“How to Explore Past Lives with the Akashic Records!”

Today, I invite you to explore the fascinating world of past lives through the Akashic Records. In this post, you can delve into the depths of your own personal history and learn how to work more effectively with your past lives using Akashic Records guidance. Whether you are a seasoned practitioner or new to this field, I hope you will find inspiration and insight from this article. So, let’s begin our self-discovery journey together!

In this post, you will discover…


•  How to energetically connect to and communicate with other lifetimes through your Records.


•  Importance of past-life work in the Records.


Ideas on expanding your ability to help past lives forgive themselves and others, releasing deep-seated issues still affecting you, and initiating past life healing for a particular lifetime and any other lifetimes with similar themes.

Importance of soul fragments in past lives and how to work with them for your past lives.


Free your past lives (and yourself) from long-standing shame, guilt, fears, beliefs, and more!


•  And on the positive side – discover your lifetime of greatest joy or connecting with past life skills most beneficial to you now.



Examples of Past Lives - Asian, Cavalry, Shaman, European Ladies

Shaman Image by priyansh sadh from Pixabay Other 3 images by Amy from Pixabay


Discovering the Diverse Dimensions of Akashic Exploration


I find that exploring past lives with the Records is always a fascinating area of Akashic research simply because of the wide variety of ways in which this can unfold. Sometimes lifetimes pop up with very little prompting in the way of a question(s) and much is gathered in a very short time. They can be seen or felt very vividly.


Other times it appears that the Records are scrolling back in time – giving flashes or brief impressions of many lifetimes – until the sense of moving back in time stops and the most relevant lifetime begins to slowly unfold.


You may have a totally different experience and I encourage you to be patient with the process as it happens and to find your own way to connect with other lifetimes.


I strongly recommend you let the Records guide you each time. I invite you to leave aside your assumptions and any doubts while you experience and journal. Some lifetimes burst forth quickly and clearly while others register more slowly and with less clarity or anything in between!


Always begin with whatever comes to you from the Records by journaling if on your own or speaking aloud when with with a client. No matter how nebulous a past life may start, describing whatever you receive helps you to open to more.


Using Symbols to Identify Past Lives in Personal Records


If you like, you might request your Records, as I did initially, to give you a symbol that appears whenever past lives are involved. For me, this symbol always appeared in the same area of what I call my visual field. If you’re more sensory then perhaps it will be a particular feeling in a particular area of your body, or something else.


As I worked with a past life, I was guided to check back with this symbol from time to time to see how it was changing. When it disappeared, it was another confirmation for me that the lifetime and all similar lifetimes connected by the same theme were complete. This symbol was initially very helpful for me. Once I no longer needed that support, the symbol stopped appearing.


Guided by the Records and with an awareness of my client, I encourage each person to participate to the best of her ability during sessions – then we share what we both receive by describing the past life and/or asking more questions of the Records.


When an Akashic Past Life Exploration is working at its best, this is a very co-creative process. Together we can often receive more than if the client leaves it all to me. So if you’re working solo with your Records, you too can benefit from working co-creatively with your Records and your past life.

Managing Emotions In Past Life Exploration during Akashic Records Sessions


When delving into past lives during an Akashic Session, the emotions and experiences of those lives can sometimes be intense.


AKASHIC TIP: As a way to create some distance from those emotions, I often suggest taking a full breath and then to exhale with the clear intention of bringing that lifetime into the present moment. I prefer to exhale the past life into a healing circle that I’ve set up previously.


This technique can be especially helpful when working with clients, but can also be used for personal exploration. If you’ve been following my previous blog posts on this topic, you may already be familiar with this approach. By breathing out a past life, you are more detached from that lifetime. It becomes easier to process and examine without being overwhelmed by the emotions connected to it.

Effective Questions for Focusing on Past Lives in Akashic Records Sessions


Here are a few questions for the Records that I find helpful for past life focus. I may use one, some, or none:


1. “What is the most significant lifetime related to the issue that is currently challenging me (and already described)?”  This is one of my favorite starter questions and one that I often offer to clients if they’re floundering in how to express themselves in this area.


