Akashic Records Training Module C

how to tap into the akashic records, teach others to be teachers of the Akashic Records

Module C – Learn to Teach Modules A & B –
Teaching People How to Access the Akashic Records

Akashic Teacher Training to learn how to teach first Module A
and then if desired, Module B.


After completing Modules A & B, and once you have developed your own client base and have regularly been enjoying taking clients and groups of people into their Records, you may feel called to (and have requests to) teach Module A to those who now know you and trust you in their Records. 

Please contact Sandra when you are interested in stepping up to train others to access and explore their Records.

Let’s schedule a time for your free Discovery Call!

During your Discovery Call, you will:  

Clarify the depth of topics you can explore to quickly resolve
your key issues without needing to rehash tired old stories.

. . .

Learn how you can move into greater alignment with the Divine
and trust your Inner Wisdom.

. . .

Discover how to find your own unique truth – NOT what’s worked for others – so you feel more confident, less fearful, and more playful!

For more detailed information about the Akashic Records and what it’s like to explore this storehouse of knowledge.