Frequently Asked Questions About Accessing the Akashic Records

Most FAQs available on websites give very brief answers to some basic questions that might interest readers who are considering the services offered.

Since the subject of the Akashic Records is not well known to many people, I’ve chosen to present my FAQs page in greater depth like you’re having a personal conversation with me designed to assist you to get the most from your Akashic Session.

You can read thoroughly or simply dip into the questions that are the most appealing.


What are the Akashic Records? I’m not sure I really understand what they are. Will that be a problem?

Even I understand only about 10% of the potential available to us now through the Akashic Records and that’s after being deeply involved in Akashic sessions and trainings for the past 10 years. If you have the general idea that the Records are an energetic database of all your soul has experienced through all its many lifetimes, then that’s enough for us to get started.


To have the highest experience of the Records, it’s also important to be open to the concept of forgiveness (setting yourself free without agreeing to what was done) and of Divine Source that can help you in ways you haven’t been able to achieve for yourself. The Records are marvelous teachers, so as you explore this resource and have your own experiences, more understanding will become available to you.

What is the purpose of an Akashic Session? Is it primarily for fun or can I expect to experience significant improvement with challenging issues in my life?
While in your Records, you may find yourself laughing aloud, overflowing with tears, humming a song, or intently focused on co-creating a new belief system with the Divine. In the way we access your Records with the Akashic AllianceTM Method to Open, the Records are primarily a resource for immediate and long-lasting personal growth, not entertainment.




When you access your Records, understand relevant information presented in response to your thoughtfully prepared questions, and then open to receive the Divine Direct Action offered through all levels of your being and through all times, you have the opportunity to change your Records. When you change your Records, you change your life. You are a different person with the potential and resources to respond differently to what previously challenged you. When you change, the challenging dynamic between you and others also changes. Life often becomes easier as you live in the Divine flow of your activated life purpose with greater awareness and happiness.

How is an Akashic Session with you different from a psychic reading or a tarot card reading?
In the past, my clients often initially approached an Akashic Session simply as an opportunity to receive information from a higher source of wisdom or to confirm their own intuition. That happens, but the Records offer so much more! In fact what can be accomplished in the Records, is truly only restricted by what we as humans can conceive is possible. Whatever we can imagine, then we can ask the correct questions to access and receive.

Years ago I asked my Records for a formula that would more accurately describe the way I facilitate an Akashic Session. This is what I received:

I + DDA = T or

Information plus Divine Direct Action equals Transformation.

Therefore, transformation – not information – is our end goal.

Information that you don’t, can’t, or won’t implement in your life is worthless information in my opinion. And so personal transformation is the focus of how I approach the Records. (This may not be true for all Akashic facilitators.)

What is Divine Direct Action (DDA)? How is it initiated? What might it achieve?
Have you ever been frustrated by very clearly knowing why you do something and maybe even where it originated, but are absolutely unable to stop repeating that same unwanted pattern over and over again? When you’ve received enough information during an Akashic Session, and if you’re ready and willing to transform that aspect of your life, then you can request the Divine Direct Action most appropriate for you. This is what activates your self-healing. It’s an essential part of how you co-create transformation in your life.

How do you request this Divine Direct Action?

I am happy to admit that I don’t know what will create the highest form of transformation for your unique self, so thank goodness, we don’t ask me. Instead, when you are ready, we ask the Records: “What is the Divine Direct Action most effective for you the Records can take us through right now, to heal and resolve the issue for your highest good and for the highest good of all concerned?”

This Divine Direct Action we then receive could be a clearing process to release whatever fears, emotions, beliefs, old programs, etc. – anything that previously hindered you or held you back. Or it could reveal how past lives or perhaps ancestral issues have interfered with your current life and the most effective way for you to clear and release those same past lives or ancestral issues during your session. The Divine, your Records, and your highest guides, including archangels and personal angels, guide and assist us every step of the way to complete this Divine Direct Action. During this entire process, I welcome you to be an active participant, not a passive observer.

