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What are the Akashic Records?

Some concept of the Akashic Records has been mystifying and inspiring people since ancient times and is still found in all major religions.

If Akashic exploration is part of your life path in this incarnation, then you are already energetically coded to be activated by these words:

“Akashic Records” 

Can your heart sense their welcome?

If your conscious mind seeks the comfort of a concise and clear description of this amazing energetic database (or as Sandra prefers to refer to it – the Akashic Field), the following definition is all that’s required for you to interact effectively with your Records.

“The Akashic Records are a dynamic reservoir of information including every thought, word, deed, emotion, and even intention of your soul throughout all its lifetimes.

Through your Records you can connect to higher aspects of yourself and to the Divine.”

Thankfully, it is now possible to access and explore the Akashic Records while you remain physically comfortable, alert, and awake. Therefore your benefits are immediate and long lasting.

You are empowered to personally receive your own Truth!

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During your Discovery Call, you will:  

Clarify the depth of topics you can explore to quickly resolve
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Learn how you can move into greater alignment with the Divine
and trust your Inner Wisdom.

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Discover how to find your own unique truth – NOT what’s worked for others – so you feel more confident, less fearful, and more playful!

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