2. “Is this person male or female?” “What stage of life is this person – infant, child, adolescent, adult, elder, dying?”  (Be aware that your person may not have a clear idea about how old they are and that “old” is relative as people in some cultures aged much faster than currently. So be flexible and accepting of whatever you receive.”) Some lifetimes are not very verbal for one reason or another, so this is where the Records can be particularly helpful to you.


3. If you need more, you can ask the Records any of the following standard past-life regression questions:

  • “Is it daytime or nighttime?”
  • “Is this person inside or outside?”
  • “Is this person laying down or standing?”
  • “What, if anything, does this person have on her / his feet?”
  • “Is this person alone or with others?” “Who are these others?” “Are any of these others in my current life? If so, who are they?”
  • “What’s the gist of what’s happening now in this past life?”
  • “What did I learn in that lifetime?”
  • “What didn’t I learn in that lifetime?”
  • “What are my strengths from that lifetime that I can access in my current life?”
  • “What was the most significant aspect of this lifetime relative to me now?”
  • “Why is this lifetime of most significance to my current challenge?”

You may find, as I have, that as I became more comfortable exploring past lives with the Records, I asked fewer questions because the Records bring whatever is most relevant to my attention.
As always, be aware of all your “clairs” – sensing, seeing, hearing, and knowing. Sometimes taste and smell can also play a part in other life explorations. Encourage your client to do the same.


Akashic Healing Techniques and Areas of Focus


In many ways, past life work is similar to ancestral work in the Records. Today, I’ll briefly mention the major areas:


• Unresolved, harmful emotions or long-held secrets.


• A need and desire for the forgiveness of self and/ or others.


• Sharing enough of the “story” by asking the past life (or the Records) a few questions to see how their experience relates to me (or to my client).


• Putting words to the negative belief, outdated vow, or self-imposed curse and then asking the Records and the Divine for a more appropriate positive and relevant statement for you now.


• You could ask the Records to show you any detrimental patterns and then request the Divine to shatter all inappropriate patterns active now from that lifetime for the highest good of all concerned. Or whatever language you prefer. Personally, I let the Records bring to me what to do for each past life. Each one is unique! You may prefer a checklist. I know you’ll be guided to work with past lives in the Records however it is most beneficial for you, the past lives, (and your clients.)

Woman during an Akashic Session

Photo by Karolina Grabowska on Pexels.com

And it doesn’t end here…


• It’s often helpful to request the Divine (I’ll take us all back in front of the Divine with a brief revisit to Heart Integration) to return any soul fragments of the past life to the soul and also return any soul fragments the past life may have acquired back to their respective souls. When people die suddenly or traumatically it’s often possible that they have soul fragments that are trapped repeating the death process and have not been able to move on. Rely on the Records to bring this to your attention whenever it’s appropriate.


• Explore how the past life relates to the current issue by asking questions of the past life or the Records and seeking healing and resolution (Divine Direct Action) for whatever comes forth. This is where you can be specific or general in your questions to focus on clearing past life issues.


• Upon feeling complete, you (or your client) might like to ask the past life if they require anything else for their healing or inner peace. Be open to receiving on all your “clairs” and how to best facilitate that request for the past life. Make no assumptions. Ask. More and more I ask the Divine to do all the heavy lifting during an Akashic Session. I feel the Divine can get the job done MUCH better and more thoroughly than I ever could on my own.


• When the work with past lives are complete, thank them and then release them, especially if they’ve been part of the Heart Light Circle with you, your client, the Records, and the Divine. Sometimes they just disappear when the issue no longer holds them, so don’t be surprised if that happens! Other times the Records will lead you through a process that shows how the past lives are being guided to enter whatever they consider what some now call “The Light.” Remember past life beliefs about the afterlife can be very different from ours, so let the Records guide you in this as in everything else.