Part of my job throughout an Akashic Session is to ensure the two of us are accessing and receiving from the highest Source. The potential to connect with the Divine is built into our Method to Open. We therefore are not accessing what some call the astral plane. Instead, we are automatically connecting through the Records to our highest level of resonance with Divine Source, God, All That Is that we can both sustain during our time together, so you can activate better and happier ways of living.

What are your tips for clients during a session?
  • Ensure you have a quiet, private space without distractions such as children or animals who may demand your attention. Some clients put a “Do Not Disturb” sign on their door or even sit in their cars. Get creative and find your quiet spot. If you can’t create privacy for at least an hour, then you might like to ask your Records some questions about appropriate boundaries or why you need to be needed so much that you can’t guarantee a short period of privacy for yourself.
  • For your personal comfort and greater clarity of our phone conversation, a headset and a cordless phone or a land line often work the best. If you don’t have a headset, please activate your speaker phone option if available. Some cell phones are also fine, while the quality of others can be very challenging.
  • Water or something to drink is very helpful as the energetic work of being in your Records can often have you feeling thirsty.
  • Have the supplemental information sheet, which is attached to the confirmation email I send, available electronically or in printed form. It is often helpful to practice using the “Heart Integration” process and the “Prayer of Forgiveness” prior to your session. These are two wonderful Akashic resources received by the Akashic AllianceTM directly from the Akashic Records.
  • Paper and something easy to write with are often useful to help you remain focused.
  • Since we’re going together into your Records, your part of this is to:
    • Relax
    • Open your heart
    • And connect to the Divine.Know, as I do, that however you do these three things will be perfect.
  • During your session listen objectively and ask more questions as they occur. Be aware you may receive something I do not because it’s for you to receive. You might ask questions for clarity or confirmation, or not. Remember: You are asking your Records, not me. Your questions simply help me to focus more deeply in your Records.
  • If you require some time to absorb or write notes, just say “Stop.” There is no need to be polite. Your Records will put me on hold and that’s fine or sometimes they’ll reveal what’s next so we can continue as soon as you’re ready again. Please know that whenever you’re in your Records, healing for your highest good will automatically be taking place, so there is never actually any “wasted” time.
What are your results or how do you know this works? What happens? What can I expect? How will I know it has worked?
Results are visibly manifest by how the lives of clients, Akashic Training graduates, my two Akashic partners, and mine have improved. Their testimonials can be found throughout this website.




If your mind is closed, you’re determined to continue to be a victim, are only having a session because a friend or family member insisted, reject the essential concepts of forgiveness and Divine Unconditional Love, or are unwilling to change your beliefs, fears, patterns, etc. – then it’s quite possible that you will find an Akashic Session accomplishes very little. As all transformation is done by the higher power of the Divine, being willing to allow the Divine to assist you is essential to your progress. Forgiveness often facilitates transformation.

When you relax, suspend your disbelief, are clear and honest with yourself, your Records, and me as your Akashic Facilitator, open your heart, and connect with God, Spirit, Source – or whatever you choose to call what is Sacred to you – then results are often truly amazing and life enhancing.

Is healing on a physical (or emotional, mental, spiritual) level possible?
True healing, on any level of being, only comes from within. I am not a healer. As an Akashic facilitator, I make it easy for you to do what you require to create your own healing. I don’t do the work for you. Instead, I make it easy for you to do it for yourself.

One client, in one session, permanently removed, with no additional dietary changes, severe abdominal bloating and discomfort that had bothered her for years. In a subsequent session she discovered and healed the cause behind her panic attacks while flying, and was able to fly after that with no fear. When we reconnected a year and a half later, her abdomen was still flat and she continued to enjoy frequent holidays to exotic locations.

What is more common is that there are several layers of an issue that contribute to the manifestation of a physical problem and so several sessions are required to work through all the levels. I do not have a magic wand and neither do the Records. Often issues that manifest as a physical complaints have specific emotional, mental, and or spiritual aspects that have created the resulting physical complaint. All levels of being are therefore addressed as guided by the Records.

