If you’ve been SEARCHING . . . 


for just the right way to explore your Akashic Records with confidence . . .


Sandra would love to help you learn a verified seven-step process,
consisting of spoken words and silent energetics.


With practice, you can access your Records in just a few minutes.
You are not hypnotized. You remain alert and aware.
You can ask your Records any questions you desire and journal all you receive.


This is your time to discover more about who you truly are!

 “Learn to Access and Explore your Akashic Records”

Module A – SELF-PACED ONLINE Series –
Start whenever you like! 

  • Progress at your own speed.
  • Create a schedule that works best
    for you and your lifestyle.
  • Take all the time you require to
    your learning during
    each experiential section.
  • Learn from anywhere in the world with a good internet connection.
  • All materials are downloadable, with immediate access as soon as you enroll.
  • Facebook Group for extra support.
  • No need to wait for a training to begin.
    You can start right now!
  • Unlimited access to entire training with no cut off date.
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Module A – LIVE Zoom Series

  • Includes everything in the online training with the addition of dynamic personal interaction with your facilitator and other learners.
  • Consists of Eight Scheduled Two-Hour Zoom Meetings.
  • Join a maximum of only seven other learners for guaranteed personal attention.
  • Ask your own questions during each section or email Sandra between sections.


  • Offered whenever at least four learners inform me of their desire to learn to access their Records. Together we will set training dates that work for us all!


If you prefer to study privately ONLINE – the first option above – then the remainder of this page clearly outlines how you too can learn to access and explore your Records with this comprehensive Online Akashic Training. 

Improve the quality of your life
(physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually)
by learning to access and explore
your Akashic Records.


With the support of your Records
available whenever you like,
you too can create the life you love to live.



Akashic Training Facilitator, Rev Sandra L Gelinas, brings you a well proven and easy to learn method to quickly and accurately access your Records.


You’ll learn practical Akashic tools to help you improve your health, career, relationships, and even your connection to the Divine.


Then you can successfully resolve chronic issues that hinder you from living a productive, enjoyable, pain-free life. These issues may be related to:


this lifetime,

past lives,

your ancestors

or other areas most relevant to you.

 You will thrive with your Akashic Records as your guide.

Do You Recognize Yourself?

  • You continue to experience chronic physical, emotional, mental and spiritual issues like repeating detrimental patterns or emotions, confusion about your life path or purpose, ongoing relationship challenges, fatigue or pain.
  • You are tired of going to others for answers, reading yet another self-help book, or trying the latest meditation to figure out what is wrong with you. You know you must find your own Truth, what works for you, to release and heal issues from the past so you can consistently feel better.
  • You are concerned about how to make a difference as an individual – how you can truly be of service for the highest good of all.
  • You are worried about how to live your life with a positive spiritual connection when you feel helpless to change the chaos and negativity around you.
  • You still believe that others somehow know more than you do about what is perfect for you – but deep down you are ready to experience a shift in this outdated and false perception of reality.
  • You are excited about connecting to and exploring the dynamic energetic database that is your soul’s Akashic Records and embracing a new way of living with Divine Guidance and Assistance.

If any of these experiences sound like you,
then the in-depth Akashic training you’ve been seeking
is here
and ready for you right now.

You’re finally ready to know.

Change Your Records, Change Your Life!

Message from Sandra

Sandra Gelinas - Akashic Records Teacher

While living in a small country town in Australia in the mid 1980’s, I was constantly searching – didn’t know what I was looking for, but I was most certainly yearning to go deeper!


In 2004, learning to access and explore my Records finally satisfied my desire to tap into my soul’s wisdom – not someone else’s – mine. While discovering and implementing new ways of training with the Records and my two Akashic partners, I learned to find my own truth, to love and accept myself, and to honor my strengths. The Records are now my go to place where I continually receive what I always sought – unconditional love and Divine support.


Eventually, with many gentle nudges from my Records, I was guided to shift from live trainings to teleseminar series to make it easier for participants to absorb more. Then this Online Akashic Training, which I would have loved decades ago, makes exploring the Records available to even more people. So now I can show you how to achieve your heart’s desire!


Perhaps you’re wondering:  “Will this training help me to love myself even with all my perceived imperfections? Will it show me how to find the answers to all my questions? Will it teach me to discover and communicate clearly with my own personal guides?”


From my own experiences and after teaching for over a decade, I can confidently share:


When you connect with your Akashic Records, from your heart as you learn to do during this training – and practice – then you too will find your own unique way to receive and to give more love. And yes, then you can do anything!


If you’ve read this far, you have a strong yearning to know yourself, to be the best person you can be, and to make a difference that matters to you. Here is your opportunity to answer your soul’s call to go deeper.

One-time payment of only $515 USD

*Must be 18 years or older to enroll.

