accessing the akashic records

You’ve been searching for . . .

  • the right teacher
  • the right training
  • the right process –your way to learn to access your Truth.

You haven’t given up!

  • You know you’ll recognize it when your right way arrives.

Here’s your first step!

Accessing the Akashic Records, Explore the Akashic Records

  • Join us in a sacred space of healing and comfort where a small group of other learners warmly awaits.
  • You can choose to be part of small Teleseminar group for a series of LIVE conference calls OR you can learn ONLINE at your own pace.
  • This is your time to immerse yourself in learning how to access and explore your personal Records.

Your soul and your Records  have brought you here!

This is your time to discover more about who you truly are!

About These Akashic Trainings

Whenever Sandra presents any type of metaphysical training, she brings exactly what that group needs and how to share it with them. This is possible because she’s continually customizing her presentations from the viewpoint of the Records of that particular group of people who have come together at that specific time and place (including online learners). She doesn’t open the Records of any individual when presenting, just the group’s Records. This results in highly relevant and interesting trainings with examples and integration processes (exercises) targeted to the unique requirements of those attending, for their optimum learning experience with grace and ease.

All our Akashic Alliance trainings came directly from the Akashic Records to inspire you so you can then empower yourself (and others). After you are comfortable exploring your own Records, if you desire, you can continue to expand your knowledge of this amazing energetic resource by learning how to professionally access and explore the Records of other people, places, and things.

These Akashic trainings are suitable for members of traditional religious and/or spiritual churches. Belief in something Sacred to you is essential. The trainings also enhance your intuition and assist you to open your heart so you can know and clearly navigate your life path with greater clarity and joy. Each module gives you time tested tools to prepare, access, forgive, release, and heal and shows you how to use them for the highest good of all. If you are a massage therapist, life coach, nurse, alternative health practitioner, psychologist, social worker, trainer, etc. then it is invaluable to have the ability to access at least your own Records to support your best work with Divine Guidance and Assistance – both for you and your clients.

  • The journey into my Akashic Record you facilitated has certainly earned its place on my “Best of” list. I am truly grateful. You have a gift and I admire your willingness to share. I look forward to your newsletters and have just registered for your next Akashic Training.

  • I thought this training was excellent in teaching us to connect with our Source of All That Is. We get so caught up in the ‘noise’ of our daily lives that it is refreshing to take the time to listen.

  • This is an easy, direct way to get Absolute Truth without having to go outside yourself to gain the information. The most transformative experience I have ever had. 

  • I believe this will not only change each individual, to live a healthy, prosperous, enriched life – but to enable our world to heal and be in a place of joy. 

  • The training gave me a way I can now answer my many questions. I now have at my side, full time, my own Record Keepers! I am most grateful for that. 

  • I discovered the Records hold unlimited potential for growth and understanding. I found the clarity of the process most helpful. The pacing was good, so I never felt rushed. The manual was also very helpful so I could listen more and write fewer notes. 

  • I received clear and concise understanding of what, how, and where to use my Akashic Records. I am now prepared to walk in the world with tools to bring more harmony to all. 

  • I now have an important tool for conducting my life. I know who to turn to when I have questions. I feel empowered in taking responsibility for myself. 

  • I foresee many uses for this modality in my work, both professionally and personally. It offers yet another resource of Spirit to enhance one’s life.

  • I enjoyed hearing the questions of the other participants, and especially their issues as we worked through the processes and the facilitator’s responses. We had multiple opportunities to access the Records during the training, so none were overwhelming but we had the chance to see what issues arose. 

  • Module B helped me to increase my confidence in working with my own Records and to trust what I received. Doing this work with others and being in our Records together is so powerful. It is like a great turbo charge.

  • During The Akashic Records Module A class I connected to the process and the information gathered as though I had found my other self. I didn’t need another level. I was complete. When Module B was offered and I understood that I could open the Records of Others, I saw connecting with my farm, with the Meditation Garden, and the places that Mother Earth calls to me. I was again given another way to connect with the Divine!

  • Our Module B weekend was a marvelous experience. It was gloriously complex, a little scary, and a whole new dimension of learning. Dear Sandra, you are patient and kind and giving. And a gracious teacher. I am signing all my sisters and friends to a session before I think about anything except getting my Akashic internship completed.

  • When I decided to learn to open my Records and the Records of Others, I thought this is exactly what I will learn to do. However, the depth and breadth of material contained within each Module has changed every aspect of my personal and professional life. I can’t say enough about the content of each Module. The results have far exceeded my expectations.

  • Module B provides a quantum leap in Akashic Record work and is a life-changing experience to be cherished. I found this to be a very profound workshop. 

  • Sandira, you were terrific. You are so gentle, loving, and intentional about giving us the best experience possible. Many thanks to you, your Akashic Alliance partners, and ALL things that helped in creating Module B. 

  • I feel as though my integration of the material – so much of it! – will continue and that I will build upon it and become more competent with practice. The manual – along with the personal notes I wrote while in the workshop – will be extremely valuable to me in my future practice. 

  • This is an awesome training and an introduction to a spiritual community with much integrity that I feel will really ground my healing practice. Very grateful for it all as I integrate and expand! 

Trainings are available in three stages:

accessing the akashic records

Module A

Learn to Access and Explore Your Personal Akashic Records


Learn More

akasha meditation

Module B

Access and Explore the Akashic Records of Other People, Places, and Things

Learn More

what is an akashic record

Module C

Akashic Teacher Training to learn how to facilitate Module A and then Module B.

Learn More

Let’s schedule a time for your free Discovery Call!

During your Discovery Call, you will:  

Clarify the depth of topics you can explore to quickly resolve
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Learn how you can move into greater alignment with the Divine
and trust your Inner Wisdom.

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Discover how to find your own unique truth – NOT what’s worked for others – so you feel more confident, less fearful, and more playful!

Discover Your Records

For more detailed information about the Akashic Records and what it’s like to explore this storehouse of knowledge.