How do you give both of us access to my Records? Can you walk me through that process? Will I be hypnotized or in some sort of a trance? Will I be safe?
Both of us will be aware and awake during your entire Akashic Session – able to take notes if desired and ask questions. I do not hypnotize you or put you into any type of trance.

We’ll be accessing your Records through the seven-step Akashic Alliance Method to Open. This well-proven Method to Open has been successfully used by myself and many others for 1000’s of Akashic Sessions over the past 10 years.

Part of this Method to Open which I read aloud on behalf of both of us, is similar to prayer or affirmations. When I come to each of the five energetic components built into the Method to Open, I will silently activate them for both of us. Once your Records are open I’ll clearly invite you to read aloud all questions under your first, most important topic. Your Records will take it from there.

What’s the recommended format for my questions for my Records?
Please make a list of specific questions concerning the areas of your life that you are most interested in exploring, changing, amplifying, and/or creating healing. For clarity, please group your questions under topic / subject headings ensuring your most important topic is presented first.

Open ended questions beginning with “Who”, “What”, “When”, “Where”, “Why”, and “How” will give you more complete information and greater progress than questions that your Records can answer with a simple Yes or No.

Your Akashic Session is a powerful opportunity for you to activate new strengths, not just heal and shift old patterns or only to receive information. We will go together into your Records. Once I have taken us both into your Akashic Records, I’ll ask you to read aloud to your Records all the questions you’ve listed under your primary topic.

During your session, I invite you to ask other relevant questions as they come up and give feedback about the information received. (Remember – since you too are present in your Records with me, new questions or concepts could be coming from your Records even if they sound or feel just the same as your voice.)

You request that I prepare questions sorted into topics, with the first set being my highest priority. What types of subjects are suitable to be explored with the Records?
Any subject that is causing you pain (physical, emotional, mental or spiritual distress) are your soul’s cry for love and attention. You may have questions that you’re intensely curious about where information from the wisdom of your Records would facilitate inner growth for your highest good. If for some reason you happen to ask questions about something that would not be for your highest good to receive, then the Records will gently guide you how it could be approached in another way. This rarely happens.

No matter what you receive from your Records, you still have free will and so you are the one responsible for your decisions. If something you receive doesn’t feel right, then you can either ask questions about it for clarity or ask for the material to be presented in another way. You might check if a cherished belief system is holding you back from moving forward.

I’m not sure what questions to ask, but I’m still drawn to having an Akashic Session. Could you share some sample questions?
Here are some questions that often spark additional questions. I invite you to develop your own list so your Akashic session will best serve you.

  • Why is it challenging for me to create clear questions that reflect my greatest interests and/or pain? What’s holding me back? Where does this come from? How can we shift this right now?
  • What is my greatest strength or gift/talent in my (career, significant relationship, or emotions, spiritually, etc.) at this time? When did this begin? What is at the root of it? What resources do I have to increase this strength? What can I learn from this? How can I amplify this natural asset?
  • How can I use the expertise I incarnated with to further my growth now?
  • How can I open to giving and receiving even more love? What would that look like in my life?
  • How have my past lives, ancestors, or current life helped me to evolve?
  • What is the main theme of my childhood? Is there anything that would be beneficial for me to forgive – in myself, in others? Is there anything I can reframe about my childhood? What did my soul desire to learn in this lifetime that was taught best by members of my family?
  • What blessing would my Records like to gift me with at this time?

Creating your list of questions puts the Divine on notice that you desire answers and change in certain areas of your life for the highest good of all concerned. I invite you to enjoy the process!

