“Tips to Prepare for Surgery – the Akashic Way!”

Traditionally my January posts explore the different ways I connect with the energies of the incoming year. If this is what you were hoping for this January, then I invite you to read my January 2022 post which gives you all the details. Here’s Chris Brogan’s 2023 post about the power of My Three Words.”

Today I’m focusing on something entirely different.

Have you ever experienced several months of being fully engaged with the present and yet a significant part of you is already preparing for and stepping into your very different future?

This is how it’s been for me since July 2022 when I received a phone call from my gynecologist with the news that my life was about to change in a major way. Early this month, I will be having two major laparoscopic abdominal surgeries back-to-back.

With the help of my Akashic Records every step of the way, I’ve been doing much inner, spiritual, and physical work to prepare for this process and have felt very calm and supported throughout.

A dedicated team of two excellent surgeons who often work together will be taking care of my physical body. I’ve had weekly physiotherapy sessions at Gentle Pain Release to support my abdominal area and met monthly with my naturopath – Ciel Walko – to address many other complementary ways to support my body.

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There are many important physical and spiritual reasons for this surgery, now is an excellent time to do this, and all is in alignment for an excellent experience.

Since there is an estimated 6 to 8 weeks for recovery (up to three months for some women), I will be focused solely on healing for January and February. My goal is to heal even more quickly and yet to still give myself the full 8 weeks for self-care.

How I will choose to re-engage after these 2 months may be very different than what I’ve committed to do with the Akashic Records for the past 18 years.

After I received this medical diagnosis, I was very grateful to be able to turn to my Records, with the added energetic boost of one of my dear Akashic colleagues, Gayle Ray. After we asked the Divine to clear the initial shock, we went on to create with my Records my best care plan for before, during, and after these surgeries. Gayle and I have continued with regular monthly sessions to fine tune my progress.

This post shares what I received and have experienced with the assistance of my Akashic Records. My intention is that my experience helps others who may also at some time be on a healing journey.


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  • As a first step, I highly recommend Peggy Huddleston’s book: “Prepare for Surgery: Heal Faster: A Guide of Mind-Body Techniques” with her companion Relaxation/Healing CD, Plus Instructional CD package. My regular doctor also recommends this book and CD to all her patients considering surgery. It can also be used successfully to relieve insomnia, migraines, and other health issues. My sister-in-law used this book and CD years ago for major surgery and was 6 weeks ahead of the normal recovery process! So of course I purchased it when she shared this so I’d have it on hand if it was ever needed. I’m very grateful that I did.

  • Create a Healing Circle of those who love you and ask people for their prayers. If you’d like to understand how powerful this can be, I invite you to read “The Power of Eight: Harnessing the Miraculous Energies of a Small Group to Heal Others, Your Life, and the World” by Lynne McTaggart. Duke University has also done major studies about how patients who are prayed for (even by strangers) heal significantly more quickly than those who are not. My Records gave me a list of people to invite to participate and more have since volunteered to join my original Circle. Thank you to each of you!

  • Consider having an Akashic / Astrology Session focused on Health and Chiron with Jenny Kellogg. I was guided to do this the month after I’d received my diagnosis which was the ideal time for me. She reinforced that early January was a great time for this surgery and confirmed and expanded the purpose of this surgery. It is so my creative self can shift from a physical expression to be fully inspired by Divine Creativity. That’s just what I’ve desired over the past year.

  • Consider having a session with Cheryl Sullivan for her very detailed Inception Point Therapy™ which finds the origin of the issue (and the need for the surgery) so you can participate in a comprehensive series of discovery and clearing steps from the inception point of the issue (current life time, in utero, past life, or ancestral) right up to present time. Since Cheryl is the originator of this healing modality, she is a gentle and patient guide to the amazing insights that are revealed.

  • My Records recommended I follow Inception Point Therapy™ with BioField Clearing created by Dr. Jane Smolnik, which incidentally confirmed the same origin of the issue as Cheryl had found although I’d not shared that with Jane. Here are a few of the areas we pinpointed and cleared: inner challenges to surgery past & current, two limiting beliefs, a blockage to my inner self-empowerment, stuck energy in one of my chakras, a limiting energy pattern, and an area of chronic stress. Interestingly, no emotions came up for healing. I believe this is because the Inception Point Therapy™ had already cleared all the relevant emotions!

  • Early in December, after I’d completed my updated Advanced Akashic Training of eight weeks and the Akashic Illumination Deck prototype was in the hands of my focus group for feedback, I gifted myself a week in Black Mountain to relax after an intensely creative year and immerse myself in preparation for the medical work. While searching for the right practitioner to work with in Black Mountain, my Records guided me to Charlotte Westbrook of Charlotte’s Healing Hands who specializes in the Arvigo Techniques of Maya Abdominal Therapy™. She helped me create a ceremony to bless and release all the body parts that would be surgically removed. It was amazing and even better than I’d dreamed. I was grateful to also be able to experience her combined Reiki and Pranic Healing work in a second session. To my delight, Charlotte will also complete a post-surgery Distance Reiki and Pranic Healing the afternoon of the surgeries in order to remove the anesthesia residue from my body so it can begin to heal more quickly. I highly recommend Charlotte to any woman who desires to honor herself as a woman – whatever the reason.

I’ve filled our freezer with nourishing homemade soup, my Healing Circle is activated, my husband will be my chauffeur and caregiver, and of course my Akashic Records and many Highest Beings of Light are supporting me throughout this entire process. I feel blessed.

If you feel guided to support me energetically during these months, I welcome your love with a focus of “Sandra Gelinas’s January 2023 two abdominal surgeries are completely successful. Her body recovers quickly and well!”

If you’d like to have a guided experience of your Records with a professional facilitator who can bring you with her into your Records so you can experience them for yourself, I love to recommend my experienced Akashic Alliance™ Facilitators.

All are my graduates and wonderful Akashic Facilitators. I suggest you have a look at their websites, if one is available, or reach out to any of these highly experienced facilitators for a Discovery Call. I happily work with any of them whenever I feel I’d like a little more energy in the Records or a fresh approach to a complicated topic.

Janie and Jenny are currently teaching Module A’s live in person or by Zoom.

Since Gayle and Marilyn are not training, they may have quicker availability for an Akashic Session.

Once I’m back to work, watch for news about a totally new and innovative way to join us and experience the fullness of your life the Akashic Way with the Akashic Illumination Deck!


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My warm best wishes and blessings for an amazing 2023. And please take excellent care of yourself too.

Till next time,

Radiance and Love –

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