Akashic Records Training Module C

how to tap into the akashic records, teach others to be teachers of the Akashic Records
Module C – Learn to Teach Modules A & B 

Akashic Alliance™ Teacher Certification brings you everything you need in order to successfully teach first Module A and then Module B.

After you have completed Modules A & B, developed your own client base, and have regularly been enjoying taking clients and groups of people into their Records, you may feel called to (and have requests to) teach Module A to those who now trust you. You’ll need documentation to show you have completed a minimum of 50 private Akashic Sessions during a period of six months to one year. There is an application process.

Please contact Sandra for a Discovery Call when you are interested in stepping up to train others to access and explore
their Records and carry on the Akashic Alliance™ legacy.

Let’s schedule a time for your free Discovery Call!

During your Discovery Call, you will:  

Clarify the depth of topics you can explore to quickly resolve
your key issues without needing to rehash tired old stories.

. . .

Learn how you can move into greater alignment with the Divine
and trust your Inner Wisdom.

. . .

Discover how to find your own unique truth – NOT what’s worked for others – so you feel more confident, less fearful, and more playful!

For more detailed information about the Akashic Records and what it’s like to explore this storehouse of knowledge.