How do you recommend your clients to prepare for an Akashic Session?
  • Firstly read and legibly complete the bottom of my Client Consent Form attached to your email confirmation. This gives me your energetic permission to access your Records with you during our time together. If adept with computers, some clients like to scan this document and send it to me prior their appointment. This is nice, but not required.
  • Thoughtfully prepare your questions and then group them into their subjects. You can use a computer or write by hand. Some clients use a dedicated Akashic journal or document and like to spend several days receiving and/or creating their questions and going over them in detail. Others come up with wonderful and deep questions that get to the heart of their issues in just a few minutes. I invite you to do what works best for you.
  • I recommend avoiding any recreational drugs or alcohol 24 hours prior to your session. Prescription drugs are acceptable. If you require daily pain medicines or psychotropic prescription drugs for mental disorders, please do not schedule an Akashic Session.
  • If you are unable to attend, please cancel or reschedule at least 24 hours in advance.
Do you record the session and if so, how does that work? I’d prefer not to be distracted by taking lots of notes or have to rely on my memory afterwards.
For the opportunity to receive a complementary recording of your Akashic Session, at the time of your appointment please call my private conference call line given in your confirmation email. I will email you the link to the MP3 audio file, with simple directions of how to access it, as soon as I can after our time in your Records.
I live too far away to come in person, so I would have a phone session. How does this work without the two of us being physically present in the same room?
From the time of my Akashic internship, my Records brought me clients in person and by phone, so I quickly became adept at working with people without ever physically meeting them. About 90% of my sessions are now by phone. This allows clients (local or from anywhere in the US or internationally) to save time and money, reduce their carbon footprint, while enjoying their sessions in the comfort of their home without needing to get up and travel after the session.




During a session my focus is on being a clear channel and real time translator of all the Records give me to see, hear, feel or know. For the entire duration of the session, I am also automatically balancing the energetics that keep us both connected to the Records, and through them, to the highest resonance we can reach with the Divine. Much of the time my eyes are closed to help me to maintain the intense concentration required.

The other wonderful aspect of phone sessions is that I can record the call and then send the high definition MP3 file to you as a link in an email. This eliminates the need for clients to take extensive notes and is sometimes very helpful for subsequent recall and reinforcement of new beliefs or programs. In the past year my Akashic work has more and more focused on how people can be their highest expression of their souls – rather than digging up and releasing yet another piece of rubbish. What you focus on grows and the Records have been encouraging my clients to focus more and more on their strengths and joys. Don’t know what that would be for you? Great – you can ask your Records!

Do you Skype?
I do not Skype because I find the technology more distracting than helpful for either my client or myself. Some of what I’ve said above about in person sessions also applies with Skype sessions. In addition because I live in the foothills of the Smoky Mountains, our only available internet connection is through a satellite. It provides a monthly bandwidth allotment which allows minimal video time.
Why do you call the Records “they”? What do you mean by that?
Although I do not have an awareness of what some call “Record Keepers” nor do I read a “Book of Life” when accessing the Records, I keenly sense an unconditionally loving and supportive presence of no gender. This presence knows you better than you know yourself because it knows you through all your lifetimes. Sometimes this is the energy of your Records, while other times the Divine, specific Angels, a beloved Master Teacher, or occasionally someone who has passed away may communicate through your Records for your highest good.

In contrast, although using Google to track down information in the Internet has some other distinct similarities for me to accessing the Records, I never have the sense that Google cares about me, loves me, knows the depths of my soul, and only brings to my attention what is for my highest good. The energy I feel when I Google for information is cool, non-personal, and inanimate. In contrast, my years of experiences in my Records and many others have given me access to the deepest unconditional love I have ever felt. This is why I say “they” when talking about the Records – it helps to convey the personal connection I feel is available to us all when accessing the dynamic database that is the Records.

How do I prepare my space before a session or clear it afterwards?
Part of Step One of the Akashic Alliance Method to Open is that together, the two of us step into the Light of the Divine. This, along with the preparation that I complete prior to every session, ensures we are both in a safe and sacred space the entire time we’re exploring your Records. There is also the added benefit that anything you release during your session is immediately Divinely transmuted into its next higher level of being and released to wherever it can be of highest use.

