or aloud; however it is most comfortable and real for her. One last thing that often comes up for me – just because it distracts me to use umpteen great, great, great, grandmother language – is that I ask or have my client ask the ancestor if we can call her “Grandmother” (or “Grandfather”) as a term of honor and respect. So far that’s always worked well for everyone! ⇒  Understanding why Ancestors are often such a rewarding area of discovery in your Records . . . So now we’re ready to get into what brought us here in the first place – the issue. I’ve had all kinds of different experiences at this point – from very detailed conversations with an ancestor about their pain, some visual perceptions of the ancestor, perhaps feeling their feelings, to much vaguer “knowings.” I always feel the Records gently and lovingly guide us throughout this process, so I rely on their guidance the entire time for the highest good of all concerned. If you don’t know – great! Ask the Records! If I’m working with a client – I find it’s very empowering to enlist their assistance throughout this process. After all – they’re in their Records too from the Akashic Alliance™ Method to Open Akashic Records for a Client and might well be able to bring in something that you cannot.   Old photo of African American family.     Some ideas about areas of exploration that can arise with ancestors are . . .

  • Unresolved, harmful emotions or long held family secrets. I often ask the Records for the corresponding positive emotions that could replace the ones that are released. The positive emotions are great ones to write down so they can be referred to later if desired (During this process, I often find myself activating Akashic Alliance™ Heart Integration to bring myself, (and my client), and the ancestor in contact with the Divine so we can ask the Divine to release these emotions and then download the corresponding positive emotions.)When this feels complete, I always go back and ask the Records, myself, the ancestor, and my client if any other detrimental emotions are now present – as sometimes more turn up! I always double check – never assuming that I’m finished because it feels like I am to me. For secrets, I ask the ancestor to share their burden – that it’s no longer necessary for them to be silent –  and then hold the space that they can finally unburden themselves. The Records guide us from there.     
  • A need and desire for forgiveness of self and/ or others. Usually this will become apparent from what is shared or felt from the ancestor. If not, I often ask the Records: “Would Grandmother benefit from some forgiveness now?” And if the answer is yes, I’ll ask the Records: “Forgiveness of self and/ or others?” Sometimes an ancestor will ask for forgiveness of the present time self because she understands how her actions have impacted several generations – right into the present time.Again I’m guided by the Records and the Divine on how best to support an ancestor through a forgiveness process. Sometimes it’s to read the Akashic Alliance™ Prayer of Forgiveness. Other times it’s the short and deeply felt statement from the heart – “I forgive me, I forgive me, I forgive me” repeated several times with great empathy. Then check with the Records to find out if the forgiveness process – however it is guided – is complete.
  • Sharing enough of the “story” by asking the ancestor a few questions to see how their experience relates to me (or to my client.) While I don’t feel it’s beneficial to become consumed with the details of an issue, sometimes a few details are useful. And sometimes details feel very irrelevant because it’s more about releasing the emotions, the forgiveness, and the belief, vow, or self-imposed curse.If this is your ancestor and you find you are becoming very emotionally invested, then it’s time to breathe, relax, and ask your Records and the Divine for the best way to regain your perspective. Taking on your ancestors’ traumas does not help them!
  • Putting words to the belief, vow, or self-imposed curse and then asking the Records and the Divine for a more appropriate statement. Check to see if the new statement resonates and is welcomed by the ancestor and then yourself (or client). Again – I’m often back in Heart Integration to connect as strongly as I can with the Divine for the release and the new statement to be Divinely downloaded both into the ancestor and me or my client. These new statements are again worthwhile writing down for easy reference after a session.
  • You might like at this point to ask the ancestor if they require anything else for their healing or their peace. Be open to receive on all your “clairs” – extrasensory abilities. Then ask how to best facilitate that healing for the ancestor. Make no assumptions. Ask. More and more I ask the Divine to do all the heavy lifting during an Akashic Session. I feel that gets the job done MUCH more easily and thoroughly than I ever could do it on my own.
  • When the ancestor is complete, thank her and release Sometimes they just disappear as the issue is no longer holding them, so don’t be surprised if that happens too!
  • Once all the work has been done with the ancestor, then I’ll ask the Records and the Divine how this healing can be brought through the ages to the present time if that hasn’t already been accomplished. Again, I don’t have any particular process – I let the guidance come through. Sometimes I’ll be shown to work with the Divine through each generation till the present and sometimes the healing just Divinely flows through all the generations.

Okay – so basically what we’ve been doing is working through an Akashic Session to help your ancestors to forgive themselves and others, release deep seated family traumas, and initiate healing through the generations – including to yourself and your children for their highest good if they have also picked up this ancestral issue. Children don’t always – so again, don’t assume.   One last idea: If the ancestral issue originates no more than three generations back and you (or your client) highly resonate with what comes up then you might like to delve more deeply into this issue in another session if the issue still plagues you after this initial session.   You might also like to explore some of the research out there about releasing family trauma, healing the family tree, etc.  I recommend “It Didn’t Start with You” by Mark Wolynn. I’ve also heard that “The Presence Process” by Michael Brown can be useful.

♥  Your Opportunity for focused Akashic Practice . . . So let’s take a few moments now to have your Records integrate what you’ve been reading with a short personal Akashic experience with one of your ancestors. Don’t worry about looking at any notes or “trying” to remember the details of this post. If you need more time, you can always come back to this.   Pause now for a moment to breathe and relax. Please open your Records if you haven’t already done so. You may find it helpful to set a timer before you begin. When the time is up, you can always give yourself more time if you desire. When you feel ready, ask your Records to bring to your awareness: “What is the ancestral issue that is currently challenging me – the most appropriate one for the time I have now?” Write down what you receive and then ask your Records to guide you through working with your ancestor. Remember to also request whatever is required to create the transformation you’re seeking both for your ancestor and yourself. When you feel complete and your Records have nothing more to add, thank your ancestor if they’re still present and let them go. Close your Records with your gratitude. Notice how you feel.

Have I covered everything, all possibilities, and all that is potentially here for you with the Records and your ancestors? Definitely not. Every time I access the Akashic Field, I’m still learning myself!   I hope you enjoyed this taste of an Akashic journey with one of your ancestors. I also hope you come back and visit with your ancestors again soon, in whatever way your Records guide you to do that.   If this has been a new experience for you, then know that this was just an introduction with lots more to come guided by your Records! And if you’ve done lots of ancestral work already, then I hope this opened up some new possibilities for you.   I’d love to hear any questions or tips you’ve found about interacting with your ancestors in the comments area beneath my signature block. I’m sure there are many different ways to do this type of work in the Records.

Personal Update I’m continuing to focus primarily on publishing the innovative Akashic Illumination Deck. In the coming months, I’ll be introducing it to the Akashic community and general public through informative short videos, fun trainings, and quick info on social media. Therefore, if you’d like a professional Akashic facilitator to bring you with her into your Records to guide you to connect with your ancestors, I love to recommend my graduates who are experienced Akashic Alliance™ Facilitators. I suggest you have a look at their websites, if one is available, or reach out to any of these highly experienced facilitators for a Discovery Call. I happily work with any of them whenever I feel I’d like a little more energy in the Records or a fresh approach to a complicated topic. Since Gayle and Marilyn are not training, they may have quicker availability for an Akashic Session.

Janie and Jenny are currently teaching Module A’s live in person or by Zoom.

Till we connect again in June,

Radiance and Love –

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