Are you disconnected

from your inner voice and intuition?

Do you struggle with self-doubt and
a lack of confidence
when decision making?

Does your search for a deeper meaning
leave you feeling unfulfilled?

Are you seeking the guidance and tools
for personal growth and self-discovery?

Communicating with the wisdom of your Soul rekindles passion and energizes your life which is essential if you choose to . . .


  • make better informed decisions,
  • know your best next steps,
  • and live true to your life’s purpose.

During this workshop you’ll discover powerful ways to reconnect with your inner wisdom to make these common challenges less confusing, easier, and more fun!

Stop Decision Fatigue & Find Clarity

Feeling overwhelmed by choices? Learn to create your sacred inner space – a haven of peace and self-love where you can access clear guidance and make confident decisions that resonate with your soul.

Silence the Noise & Connect to Your Inner Wisdom’s Unique Language

Struggling with constant mental chatter that drowns out your intuition? Discover techniques to quiet the noise and tune into the powerful messages of your inner wisdom. Gain access to a wellspring of creativity and insights hidden within.

Unlock Your Creative Potential & Discover New Possibilities

Feeling stuck in a rut and lacking inspiration? Expand your capacity to communicate with your intuition and learn its unique language. Open yourself to a flow of creativity and innovation that ignites new possibilities and propels you forward on your life’s journey.

Introducing your Workshop Facilitator . . .

Rev Sandra L Gelinas is a leading Akashic Records expert, guiding people to uncover and resolve current and past life challenges, ancestral issues, and outdated beliefs.
With 30+ years of metaphysical experience, including a Master’s in Metaphysical Education and certifications for Reiki, Past Life Regression, Inception Point Therapy®, and BioField Clearing, Sandra offers profound clarity and transformation.
As a Master Teacher of the three tiers of Akashic Alliance™ Trainings, she has dedicated the past two decades to empowering her students and clients to explore their souls through the Akashic Field.
Sandra’s latest venture, the Akashic Illumination Deck, provides an Akashic tool which immerses you in a visual and energetic engagement with your Records.