•  Sometimes, just to “tidy up” once all the work has been done with the particular past life investigated, I’ll ask the Records and the Divine how this healing can be brought to any other past lives with similar themes including the current lifetime, if that hasn’t already been accomplished. Again, I don’t have any particular process – I let the guidance come through. Since I so often work with the most significant lifetime – it acts like the keystone to the issue – and once that lifetime is released all the other lifetimes with similar themes are also automatically cleared and healed.

One Last Idea


I prefer to approach past lives in two ways. I share these ideas with clients when appropriate. One is that whatever comes up is an actual past life. Some can be documented, but most cannot. The other concept is that the past life is a story or a metaphor your subconscious or soul brings to you through your Records to help you to heal in some way. I find this takes the “pressure” off the whole experience and allows me (or clients) to move forward with greater curiosity and love.


Once again, have I covered everything, all possibilities, and all that is potentially here for you with the Records and your past lives? Definitely not! I’m still learning with every session. We haven’t even touched future lives, which as I understand from the Records are based on possibilities and probabilities from your many past lives. I’ve focused on past lives today because this is an Akashic area frequently visited. Since we all have free will in every moment, I have had little interest in my future lives. That may change.


Invite to an Akashic Past Life Experience


I invite you to take a few moments now to have your Records integrate all you’ve been learning through having a short personal Akashic experience with one of your past lives. Don’t worry about looking at any notes or “trying” to remember what you’ve been reading.


When you feel ready, ask your Records to bring to your awareness now to your past life of greatest joy, for your focus for the next 15 minutes. Write down or draw whatever you receive. Then ask your Records to guide you through this process. Remember to also request how this joy can be fully activated now in your current lifetime.


When you feel complete, collect any last impressions from your Records, so you’re ready to wrap up your session.


Come gently back now into your present time. Take a moment to reorient yourself. I hope you enjoyed this taste of an Akashic journey to one of your most joyful past lives. I also hope you come back and visit with your other lifetimes again soon, with the guidance of  your Records.


Please close your Records now if that’s appropriate for you.


If this has been a new experience for you, then know that this was just an introduction with lots more to come, guided by your Records! And if you’ve done lots of past life exploration already, then I hope this opened up some new possibilities for you.


Some Favorite Books about Past Lives


While none of these books are required reading, you may find they include additional helpful ideas as you continue to explore Past Lives within an Akashic framework.


Past Life Journeying – Exploring Past, Between, and Future Lives by R.C. Baranowski
For those who are specifically interested in past life exploration, not the Akashic Records, I happily refer them to Bobby B. This excellent, recently published book about past or “other” lives as we both prefer to call this area is easy to understand with clear, practical tips on every page. Worth reading if you’re a beginner or an experienced PLR.


Past Lives Therapy
by Morris Netherton, Ph.D.


Other Lives, Other Selves: A Jungian Psychotherapist Discovers Past Lives
by Roger J Woolger, Ph.D.


Life Between Lives – Exploring the Journey of Souls by Michael Newton, Ph.D.


Please share in the comments field under my signature block any questions or tips you’ve found about Akashic Past Life explorations or about your lifetime of greatest joy.


A Guided Akashic Past Lives Exploration


If you’d like a guided Akashic experience with a facilitator who can bring you with her into your Records to experience them for yourself, I love to recommend my experienced Akashic Alliance™ Facilitators.


All are my graduates and wonderful Akashic Facilitators. I suggest you have a look at their websites if one is available, or reach out to any of these highly experienced facilitators for a Discovery Call. I happily work with any of them whenever I feel I’d like a little more energy in the Records or a fresh approach to a complicated topic.   Janie and Jenny are currently teaching Module A’s live in person or by Zoom.




Since Gayle and Marilyn are not training, they may have quicker availability for an Akashic Session.


  • Gayle Ray                        gayleray@bellsouth.net               https://gayleray.com/
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Till next month…

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