You are welcome to prepare prior to your session in any way that assists you to relax, open your heart, and connect with what is Sacred to you. However, no clearing is required after your session.

What can I expect afterwards? Are the results long lasting or will I have to reinforce what I’ve experienced? Is there a period of processing afterwards?
After your session, I recommend you allow yourself some quiet time to honor all you have received and accomplished, drink plenty of pure water, and perhaps eat a protein snack. Some people feel very invigorated after their sessions, while others may prefer a nap, a walk, or notice nothing particular at all. Your surroundings may look brighter, clearer, and sharper – like there is extra light present or that your eyes can focus better.

Any integration required is automatically completed by your Records, often that night while you’re sleeping and without you being aware of it. Normally no lengthy “processing” is required on your part. Rarely a client will feel very tired or even a little dizzy after their session or for a day or two as new ways of being are shifting into place.

Sometimes your Records offer specific processes for you to do after your session to reinforce your transformation and inner growth. Follow through on these suggestions is highly recommended. This advice could consist of prayers, unique affirmations attuned to your energy, expressive art work, journaling, play, baths, etc. Some people regularly journal about their dreams and continue this practice before and after being in their Records. This is a wonderful idea, but certainly not required.

Results from an Akashic Session can be immediate and are long lasting because you have changed your Records. A session has the potential to bring positive changes to all aspects of your life. You may continue to receive more awareness and understanding about your session days, months, and even years later.

Just as I honor a strict confidentiality policy with all my clients, I encourage you to use your discernment to share your Akashic experience only with those who will hold it in sacred trust.

Do the best results come from multiple sessions or is one session the norm?
My Akashic partners and I have accessed the Records countless times for personal growth and Akashic research projects since learning to open them in 2004. There are certainly many benefits derived from regular contact with the Records. One basic benefit we recognize is that your abilities and understanding of what is available through your Records continue to increase as you spend more time with them. We all feel major improvements from this contact and yet it does not rule our lives. Remember – we all have free will. Some people have one session, get what they require and feel complete. If you’re considering another session or perhaps one of my session packages, then at the end of your session please ask your Records when it would be most suitable for you to return and how to proceed. Your Records know the best timing for your highest good, not I.
How long is a session? Can I do this on my lunch hour?
An Akashic Session with me is usually completed in 60 to 90 minutes. Unless you have a very long lunch so you can have private time for yourself after your session, I recommend finding another time. Some clients prefer to have a session early in the morning before they go to work, some can only create the time when they come home from work. Some use their flex time or make appointments well ahead during holiday times.
I see you have weekday business hours. Since I too work weekdays, do you have any after hour appointments available?
If possible, I book private clients during weekdays either at 10:00am or 2:00pm eastern standard time. I avoid back to back sessions if at all possible to be at my best for each client. Time zones, work schedules, or prior appointments can also dictate when sessions can be booked. If weekends are the only option, then I can take a limited number of Saturday clients each month. When you are ready for an Akashic Session, the Records will help us to find a time that is mutually convenient.
What is your fee? Do you have any special packages available?
Private Akashic Session fee is $140. Please allow approximately 1½ hrs. for this special time with your Records.
The following two packages suit those clients who prefer to access their Records as part of an extended Akashic mentoring or coaching program.

  1. Series of Ten Private Akashic Sessions to be completed within 12 months for $1100 with the following structure:

Session #1: Client brings questions for the Records on any topic. Basics of working in the Records are established. The Records will take you through a customized activation of Heart Integration and Prayer of Forgiveness, plus any additional special processes as required. The major topic for the next session is selected with the assistance of your Records.

Sessions #2 – 9: Some topics may be chosen more than once with a different focus. All chosen topics are covered in depth in an organized progression. Client brings personal questions for the Records relevant to the topic of each session. The purpose of each session is to bring greater understanding and then release issues as directed by the Records to create personal and soul transformation.