SELF-PACED Online Akashic Training – Module A


Direct access to a step by step process where you can learn to access and explore your Akashic Records from the comfort of your home and at your own pace.

No matter where you live, you can now follow the recordings of a previous group of dedicated learners as they met by phone with Sandra Gelinas, an Akashic Facilitator, who expertly guides them to delve deeply into each section of this program.

You’ll benefit from hearing their questions and the answers that come through Sandra from the Akashic Records in response. During this training, you’ll receive written communications linking each section, answering common questions at each point, and encouraging you to continue to discover many practical ways to incorporate the Records into your daily life.

SELF-PACED Online Akashic Training

– Module A –

comes to you packed with all you require.

akashic records prayer, access your akashic records

Like more detail? Just click on the titles.

To Help You Prepare:

Akashic Training Infusion

This innovative Akashic process is unique to this program. It gently and gracefully releases, through all your lifetimes for your highest good, anything hindering your upcoming Akashic learning process.

Heart Integration Exploration

MP3 of a 90 minute training by Sandra for a group of Module A grads introducing this Akashic Essential.
Akashic Training Elements:

16 Hours Live Audio Training: Two-Hour Sections

Explore exciting Integration Processes in real time with the rest of the group and then listen as they share their experiences to deepen your own experience.

Five Short Recordings of Key Akashic Components

Perfect for learning or refreshing as you continue to enhance your Akashic experience.

  • Heart Integration
  • Method to Open
  • Prayer of Forgiveness
  • Clearing Prayer Process
  • Invocation

Complete Module A Manual PDF

This manual minimizes your need for extensive notes, so you can relax, sit back, and easily absorb each section. It’s loaded with relevant content, Integration Processes to integrate everything you have learned so far, Akashic Tips, and bonus materials. Best when printed so you can easily follow along for each section and jot down your own notes and inspirations.

Private Facebook Akashic Community

Sandra has facilitated Akashic Trainings for the past 10 years. The most important thing she’s learned as a teacher is that your ability to succeed increases significantly when you have community and support.
Post-Training Bonus Materials:

Certificate of Completion PDF

During your virtual Akashic graduation ceremony, Sandra blesses you and lovingly hands you over to the Wisdom Keepers of your Akashic Records. They will continue as your teachers each time you access with the Akashic Alliance Method to Open.

Bonus Acceleration Processes

Six dynamic Integration Processes you can use to delve even more deeply into your Records and evolve – all received from the Records by another Akashic Alliance Co-Founder – Nancy Ring.

52 Akashic Tips

A whole year of weekly reminder tip emails from the Akashic Records encourage you to continue to deepen your Akashic explorations.

One-time payment of only $515 USD

*Must be 18 years or older to enroll.

Results a Month After Completing this SELF-PACED ONLINE Training:

“I have cleared many fears and emotional blocks and will continue to use the Records to do so. I’m beginning to feel less fear even when pushing my comfort zone.”


“I am accessing my Records more consistently and have more confidence in what I’m doing when I’m in there and the responses I’m getting.”


“I got a part-time job that has allowed me to relax and rest which I have really been needing to do! I’m taking time now for my own practices and I’m giving myself a break from working so hard to get a business together that works.”


“I’m focusing now on creating a healthy and balanced lifestyle to support me as I continuously access higher vibrational frequencies.”


“This will be a continuing journey for sure. I have already been able to learn more about my own soul path and who I am.”

Here are some questions this training answers:


  • What are the Akashic Records?
  • Can anyone access their Akashic Records?
  • How can you access your Akashic Records?
  • Why access your Akashic Records?
  • Are the Akashic Records mentioned in the Bible or other religions?
  • How safe is it to explore the Akashic Records?
  • Can you change your Akashic Records?
  • What to ask your Akashic Records?
  • Where are the Akashic Records located?
What Others Are Sharing About This Training:


  • “I found this to be a very profound and powerful process, and I’d recommend it to anyone who chooses to connect with their own Inner Truth while accessing higher vibrational frequencies where specific guidance and great wisdom is available. This training is a great blessing and the practices learned here are valuable contributions, which I’m integrating into my regular spiritual practices. If you’d like your heart and your life to blossom, I encourage you to jump in!”  – Valerie


  • “As someone who has dabbled in the Records in the past and is very intuitive, I was amazed at just how much I got out of the course. It really provides a powerful tool for self-growth and Sandra is such a wonderful, gentle teacher.”  – Christy


  • “Sandra’s gentle yet thorough approach gave me the confidence to explore my Records more deeply than ever before. Her level of integrity and awareness created an amazingly safe space that turned the Akashic Records into an actual tool for me instead of something I’d just play around with from time to time. I highly recommend this program to anyone seeking more connection and direction on his or her life path.”  – Jennifer


  • “This is such a powerful opportunity available to all to go deeper and know who you are at an authentic level. The Records are so loving – like the most loving family who are there for you and hold you in a sacred, loving space on your journey “home.” They are our soul friend with all of the answers to any question we can ask and more. If you have the courage to go deeper, this is a wonderful tool. I encourage you to take this course with Sandra as a most loving and knowledgeable Guide for the journey!”  – Wendy

Frequently Asked Questions about

Learning to Access Your Records

Click the + to see the answers to any of the questions.

