Inception Point Therapy®

What is Inception Point Therapy®

An inception point is the moment at which an emotion, belief, or karmic pattern is created. This is the beginning, or root cause, of a pattern. With this step-by-step process, and the direct assistance of the Divine and your Akashic Records, you now have the opportunity to go back to these points and make different choices, which affect not just your past but your present and future as well.

This is an excellent process to release those perplexing, underlying causes of health issues while you still continue to work in conjunction with your Medical Practitioner(s).

This is my history with this modality.  In 2012, I was certified as an Emotion Code Practitioner by Dr. Nelson after completing the extensive certification requirements. Then I was introduced to Inception Point Therapy by the founder, Cheryl Sullivan, completed her two levels of training in 2014, and began working with clients with IPT. I have discovered that IPT covers much more ground and brings more profound results for my clients. This modality is also a better fit for me and the way I work in conjunction with my clients’ Akashic Records. (I still facilitate the Emotion Code if that is a client’s preference.)

To bring in the powerful Divine Healing always available through the Records, and with my client’s permission, I take us both into my client’s Records. Together we access the relevant Records and request the beginning or inception point of the issue.

  • If it originated in a past life, we find out how many lifetimes ago and work with that lifetime.
  • If it is related to an ancestor, we find out if it’s on the maternal or paternal side and how many generations back so we can work with that specific ancestor.
  • If the inception point occurred during the current life time, we discover whether it is while the client is in utero in the mother, at birth, or some age post birth.

Once we discover the inception point, then I follow each step of this amazing process – including forgiveness, identifying detrimental emotions, and requesting the Divine to release, re-balance, and heal, including any DNA mutated as a result of the original situation. When Divine Energy is the source of healing, wonderful things can happen! Connection to the Records during IPT is an added bonus.

Inception Point Therapy or Emotion Code Session

Your Personal Investment:

$250 or can be part of a package of 5 or 10 Akashic Sessions.

Let’s schedule a time for your free Discovery Call!

During your Discovery Call, you will:  

Clarify the depth of topics you can explore to quickly resolve
your key issues without needing to rehash tired old stories.

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Learn how you can move into greater alignment with the Divine
and trust your Inner Wisdom.

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Discover how to find your own unique truth – NOT what’s worked for others – so you feel more confident, less fearful, and more playful!