“New Akashic Candle Ritual to Welcome 2022!”

May you be blessed as we stand together on the threshold of 2022, or whenever you read this post, with deep meaning in your life, happy connections with those you love, and heart lifting experiences that keep you growing with joy.

As the end of year holidays wrap up the final months of 2021, I’ve given some time to contemplating what has happened during the year and looking forward to what the new year will bring.


New Year Candle Ritual

Each year I review my Personal Year Number from the past year to notice how it manifested. Then I calculate my upcoming Personal Year Number and contemplate how it might impact my life. You too can discover your Personal Year Number by following the steps I wrote in a previous article here.

I also ask my Akashic Records for a new set of guideposts – My Three Words (started by Chris Brogan in 2006) – to orient me towards my goals for the year and the actions required to achieve them.
Your Records can help you to find yours  and how to use them to keep you on track in 2022. (I haven’t received mine yet.)

The more you’re aware of the potential inherent in each year, the more you can tailor your actions to maximize these specific energies. You’re now empowered to make the most of your year!

Review of My 2021 & How I’m Approaching 2022

2021 was a 6 Personal Year for me
where progress, financial advancement, domestic responsibility, career opportunities, and service were all strongly represented. After my major rearrangement of Akashic responsibilities last year into primarily updating and teaching all three levels of the Akashic Alliance™ trainings, I dedicated my remaining time to co-create with the Records an exciting new card deck to be called the Akashic Illumination Deck. It was a very busy and creative year for me!

In 2022 I’m entering a 7 Personal Year when contemplation, interest in spiritual / esoteric knowledge, and lots of solitude are the dominant energies. This year’s energy will be right in tune with the three 2’s of the year number, which brings enhanced intuition and channeling abilities (with greater responsibilities) to all. I’ll happily continue my teaching and card deck activities initiated last year – only now all aspects of both will be infused with the higher spiritual vibration and focus of my 7 Personal Year. I look forward to the quiet time on my own with the Records that these duties require.

NEW Way to Celebrate the New Year!

This ritual is based on the article about lighting a Hanukkah menorah (shared in my December 2021 Akashic Inspiration post) with guidance from my Records. While I’m not Jewish and don’t have a menorah, I do have lots of candles!


New Year Candle Ritual

New Year Candle Ritual(Image by Darkmoon_Art from Pixabay with some help from the Records)

You can find an easy to follow one page PDF of this New Year Ritual to print and use here: 2022 New Year Candle Ritual. After lighting your ninth candle, complete this ritual as you feel guided. Please comment and let me know what you think!


If you’ve never had an in-depth Akashic Session, would this be the time to reach out to one of the many professional facilitators now available? I love to recommend my experienced Akashic graduates! Or is it perhaps time now to learn how to tap into your Akashic Records or dive deeper to learn to access the Records of Others?

My life work now is teaching the three tiers of Akashic Records Trainings brought through by the Akashic Alliance™.
I invite you to consider if the Records have an important role to play in your continuing transformation. New Feb 2022 Zoom Module A training co-facilitated with Jenny Kellogg now enrolling! Module B Zoom trainings will be announced for early 2022.

I’d love to have you join us and travel the Akashic Way!

Till next time,

Radiance and Love –


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