“How to Explore Feminine / Masculine Energy with Your Akashic Records!”

Since this month’s focus of Akashic Exploration is not often acknowledged or well understood by Akashic students or practitioners, I’m excited to share with you how rewarding it can be to incorporate this concept into your Akashic Sessions.

Why is it important to be aware of both Feminine and Masculine Energies when engaging with your Records?

Feminine and masculine energies are inherent within each of us, regardless of gender. Understanding and integrating these energies with the collective wisdom of your Akashic Records can lead to a more harmonious and balanced life. By acknowledging and honoring both energies, you can more easily tap into your full potential.

• Feminine energy is expressed by qualities such as intuitive abilities, compassion, nurturing, and emotional intelligence. BEING is the most dominant focus.

• Masculine energy, on the other hand, is associated with assertiveness, logic, action-oriented behavior, and strategic thinking. DOING is therefore the most dominant focus.

Your life functions best when both these aspects of you are integrated in the most appropriate ways. If you’re new to the Akashic Records, you might find my definition helpful at this point.

So… what are these Akashic Records?

Your Akashic Records are a dynamic reservoir of all the emotions, intentions, and experiences of your soul throughout all its lifetimes. Through your Records, you can connect to higher aspects of yourself, your angels and guides, and to the Divine. The Akashic Field (the term I prefer) is an energetic soul resource containing information about past, present, and potential future events, as well as knowledge of your unique soul.

Understanding More about Feminine Energy with your Akashic Records

There are many reasons you might choose to be more aware of the potential of your feminine or masculine energy when researching areas of your Akashic Records. Here are some suggestions that I hope spark deeper insights for you.

Image of a woman and a man showing integration between feminine and masculine energy.

Feminine / Masculine Energy Card from the Akashic Illumination Deck

• Female Past Lives

Regardless of your current gender, a series of Akashic journeys into your past lives facilitated by your Records and directed by the questions you’re most curious about, could uncover feminine aspects and experiences that have shaped your Soul in your present lifetime. (There is no requirement to have a formal past life regression when you know how to explore past lives with your Records.)

It’s good practice when exploring past lives to ask to connect to those lives that have a significant impact on your current life. Consider asking about both the uplifting and the challenging experiences your soul had as a female in other lifetimes. You can also ask your Records which would be most beneficial for you to focus on now – those positive, supportive lifetimes as a female or the ones that are still negatively impacting you.

Here are some ideas for questions to get you started . . .

• What, if any, lessons did I learn in my past lives about being a woman?

• What, if any, patterns from my lifetimes as a female are still influencing me?

• How have my female lifetimes affected the way I now think about female children and women?

If you discover personal or cultural limiting beliefs, outdated personal or religious vows, or anything else, ask for Divine Direct Action to clear and heal these issues for that lifetime, any others you experienced with a similar pattern, and then invoke that healing to come to you in present time.

There is no need to suffer and carry collective feminine burdens from your past lives. Instead, learn and heal so you can embrace the wisdom gained from these experiences to empower your feminine energy in this life.

Female Archetypes
Regardless of your gender, you might consider archetypal explorations with questions for your Records about archetypal energies associated with femininity, such as the Mother, the Wise Woman, or the Goddess. Some questions you could ask about the embodiment of female archetypes could include . . .

• What is my strongest positive female archetype that is most significant for me now in relation to X (my career, my most meaningful relationship, my parenting skills, how I relate to other women, etc.)?

• What can I learn from the female archetype of the “Nurturer / Creator” or the “Wild Woman?” (Customize question with any two female archetypes you prefer.)

• How can I better express my most intuitive (insert any feminine energy trait you prefer) female archetype?

After communicating with a supportive female archetype through your Records, welcome her wisdom to guide you in embracing and embodying your feminine energy. Discover the unique qualities and strengths these archetypes bring forth within you. When you feel complete, invite this supportive female archetype to re-integrate with you by imagining you’re scooping her up and placing her back in your heart center where you warmly welcome her.

Understanding More about Masculine Energy with your Akashic Records

• Masculine Archetypes
Regardless of your gender, you might consider connecting through your questions for your Records with archetypal energies associated with masculinity, such as the Warrior, the Sage, or the King.

You could connect with these energies in the Akashic Records similarly to the suggestions given above for Feminine Archetypes, to gain insights into how you can embody your masculine energy more fully and authentically. Exploring various archetypes is a wonderful way to begin to understand the power and purpose that your masculine energy brings to your life.

If you discover any masculine archetypes that are having a detrimental impact within you, for example “The Bully,” ask what they’re trying to achieve for you. Once that’s understood, you can ask your Records for an upgraded name (job title) that supports the new, positive way such an archetype could actually benefit you. I recommend invoking Divine Direct Action to help transform the original energy of such an archetype into the more appropriate version.

• Masculine Strengths and Talents:
This enlightening area of exploration with your Records can help you to better understand how you can channel your assertiveness and strategic thinking into productive endeavors and manifest your desires. Again, regardless of your gender, it is beneficial to understand and embrace the unique abilities and qualities that make up your masculine energy.

Bonus Questions on this Topic for your Akashic Records

• What does my Feminine Self (intuitive, receptive, creative, empathic, sensitive) desire to share with me now?

• What does my Masculine Self (direction, action, protection, certainty, clarity) desire to share with me now?

• How could stepping into more of my Feminine energy benefit me now?

• How could stepping into more of my Masculine energy benefit me now?

• Which of these two energies would be most beneficial for me to access with this project, issue, challenge? Why?

• How can I further understand my Feminine or Masculine?

• What Divine Direct Action can I take right now to integrate my Feminine and Masculine energy?

Balancing Feminine and Masculine Energies

Regarding feminine and masculine energies, the ultimate goal with your Akashic Records is to achieve a harmonious integration of both feminine and masculine energies. Through your thoughtful questions, your Records can offer you customized guidance on how to best balance and harmonize your energies for personal growth, successful relationships, and overall well-being. Embracing the dance between your feminine and masculine energies, allows them to complement and support each other in a balanced and empowering way.

Honoring your feminine energy involves nurturing your intuition and compassion, while embracing your masculine energy means applying logic and taking action. You need both. When you understand and appreciate both energies, this allows you to embody your true self and navigate your life with greater grace and authenticity.

Remember, the exploration of feminine and masculine energies with your Records is most powerful when it is an ongoing process that supports you to continuously evolve and expand your understanding of yourself and the world around you. May your Akashic journey unlock a powerful tool for your personal growth, balance, and harmony to help you create a life filled with purpose, and joy.

If you have any thoughts or questions about exploring and integrating your feminine and masculine energies with your Akashic Records, please leave a comment below my signature block. I would love to hear about your experiences and continue this conversation with you!

Recommended Akashic Alliance™ Facilitators

NOTE: In my July Akashic Inspirations Post I was delighted to announce my own Records have invited me to open my calendar to a few select monthly clients after a break of two years while I was co-creating the Akashic Illumination Deck!

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If you’d rather begin with just a single session, I highly recommend my experienced Akashic Alliance™ Facilitators. All are my graduates and would be happy to introduce you to your Records.

I invite you to have a look at their websites if one is available, or reach out to any of these excellent facilitators for a Discovery Call. I happily work with any of them whenever I feel I’d like a little more energy in the Records or a fresh approach to a complicated topic.

Janie and Jenny are currently teaching Module A’s live in person or by Zoom.

Janie MacMillan          macmillan19@gmail.com             https://janiemac.com/home
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Since the following are not training, they may have quicker availability for an Akashic Session.

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Maria DiSanti              sudasidisanti@gmail.com

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