You’re tired and frustrated after repeating detrimental patterns in your career, relationships, health, or spiritual life, AND you still don’t know how to change them?
Learning to access and explore your Records shows you how to find the Divine Direct Action to clear, release and heal current and past life issues, irrelevant ancestral beliefs and self curses, as well as detrimental fears and emotions. Even better, if you ask, your Records will also show you how to discover, enhance, and accelerate your natural strengths, areas of expertise, and soul talents. What you focus on grows, so your Records encourage you to focus on the positive.
You don’t quite understand what the Akashic Records are, AND yet these two words keep attracting your attention?
Here is a concise and clear definition of the amazing energetic database called the Akashic Records, or as Sandra prefers to refer to it – the Akashic Field. This definition is all you need to understand in order to work effectively with your Records.



“The Akashic Records are a dynamic reservoir of information including every thought, word, deed, emotion, and even intention of your soul throughout all its lifetimes.

Through your Records you can connect to higher aspects of yourself and to the Divine.”

If you are currently at least 18 years old or even into your 70’s and 80’s, it is now your birthright to access your Records. That is why there has been such a flood of information about the Records and ways to access them released over the past 10 years. If it is your soul’s path in this lifetime to connect in some way to your Akashic Records, then those two words – “Akashic Records” contain energetic encoding that resonates with you.

You’re worried you’re not psychic or even very intuitive, AND so how could you learn to explore your Akashic Records, particularly from an online course?
Since I never felt I was psychic, particularly intuitive, nor had any amazing childhood spiritual experiences, I love teaching people how to access and explore the Akashic Records. I firmly believe that if I could learn to access the Records and even eventually become a professional Akashic facilitator and teacher, then you too can learn to explore your Records. Who knows what you could accomplish together with your Records? The advantage of an online course is that you can go at your own pace and practice what you’ve learned between each section until you feel comfortable going on to the next. Short interactions with your Records makes it easy!
You’d like to have a spiritual practice AND don’t know how to begin or don’t have hours to consistently devote to it?
After listening to the eight recordings – one a week – while following along in the extensive manual packed with all the information you require, Akashic integration processes, and even helpful Akashic tips – you’ll be able not only to access your Records with confidence, you’ll also have had many experiences of what it is like to actually explore your Records. Then all you do afterwards is spend at least 15 minutes twice a week with your Records, so they can continue to assist you at your own pace.
You regularly attend religious services AND you’re uncertain if accessing your Records could conflict with your religious beliefs?
The Akashic Records incorporate the religious beliefs of ALL your lifetimes, so accessing your Records does not conflict with your current religious practice. The Bible, (“the Book of Life”), the Torah, and the Koran all refer to the concept of the Akashic Records. Therefore, this is not a new idea. “Akasha” is an ancient Sanskrit word translated variously as “space,” “sky,” or “ether.”
You’re now ready to step forward and really live your true life’s purpose – whatever that may be, AND you’re feeling lost about how to accomplish this?
If you have found this training, then it is your time to find out who you are, why you are here, and how you can best accomplish your life purpose. I invite you to step up into your Records and take the lid off your potential.
You’re serious about exploring your Records, already have a strong metaphysical background, AND you are looking for a high quality Akashic program that really works?
Then this in-depth online Akashic training is definitely for you. It brings you so much more than just a way to enter your Records. It also highlights great ways to incorporate the Records into your daily life. This training encompasses everything you require to confidently explore your Records, including a unique Akashic Training Infusion that supports your entire learning process!
Your Next Steps:


  • When your inner guidance gives you a YES! click on the “I’m ready. Enroll me now.” button to purchase your complete Online Module A Akashic Training. Sandra’s secure order form will appear when you make a one-time payment of $515 – USD via credit card. You will receive a confirmation email a few minutes after completing your order.And yes, it is as simple as that. You can begin immediately! I look forward to meeting you soon and frequently on our Akashic Facebook Group.



Please Note:  The most important aspect of learning to navigate your Records is your strong desire and heartfelt intention to develop this special relationship with your Records. Once you are ready, your Akashic Records will support you during each section.


Not sure yet about your next step? 
Click here to set up a FREE Private Discovery Call with Sandra so we can talk about what is best for YOU.
I will be honored to help you connect with your Akashic Records so you can start creating the life you love. I hope you are as excited about this opportunity to access and explore your Akashic Records as I am to offer this training.


In Radiance and Love,





Delve Deeply and Evolve

One-time payment of only $515 USD

*Must be 18 years or older to enroll.