Monthly Akashic Group Infusions – MAGI

MAGIThis innovative Akashic experience was co-created by Sandra and the Akashic Records in the fall of 2015. No need for you to make an appointment or reserve your time! No need to process, meditate, or journal – either before or afterwards! No huge financial outlay required!

MAGI is designed for busy people who desire to incorporate a continuous spiritual practice into their already full lives. This gentle Akashic Infusion happens worldwide on the 17th of every month at 11:00 pm your local time while you rest or even better, simply sleep. You’ll receive an informative email the next day to read at your leisure revealing what that month’s Infusion has made available.


Imagine . . .

A monthly INFUSION of energy regularly and gently builds
greater physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual comfort and growth.

While you simply rest or SLEEP as normal during the dedicated night.

It is definitely magical!



Imagine . . .

No hours of meditation, journaling, or processing are required.

Not even any awareness or concentration is required.

Only your openness to receive.

This is BLISS for a busy person desiring to incorporate a spiritual practice into an already busy lifestyle.


The majority of our subscribers consistently agree the Monthly Akashic Group Infusions are particularly worthwhile because:

1.  It’s still happening even if I’m too busy to think about it much all month!

2.  Brings me increased awareness of opportunities to create positive change!

3.  That it continues for the month AND for as long as it remains for my highest good!

Already have an active spiritual practice?
Great – these Akashic Infusions can certainly enhance your current inner work.

Where:  Comfort of your own home or wherever you lay your head that evening.
Date:  On the 17th of every month
Time:  at 11:00 pm your time zone – worldwide

Each month these infusions, an innovative opportunity from the Akashic Records, automatically magnify more and more of your magnificent self.

► Awaken the next day to discover ◄
the highlights of what was released to the Group
delivered to your Inbox for you to read at your leisure.

What people share about their MAGI experiences:

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Note:  In order for me to do my part of MAGI before the 17th of the month,
please subscribe BEFORE the 14th of the month, to be included in the group for the 17th.
All who subscribe AFTER the 14th will be included in the MAGI group for the following month.

Your credit card information is never shared with me.

If you'd like to take a break, just unsubscribe.
When ready to join MAGI again, simply resubscribe and I'll be delighted to have you back.

Yes - it really is that simple!

You can find out more about the security of Stripe’s infrastructure in our internal security documentation.
We accept all major credit cards.