“The Akashic Path to True Forgiveness!”

Have you ever really messed up, goofed, or committed an embarrassing faux pas? Do you still cringe and beat yourself up when you think about it? Could it be time for some Forgiveness Self-Love?


Has someone or something hurt you, made you feel unworthy, or that your life is not worth living? Could it be time for some Forgiveness of Others?


When these things happen, I turn to my Akashic Records for assistance in letting go, in surrendering the pain I’ve either inflicted on myself or opened to receive from others. One of my go to Akashic Prayer Processes is the Akashic Alliance Prayer of Forgiveness.


Breaking Free of Handcuffs

This Akashic Inspiration is a tutorial about the how and why of Forgiveness from the Akashic point of view. It’s my gift to you at the end of this very challenging and insightful year of 2020.


Before I share this beautiful prayer, let’s briefly explore the Akashic concept of forgiveness in the hopes of making it easier for you to embrace.


The Prayer of Forgiveness is particularly powerful whenever you’re having difficulty forgiving someone (including yourself – always a big one!) or some thing.

Some examples could be: a religious or political group, an institution, a medical procedure, etc.  Maybe it’s all the arguments you’ve had with an irritating relative, co-worker, or friend. Maybe you feel you’re not living large enough to complete the great mission that’s your soul purpose for this lifetime?


Forgiveness can incorporate all lifetimes and ancestors connected to a detrimental pattern, core belief, or inappropriate vows – anything that’s no longer serving your highest good.


Why is forgiveness so important? What’s the real purpose behind this practice?


It’s never about condoning. You’re not being asked to say whatever happened was okay or doesn’t matter. You’re not being asked to be a victim, a martyr, or to turn the other cheek. So if ideas like that stopped you in the past, then know that’s not where we’re headed.


Forgiving is all about YOU. When you forgive yourself, someone else, or some thing else, you release yourself from continually reliving all that old pain. You release yourself from the story, the visions, the memories, the detrimental emotions, the sounds, the smells, the whole experience!


You have the opportunity to release yourself from all of it. And then you’re FREE! That’s the purpose of forgiveness – to set YOU free! When you no longer have that burden from the past continually weighing you down, making you nauseous, breaking your heart, or irritating you – imagine how much more energy you’ll have to do the things you’re here to do and the things you love!


My favorite example of how forgiveness works can incorporate a great visual, lots of emotion, and even a particular soundtrack. Maybe you can connect all three?

Dancing w/out ForgivenessImagine you’re dancing with someone you’ve been unable to forgive.

Imagine you’re velcroed to this dance partner. Ugh!

You can see every move you or the other makes results in synchronized movement, like puppets.

You can feel your body moving through the steps of the dance, but you can’t break away. You feel all those old emotions again.

You hear the tune or the words that yank you right back into that old dance.

You know you don’t want to be haunted, but you don’t know how to unvelcro yourself from your partner!


The Prayer of Forgiveness quickly or gradually releases you – the amount of time and energy required for change is up to you. Reading this Prayer aloud, with intention, peels you away from each place where you’ve been stuck to your partner.


Can you hear the sound of that distinctive Velcro rip? That’s the sound of you letting go of whatever you’ve been locked into to that is no longer serving your highest good. Let go. Surrender. Let yourself be free!


This Prayer of Forgiveness is not a magic wand – I wish it was, but it’s not. It is a powerful and well proven way to heal and forgive so you can move on with your life. I’ve seen it work beautifully in my own life and heard of so many wonderful results from my clients and training graduates.


The Records recommend you read this Prayer aloud, with a clear intention, as you’re more highly activated then. Your brain is focused; your third eye and throat centers are all engaged. Your heart center softens and opens.


Forgiveness can take just one or a few repetitions. Or it can require some attention, some repetitions over a period of time – especially if you stumble while reading the words. Repetition in rounds of three can be helpful. The first time you’re reading and processing. The second, you’re going deeper. By the third time you’ll be actively immersed in the forgiveness process this prayer offers you.


Committing to a Forgiveness Practice can also be helpful. Holding your clear intention, the invitation is to read the Prayer before you start your day, before you go to bed at night, or better yet – both. Surround your day with a willingness to forgive!


