“The Power of Inspiration and Pure Potential”

She wakes as the soft pearly glimmer of morning light slips gently into her bedroom, and remembers she’s been dreaming. Snuggling into the warmth of her soft quilt, she lets the key points of her dream return.

Here’s the gist of it.

Deep ...

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Opening New Doors to “Letting Go!”

What a year it’s been! I truly appreciate each one of you and the energy you bring the group as I co-create these monthly posts with the Akashic Records. My intention is to help all of us to step into each month invigorated by a touch of Akashic Inspiration.

So welcome to 2019! May ...

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Adventures, Lessons, and Miracles: “Credit Card Miracle at British Train Station!”

Part 3 of 3

Are you ever glad you do things your way, even when everyone else thinks you’re a bit daft?

During the 10 minute drive from our English inn to the train station, our taxi driver tried to convince us we didn’t need to arrive an hour before the train departed. (He’d said the same thing the night before when we booked the taxi.) Alex certainly thought we were rather strange.

Our ...

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“Adventures, Lessons, and Miracles: Our Best Travel Day and the Worst – Meeting an Angel!”

After the early morning van from the marina deposited us at Shannon Airport, we boarded the short flight to England, eager for a week of hiking in the Cotswolds.

Arriving in Winchcombe, our cute two story row cottage was just as advertised. Plus, courtesy of our landlady, a bouquet of white roses, a banana nut cake and bottle of wine awaited us!

Here’s the audio if you prefer:

Next morning we walked to the vintage ...

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“Adventures, Lessons, and Miracles: The Athlone Miracle – What I Learned from Landing Flat on my Back in a Boat on the River Shannon”

Early in the morning, eager to leave our night mooring at Athlone on the River Shannon in Ireland, we began our normal departure process. This bustling city felt too hectic after days of river peace, so we’d decided to take our 36 foot rental cruiser back through the city’s lock we’d nervously navigated only the day before.

Captain Bill started up the engine to let it warm up as ...

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Bonny England Adventure: A Stone Circle in the Cotswolds, Jurassic Coast Fossils, and more!

Cotswolds Row CottagesAfter two weeks of contemplative pilgrimage trekking and slowly cruising the Shannon River in Ireland, we’ll fly across the Irish Sea to Birmingham – gateway for us to the Cotswolds – to explore the landscapes and heritage of South West England.

Our first stay is in picturesque Winchcombe where we’re renting a traditional honey-colored stone row cottage, similar to what you see here.

Walking out ...

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Emerald Isle Adventure: Ancient Irish Pilgrimage Trails, Cruising the Shannon River, and more!

Years ago during the fall of 2007, as my husband and I were wandering along a tranquil, windswept hillside in southwest Ireland gazing down at the pewter ocean below, we imagined the courage and pain our ancestors felt as they fled the devastation of the Irish famine and sailed away to America.

Suddenly, we noticed a fellow with his dog walking towards us. While we’d hiked the Teer Track with its sweeping views over Cloghane and Brandon ...

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“Experience the Magic of MAGI – Akashic Infusions!”

Today the Akashic Records asked me to create a guided meditation for you that incorporates a set of five, specific Akashic Infusions recently released to the subscribers of my Monthly Akashic Group Infusions (MAGI). Instead of being ancient gifts from three wise men to baby Jesus, these monthly Infusions are valuable blessings from the Akashic Field to humanity.

MAGI Banner
Are ...

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“Akashic Healing Song from the Angel of Hope”

Hiking up and around the hills surrounding my home with my Akashic Records open, to feel their unwavering support, I suddenly become aware of the many thought forms percolating in my head.

Mental Thought FormsThey started off innocently enough – reflections about the dreaded summer heat and humidity arriving any day now, and how I’ll manage these morning walks when vampire ...

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“Bereft in the Akashic Garden of Secrets”

For the past few days, she’s been aware of a vague sadness haunting her. She isn’t sure what the grief is about; it’s simply with her. When she finally stops to consider it, she realizes this background tone of sorrow has permeated her feelings for as long as she can remember. “Hmmm,” she thinks, “it’s high time to find out what this is all about.”

Here’s the audio of this post, if you prefer to listen:

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