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One of the wonders of the internet – much like the Akashic Records – is that there is a wealth of information available on the web, including this collection of free educational Akashic material created by Sandra. Included here are some of her published articles, audios, and educational newsletters – with more arriving as they become available. 

So make yourself a hot drink and come explore these Akashic resources.


Sandra’s articles are educational, cover a variety of topics, and are a great way to discover more about the Records. These are great for visual learners who love to read.

  • WNC Woman Magazine – April 2015 – hard copy and online
    Meet Our Advertisers:  Rev. Sandra Gelinas and the Akashic Records Integration Process
    The back story of how Sandra first heard about the Akashic Records (biography of Edgar Cayce) and then had to wait 25 years to find her first teacher. This interview also includes the story of how the three founders of the Akashic Alliance™ were brought together to bring original material from the Records and then to teach this information.
  • The Magic Happens E-zine
    In June of 2015, Sandra started writing articles every other month for this widely read metaphysical online magazine that’s published monthly from Norway by a Canadian woman named Kat McCarthy. Kat publishes articles from an amazing variety of inspirational international writers, so you might enjoy reading some of their articles too.

    Listing of Sandra’s Articles for The Magic Happens – This link is always up to date with Sandra’s latest articles published by TMH, plus all her archived articles from previous issues. She covers a wide variety of topics, most of which relate to the Akashic Records in some way, from spiritual discoveries in Mexico to communicating with your Inner Child. A few of Sandra’s early articles are:  “Co-Creating Your Sacred Space,” “Adventures in the Akashic Records,” and “Seeking the Divine.” 

NOTE:  A great article to review at the beginning of each year is the January 2016 article: “Discover your True Focus for 2016” which will guide you step by step how to how to use numerology each year to discover your Personal Year Number – a key piece of information that can help you be aware of where to focus your energy each year.

Akashic Focus Newsletter Archive:
Each spring and fall, Sandra sends a series of interesting, educational emails to her subscribers, answering real questions she has been asked about learning how to access and explore your Akashic Records. She has picked the very best to share with you. There’s a wealth of information here, so have fun clicking on the articles that appeal to you! (Just remember – these come from her archives so check the Training Page for her latest dates and investments.)


  • Audios give you an idea of Sandra’s speaking voice and her facilitation style. They’re ideal for those who prefer to listen or who resonate more with audios for whatever reason. Please note no transcripts or audios of any Akashic Sessions are included because these are private and sacred times in a person’s Records. As such, they are not for public access.
  • Exploring Heart Integration – August 2015 – mini-teaching of Sandra exploring Heart Integration – an amazing prayer process received from the Records by the Akashic Alliance. She will take you through a guided meditation using Heart Integration and also answer questions from those attending the conference call. Beneficial for new or returning clients and all Akashic training participants. 90 minutes.

Download Heart Integration Handout PDF so you can easily refresh the five steps of this prayer process.

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