Here’s a TIP: If you’ve had a horrific experience and have found forgiveness impossible in the past, this Prayer can still help you. The Akashic Records told us when Chanda Berlatsky, Nancy Ring, and I received this prayer that it works even if you’re only willing to give this forgiveness process a go. (Thank you Rev Louisa Dyer for helping me to better understand how important willing is as part of the forgiveness process!)


Chained or Embracing?

If you’re willing to read the Prayer and continue being willing to  read it, then gradually over time you’ll find you’ve moved from being only willing to read it, to actually reading and absorbing it, and then opening to the forgiveness it offers, so you can finally forgive even that horrific experience. I’ve witnessed this too.


Forgiveness can be a journey – you determine the length. The first step is to be willing to take that first step, which is to read aloud this Prayer even if you’re convinced it won’t work for you.


Let’s put all this information into practice now. I invite you to decide on someone (yourself or another) or even some thing you’d like to forgive or are at least willing to begin to forgive. You might like to jot down your choice to bring it into greater focus. I’ll give you a moment.


Your first step is to take yourself through the other Akashic Alliance prayer process that I shared with you in November’s Akashic Inspiration. If you missed it or would like to refresh, here’s the link to the Heart Integration tutorial“Five Easy Steps to Find Yourself In Front of the Divine.


The purpose of engaging with Heart Integration before reading the Prayer of Forgiveness is to center yourself by finding yourself in front of the Divine. Forgiveness is always more profound with the Unconditional Loving Support of the Divine.


If you prefer, you can skip all the text about Heart Integration, click here for the audio and I’ll walk you through it. Once you’ve completed Heart Integration, I welcome you to slowly read aloud, from your heart, the following prayer.


Akashic AllianceTM Prayer of Forgiveness

(Center yourself using Heart Integration.)

I step into the Light of the Divine where all things are possible.

I move into the Love of the Divine and I open my heart center.

I choose to live every moment in the Grace of the Divine
with an open heart and a peaceful mind.

I know forgiveness makes this possible.

Today I forgive and release all pain, known and unknown,
through all levels of my being, through all times and all dimensions
for the highest good of all.

I bless and release all illusions of wrongness.

I lift up my eyes and see myself and others
as pure reflections of Divine Light and Love.

© 2005 to present   Chanda Nancy Berlatsky, Nancy Ring, and Sandra Gelinas
All Rights Reserved


I invite you to take a moment now to pause, to breathe and relax.


To assist you in a deeper understanding of what this Prayer of Forgiveness offers you, here are the Akashic training notes about it shared from the participants’ manual for Module A – Learning to Access and Explore Your Akashic Records. Each time I facilitate a Module A, I’m grateful to have the opportunity to delve deeper into what is encoded in these simple, yet profound, words.



♥ Stepping into the Light of the Divine protects you and transmutes all that you release into its next higher level of being.

“all pain” includes any fear, sorrow, anger, hurtful words, intentions, judgments, deeds, ailments – anything that you choose to forgive and release.

“Today” – this is the “now” time in which all forgiveness is taking place.

“Today I forgive and release all pain, known and unknown,” – If there is anyone or anything, including yourself, that has prompted you to say this prayer, you now forgive and release whatever it is. You may state your issue here, if you like – *.

. . . through all levels of my being . . . – This refers to our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies, and even those for which we currently have no name.

. . . through all times and all dimensions . . .” gives this forgiveness access to all lifetimes of your soul – past, present, and future, and including all lives in other dimensions – that are enmeshed in this issue.

“I lift up my eyes and see myself and others,” – When you lift up your eyes, you are connecting to the hermetic pole that places the highest manifestation of yourself and others at the top of the pole, with the least at the bottom. As you physically lift up your eyes, you are lifting your vibration to that higher manifestation. “Myself” comes first because once you hold yourself in the Divine Light, it is easier to place everyone else there with you.

♥ This prayer assists in the creation of self-healing and can be shared with anyone. We request that you always include the full title as shown above and include this copyright:

© 2005 to present   Chanda Nancy Berlatsky, Nancy Ring, and Sandra Gelinas  All Rights Reserved  


As I’m less than perfect, I’ve spent much rewarding time with this prayer since it came into my life in 2005. I hope it eases your heart and brings you miracles too!


If you are drawn to share your thoughts or experiences with this Prayer of Forgiveness, I would be honored to read your comments. 


Till next time,
Radiance and Love –


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