Session Topics:

  • Current life issues or concerns, i.e. experiences of “pain” (physical – including surgeries, emotional, mental, or spiritual) during this lifetime.
  • Discover and activate known and unknown areas of expertise, resources, gifts, or talents of significance in current life.
  • Past life exploration, including lifetime that is most significant at this time.
  • Exploring Ancestral / Genetic beliefs, vows, curses, weaknesses, strengths, etc. that are positively or negatively impacting current life.
  • Unresolved family issues in current life, incorporating any relevant past lives or ancestral issues.
  • Relationship challenges and strengths. There are many different areas here such as your relationship with yourself, particular family members, significant other, co-workers or bosses, authority figures, and even the quality of your relationship with the Divine.
  • Birth complications and/ or issues around Death adversely affecting client now – particularly sudden or violent deaths or Near Death Experiences (NDE’s).
  • Detrimental emotions or fears.
  • Understand and release a “Dark Night of the Soul”
  • Inception Point Therapy – a thorough 18 step process facilitated by the Divine in conjunction with the Records that reveals the beginning of an issue whether in the current life, in utero, from an ancestor, or past life and the steps to transformation. (See detailed info – where in my website? for further information about this process.)
  • Forgiveness – of yourself and others in current life, ancestors, or other lives.
  • Life Purpose and Soul Contracts in current life.
  • Clearing vows, contracts, beliefs that are no longer serving your highest good.
  • Business building – improving your business with the assistance of the Akashic Records.
  • Wildcard – session on any topic of the client’s choice or as directed by the Records.Session #10 – Wrap Up and Integration of Series: The Records complete any final clearing or activating now available after completing the series. Receive blessing, symbol, or affirmation, etc. from the Akashic Records to continue to move forward in personal transformation.


2. Series of Five Private Akashic Sessions to be completed within 6 months for $650 with the following structure.

Choose three private Akashic Sessions from above list including the additional first and last sessions as above for a total of five sessions.

What forms of payment do you accept?
I am the anchor.
Private Akashic Sessions:  Once we’ve made our appointment time during your Discovery Call, I’ll send you a PayPal invoice that makes it easy for you to pay for your session. If you are unable to attend your session and cannot reappoint at a later date, when I’m notified 24 hours prior to your appointment, I’ll refund your entire session fee. Occasionally people do not have internet access and so must pay by check. Please let me know during our Discovery Call.

Multi Session Packages are prepaid through the PayPal invoice sent after your Discovery Call. Package sessions are completed within either a 6 or 12 month period to ensure continuity.

Akashic Trainings are prepaid through the PayPal invoice sent after your Discovery Call.

Monthly Akashic Group Infusions – MAGI – please click on the subscribe button on the MAGI page for a very quick and easy signup. MAGI is only available through this subscription process.

How do I book a session with you?
Booking an Akashic Session with me is easy. I enjoy having a free 20-minute Discovery Call with each new client to answer questions about how I work in the Records and explore some possibilities. If at the end of our chat, we both feel like accessing your Records is in our highest good, then we’ll make your appointment.

Please remember:

Each Akashic Session is for the purpose of relaxation, creating peace, and transformation.  You and your Records do any healing.  All healing is self-healing.  As your facilitator, I simply act like an extension cord to assist you as you connect to the Divine. This is explains why my business tagline states “Connect Deeply and Evolve.”

How can I trust this process?
The issue of trust is one of the major opportunities for personal growth available through exploring your Records. And in my experience with myself, clients and students, there can be many layers involved with trust. Painful issues with trust often come up for healing many times if you continue to explore your Records.

Since you’re an involved, co-creative participant during your time in your Records – not just passively listening – questions about trust arise because of related issues such as lack of: self-worth, self-respect, self-confidence, self-empowerment, self-love, and/or self-acceptance. Your level of discomfort or fear is your soul’s cry for help. Welcome it! If you are willing to be curious and vulnerable, while sincerely desiring positive change – your Records will assist you to discover and then release these old pains that cause you to doubt yourself, others, and even the Divine.