A new way to connect with your Soul is now available! 

 what it would be like if you had an easy, fun way to . . .

Access a RELIABLE bridge that connects you directly to the wisdom of your Soul in all your lifetimes.

• Engage with inspiring VISUALS that easily prompt you to ask your BEST QUESTIONS that take you deeper into yourself.

• Receive what you most require each time you connect because it’s so amazingly VERSATILE that it meets you wherever you are in the moment.


“The Akashic Records are the energetic database of your Soul throughout all its lifetimes.”

This Akashic Records card deck gives you the opportunity to engage in three distinct Akashic Activities (suits).

These 60 powerful cards guide you to confidently navigate the Akashic Records via a pathway that has never been available before.

This unique and innovative card deck was requested by and co-created in every aspect with the guidance of the Records of the deck.


“This Akashic Illumination Deck is wonderfully cohesive with the three different Akashic Activities working really well together. Loved the connections and insights the Records created as they enhanced my awareness of the issue I was exploring. I appreciated the way the answers I found gave me a deeper connection with my Records, which was a very expansive feeling. Also, the images are wonderful to explore.” — Lania Desmond

These 20 Akashic Infusions alert you to a gift, attunement, or blessing from your Records designed to awaken new opportunities for greater soul growth. An Infusion illuminates and supports your purpose for using the deck.

These 20 Akashic Explorations offer engaging images designed to activate pathways to the major areas of Akashic Explorations. They prompt you to investigate and ask questions, while guiding you to interact profoundly with your Records.

These 20 Akashic Symbols come to accelerate your soul’s growth. Incorporating movement, frequencies, color, or tones, each multidimensional Symbol empowers you to go beyond your normal senses while offering gentle healing and transformation.


“When you change your Akashic Records, you change your life.”

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