“Post Surgery Update – the Akashic Way!”

Whenever the group Records of the future readers of my Akashic Inspirations posts ask me to write a very personal article, I do so with great hesitancy. That’s how I felt last month when I wrote “Tips to Prepare for Surgery – the Akashic Way.”

And yet, the day I posted a powerful energy practitioner friend I hadn’t heard from in years emailed me with her heartfelt thanks for my post! She’d just received a serious diagnosis and was delighted to have so many healing resources immediately at her fingertips. We agreed we’d be recovery buddies and have been supporting each other ever since with prayer, intention, and phone calls as best as we both can. Today she shared her great news that her surgery went very well and she too is now cancer free! Miracles truly abound.

Light pink and yellow rose with dew drops.Photo by Dare Artworks on Unsplash

If this dear friend was the only one helped by last month’s Akashic Inspirations, it would have been worth writing that post!

Yet several other people also contacted me saying that they were sharing “How to Prepare for Surgery” by Peggy Huddleston and her CD or MP3 with their families and friends. Some kindly let me know that they too were joining the others in my prayer circle and surrounding me with love.

Therefore, I’ve had yet another delightful experience that reinforced my understanding that the Akashic Records always know me better than I know myself. Their inspiration is for the highest good even if accomplished in ways that I’d normally avoid.

Since last month’s post had more readers than any of my previous posts, let me catch you up on the key milestones I’ve managed to achieve over the past 3 weeks of recovery:

♥  The best news is that no cancer cells were found
! So now I’m free to simply heal and then continue with my life. I know all the personal work I’ve done with the assistance of my Records, the healers I’ve worked with, and all your prayers before, during, and after surgery greatly contributed to this good news. Thank you!

My dedicated anesthesia team at Mission Hospital in Asheville, NC beautifully and happily read the first of the Healing Statements before anesthesia and then placed my headphones on and activated Peggy Huddleston’s Relaxation CD. Thank you for honoring my requests.

♥  After surgery, the anesthesia cleared rapidly from my entire body
without any unpleasant side effects. I think Charlotte Westbrook’s Distance Pranic Clearing the afternoon of the surgery and Gayle Ray’s loving Reiki a couple of days later assisted my body to quickly clear.

At my worst during the 1st week I was up every 2 hours for the bathroom and 4hrly Arnica 200C. After less than 2 weeks, I was sleeping through the night or just got up once for the bathroom! From the beginning, I could get up, sit down, and bend over more comfortably than I’d anticipated.

♥  From 4 hourly Arnica 200C to manage my pain in the 1st week
, (I was counting those hours!), I gradually reduced to where from the beginning of Week 3 I took Arnica only on rising and then again late in the afternoon! That seemed to keep me reasonably comfy. For the past 2 days, I haven’t taken any Arnica and don’t miss it. The bruising on the back of my hand from the IV vanished entirely after 2 weeks. I feel that’s a good sign that all the internal bruising and trauma is also healing beautifully. I never needed the opioids originally prescribed nor the Tylenol + Motrin combo that was then prescribed.

Bathroom time has been very uncomfortable and time consuming. The last few days have been much more normal and easier. There are still many dissolvable internal stitches that will eventually melt away as I heal.

From being served 3 meals a day by my sweet Bill for the first 2 weeks, I’m now able to fix my own meals. Bill can now play outside or in his shop and not have to keep such an eagle eye out for me. (He said the first few days were a bit wobbly and he’s delighted with my progress.)

During Week 1, I was too uncomfortable to focus on meditation. I’m delighted that we’re back to our twice daily Vedic Meditation practice since the beginning of Week 2 and it’s getting easier and easier for me to stay with my mantra. I know that meditation helps my body to heal, so I’m grateful.

I’ve found that after two weeks of using my Peggy Huddleston Relaxation CD 2 – 3 times daily – lifesaver when I needed it in the middle of the night – I just listened to it occasionally. Now I’m adding some guided meditations by Master John Douglas – an Australia healer I met in Asheville about a decade ago – “Spirit Repair” is my current fav because it covers many areas, “Emotional Repair” (free download on website), “Psychological Repair” and “Location Repair” are some of my long-time favorites.

♥  After 2 weeks, I peeled off my bandages after a shower.
I chose the scariest one first. What I found wasn’t nearly as bad as my imagination, so I peeled the rest off. (Another good reminder for me that our imaginations can make things worse than they actually are.) Unfortunately, the adhesive irritated my sensitive skin so I applied Rescue Remedy Cream several times a day to soothe and heal the irritation. When I visited my hysterectomy surgeon in Week 3, he removed the steri strips and that was another great relief because by then they too were irritating my skin.

From zip ability to focus, I’ve got some brain energy back – still just for short bursts of nothing very serious. Therefore, I’ve been writing this post in short bursts over several days.


What I’d love you to focus on now, if you would like:

That the tissues involved in my lower abdomen heal through all the layers. The discharge therefore reduces as my internal stitches appropriately dissolve. I’ll be happy when this process is complete so I can walk more without being concerned of opening anything that should be healing. So your best vision of me is to see me now walking happily and easily and that I’m feeling vibrant, clear, and wonderfully healthy! Thank you!

Thank you for reading. Thank you for that wonderful pink blanket of your love!
I wrapped myself in it frequently before and after that day of surgeries. The  Light of the Divine would always pour into me immediately and was so comforting. I truly believe that I’m doing so very well because of YOU. Thank you! I feel blessed.

Soft pink blanket of love.Photo by Susan Wilkinson on Unsplash


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Till next time,
Radiance and Love –


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