“How to Explore Archetypes Guided by the Akashic Records”

I hope that after reading this Akashic Inspirations post, you’ll be inspired by your Records to work more deeply and effectively with your own Akashic archetypes (and for your clients if you have taken the Akashic Alliance™ advanced training – Module B).

In this post, you’ll discover . . .

  • Some common Archetypes and a basic definition of this term.
  • How to energetically connect to and communicate with Archetypes through your Records.
  • The importance of this work in the Records.
  • Why it’s smart NOT to banish detrimental Archetypes.
  • Ideas to expand your ability to help Archetypes recognize their purpose and how the Divine can upgrade this purpose to ensure your Archetypes are now working for your highest good.
  • How to incorporate upgraded Archetypes into your life.
  • One of your own most empowering archetypes with the help of your Records.

I encourage you to pause for a moment here to ask your Records or Highest Guidance to assist you to absorb as much as you can from this topic.


How to energetically connect to and communicate with Archetypes through your Records.

Archetypes are a wonderful adjunct for Akashic exploration because, as I understand it, they are symbolic representations of some part of you. This means you can encounter shadow archetypes as well as empowering archetypes. This is why they’re often talked about in pairs.


Fist smashing thru glass next to hands in clay creating a bowl.

Destroyer / Creator Archetypes


You’ll see archetypes frequently in literature and the movies – like the perennial favorite of TV shows: “Good Cop” / “Bad Cop.” The four directions, the five elements, the seven deadly sins of the Bible, different types of landscapes, animals – all of these and more can be viewed as archetypes.

You might like to ask your Records to help you to be more aware of the archetypes that appear to you in daily life.

Once you’re in your Records, Akashic Archetypes can present themselves through any of your clairs – your extrasensory perceptions – or a combination of them, so for this reason alone, they’re a fascinating way to interact with your Records.
If I’m working with a client, I also encourage my client to share whatever they receive from their Records as this becomes an even more dynamic process when we join together co-creatively with the Records.

While there is much that has been written about archetypes from Jung to Caroline Myss and beyond, I always prefer to let the Records guide me whenever archetypes become relevant. I am not a trained psychotherapist so do not study much about how that field perceives archetypes.  However, a bit of background information can sometimes be helpful to open up or widen Akashic pathways, and thus make it easier for your Records to bring you information.

Akashic Archetypes can appear during an Akashic Session in response to a direct question about archetypes currently activated or they may appear in response to a general question about some type of internal discomfort. The Records may alert you that you’re working with an archetype or it may become apparent when the archetype is named.

I let the Records bring me the name and they can range from “The Lost One” to “He (or She) Who Is Lost” to anything else. Do notice if the archetype presents as male, female, or androgynous – and rely on the Records to bring you clarity about how gender impacts the issue. It might also be helpful to notice the age of the archetype – is this a young child, middle aged person, or an elder? It’s also helpful to ask the Records about the relevance of what you discover. Background environments can also be meaningful if they become apparent.

So how might we begin working with an Akashic Archetype?


Engraved chest plate of knight's armor next to an ornate crown on a red velvet pillow.

Knight Archetype next to a King or Queen Archetype – shown with symbols.

Often, but not always, the Records guide me to breathe out (or have my client breathe out) the archetype as a first step. So with clear intention, I’ll take a full breath and on my exhale – I know that I’m fully breathing out this archetype that has come forward for my attention.

(You can energetically support your clients during this process by joining them and mirroring this process with your intention and breath. To engage your clients further, ask them to let you know when they feel the archetype is now present – perhaps in the Healing Circle between the two of you. They can do this if you’re working in person or by phone. If they’re not sure if they’ve been successful, let their Records guide you in how to support them.)

As soon as you (and/ or your client) are aware in some way that the archetype is now present – since it’s now outside of you, you can be more detached from this energy and converse with it.

Notice whatever you’re given on any of your clairs. So if you’re visual like me – notice what you see in your inner vision. If you’re more feeling, then notice what you feel. The Records may bring you auditory information, like a name or you can request one. Sometimes it’s a mix of all three and a knowing or clair-cognizance about what is happening and where to move to next.

For me – having a name strengthens my Akashic connection and reveals identity. I watch or feel how the archetype presents to support the name that comes. I encourage you to be open to whatever the Records bring, not just the specific archetypes named by others.

After discovering a name and some characteristics of the archetype, then it is often helpful to ask the archetype for their purpose.
I’ve always found the purpose to be a very positive one even in a shadow archetype. It’s just that somehow that positive purpose has been subverted into detrimental behavior.

For example – I vividly remember a particular Akashic session with a very devote Catholic woman in her 30’s – a Mexican-American lady from California named Maria. We’d worked well together several times on different topics.

She’d had a very challenging childhood and in this session asked about why she often felt so afraid and anxious and out of control and what she could do about that.

Her Records responded by bringing us a Dennis the Menace combined with a Pigpen archetype. He appeared to be about 5 years old and was frantically slashing his baseball bat around in every direction with his cap askew in an ineffectual attempt to help Maria feel safe and protected.

