Akashic Records Training Module B-1


Learn to Access & Explore the Akashic Records of Other People, Places, & Things:  Module B

PART 1:  The Essentials

Live Hybrid Online Zoom training of 8 weeks with breakout groups for sharing and working with clients, short weekly audios of key content to watch at your convenience, personal Akashic work, cohort opportunities, and more. This is a small group to ensure your optimum learning environment. Includes plenty of time for your questions and lots of practice accessing for others. 


Requirements:  Completion of Module A, the permission of your Akashic Records and facilitator. 


Part 1Essentials of how to access for “Others”

During this live Hybrid Online Zoom training over eight weeks you will learn everything required for you to become a confident Professional Akashic Facilitator who can access the Records of Other People, Places, and Things including clients, creative projects, pets, and property. 

When your heart and your Records tell you it’s time to deepen your experience of the Records, please email Sandra to be added to an upcoming group. Module B trainings occur when a group comes together.

Part 2 Advanced Professional Akashic Training

Advanced Training for those who have completed the Essential Module B and are guided by their Records to further enhance their Akashic work. Learn how to take groups into their Records, work as an Akashic Facilitator at Intuitive Fairs, develop Akashic research groups, receive new, accelerated processes for individual clients, and more.



Module B Essentials consists of three distinct parts.

  1. Customized Module B Pre-Training Infusions typically come to you a week prior to the commencement of your Module B. These Infusions are designed by the Records to prepare you for the training, support your learning each week, and also enhance your learning capability for this level of Akashic training. 
  2.  Each week of the training includes personal Akashic work to prepare you to explore the Records of others, one short self-paced audio to listen to on your own where Sandra presents essential content and highlights key learning points for that week, a LIVE Zoom meeting steeped in experiential learning including your facilitation of short Akashic Sessions, and ongoing supportive cohort communications. These multiple ways to best ensure adult learning combine to create this Hybrid Online Zoom training.
    Beginning with Week 2, you’ll be accessing the Records of other learners. Each week you’ll be learning more about how to explore the following key Akashic areas of exploration:

    –  past lives,
    –  ancestors,
    –  detrimental emotions,
    –  vows, core beliefs, and ancient programs no longer serving your client’s highest good
    –  accelerating and amplifying foundation strengths, gifts, and expertise of the soul.
    In addition we’ll examine the practicalities of how to be a professional Akashic Facilitator with deeper discussions about our Akashic Alliance Code of Ethics, pricing guided by your Records, how to handle Discovery Calls for new clients, appointment confirmation emails, client consent forms, client follow up surveys – everything you’ll need to immediately begin working as a professional. There will also be time to explore the Records of an animal, a property, and other exciting opportunities as guided by the Records of the Group.

  3. Weekly Practice between Zoom Sections gives you the opportunity to practice and ask questions after opening for others and to exchange Akashic Sessions with others in your group.


BONUS: Comprehensive Module B Manual clearly presenting all the essentials required to access the Records of “Others” as a professional Akashic Facilitator. All sample forms are also emailed so you can easily customize with your own letterhead and edit as you desire.

BONUS: Optional Monthly Module B Gatherings by phone. This group is facilitated by Module B graduates so there is no fee. At least one Akashic Alliance teacher is usually present for mentoring purposes. The participants take turns in being call moderators. This is an opportunity to access the Records of others on the call – responding to their questions from their Records, and receiving Akashic assistance as requested.



Your Personal Investment for Module B – Essentials:

Special of $1500 when paid 3 weeks in advance.
$2000 after that.
Sandra’s Refresher Grads: special rate of $750.

Next Akashic Training: When a group of 4 people come together, then we’ll create dates
that work best for all. Please set up a Discovery Call with Sandra to indicate your interest.

Let’s schedule a time for your free Discovery Call!

During your Discovery Call, you will:  

Clarify the depth of topics you can explore to quickly resolve
your key issues without needing to rehash tired old stories.

. . .

Learn how you can move into greater alignment with the Divine
and trust your Inner Wisdom.

. . .

Discover how to find your own unique truth – NOT what’s worked for others – so you feel more confident, less fearful, and more playful!

For more detailed information about the Akashic Records and what it’s like to explore this storehouse of knowledge.