Through discussion together with her archetype and her Records, we realized that this “Dennis the Menace” was continually creating chaotic energy all around Maria. This energy drew to her strange, chaotic, and messy interactions with others. It quickly became obvious that he was too young, too immature, and not smart enough, or strong enough to be an effective protector. Maria connected deeply with this part of herself.

The Records also gently highlighted that both “Dennis the Menace” and “Pigpen” weren’t even real people – they were CARTOONS, which are only two dimensional figures and therefore doubly ineffective!

With her Records, we then explored what archetype would symbolize safety, security, and also Divine Protection while surrounding her with inner peace. Its title turned out to be “Divine Mother.”
(Notice gender change.)

White statue of Mother Mary / Mother Divine with palms up and a gold crown on her head.

Mother Divine – Photo by Grant Whitty on Unsplash

This upgraded archetype presented as a strong, healthy, mature, and loving adult woman standing confidently upright and face forward with hands open by her side in relaxed alertness. As the ultimate mother figure, she radiated unconditional love to all. She was obviously ready to assist Maria – IF anything detrimental appeared – and gave every indication of being a very capable protector as the archetypical mother always defends her children.

Once I had Maria’s agreement (sometimes you might play together a bit to fine tune a title) that this would be an ideal archetype for her at that time, I focused back on “Dennis the Menace.”

I asked if he would like to grow up now so he could become more effective for Maria and have a new job. He eagerly accepted the idea of becoming her “Divine Mother” because he was exhausted with trying to continually fight off an unending stream of potential but invisible attacks.

To complete this archetype “upgrade” I took us all in front of the Divine with Heart Integration (familiar already to Maria) and asked the Divine to transform with unconditional love “Dennis the Menace” into Maria’s “Divine Mother” who of course would always be Divinely Guided and Assisted.

We witnessed this process and when it was complete, I invited Maria to carefully extend her arms and scoop up her Divine Mother and welcome her return by placing her in her heart with love.

After a few moments, I asked Maria how she felt. Her original feeling of anxiety and helplessness with chaos surrounding her was gone. Her voice was now much calmer and said she felt strong, empowered, and so happy that we had also found a way to bring in more Divine Guidance and Assistance for her, as that Divine connection was very real and important to her. She loved knowing that this archetype of the Divine Feminine was now a part of her.

Maria has gone on from strength to strength and is a very different woman than the person I first met through her Records!

Upgrading Akashic Archetypes with the guidance of the Records and Divine Assistance has immense potential to be life changing. As always, please let the Records and the Divine guide you through this process. I find that having as few assumptions as possible  and focusing on being curious are a great help.

This post has focused on exploring how to work with Akashic Archetypes. These dynamic symbols appear for important and specific reasons, so I prefer to find out what that is through the Records and then “upgrade” the archetype instead of banishing it so it can actually accomplish its purpose.

Shadow archetypes are part of you and are not “bad.” They have an important purpose and they always have a strong desire to help. Unfortunately they’re just misguided, outdated, or simply inappropriate. It’s a joyful experience to help an archetype evolve into its next higher expression of energy – both for the archetype and yourself (or your client.)

Once again, have I covered everything, all possibilities, and all that is potentially here for you with the Records about archetypes? Definitely not! I’m still learning all the time.

So let’s take a few moments now to have your Records integrate all you’ve been reading by having a short personal experience with one of your empowering Akashic Archetypes. Don’t worry about looking at any notes or “trying” to remember what you’ve just read. Give yourself about 10 – 15 minutes for this experience.

  • Pause now for a moment to reconnect with full awareness with your Records. Breathe and relax.

  • When you feel ready, ask your Records to bring to your awareness now one of your most empowering archetypes, for your focus. Write down what you receive and then ask your Records to guide you through greater awareness of this archetype and how it can assist you now. Remember to also request how you can fully embody this archetype now. Take your time.

  • Once you’ve collected those last impressions from your Records, and you’re ready to continue, gently come back now into your present space and time. You might like to make some notes or drawings if you haven’t already.

  • Please close your Records now if that’s appropriate for you.

I hope you enjoyed this taste of an Akashic journey with one of your most empowering Akashic Archetypes. I also hope you come back and visit with your other archetypes again soon, however your Records guide you to do that.

If this has been a new experience for you, then know that this was just an introduction with lots more to come, guided by your Records! And if you’ve done lots of archetype exploration already, then I hope this opened up some new possibilities for you.

If you’ve been following my health journey in my January + February posts, I’m gifting myself March to give myself more time to heal and to establish more solid self-care habits before I come back to work.

Therefore, if you’d like to have a guided experience of your Records with a professional facilitator who can bring you with her into your Records so you can experience them for yourself, I love to recommend my experienced Akashic Alliance™ Facilitators.

All are my graduates and wonderful Akashic Facilitators.
I suggest you have a look at their websites, if one is available, or reach out to any of these highly experienced facilitators for a Discovery Call. I happily work with any of them whenever I feel I’d like a little more energy in the Records or a fresh approach to a complicated topic.

Janie and Jenny are currently teaching Module A’s live in person or by Zoom.

Since Gayle and Marilyn are not training, they may have quicker availability for an Akashic Session.

Once I’m back to work, I’ll be sharing about other major areas of Akashic exploration prompted by my totally new and innovative Akashic Illumination Deck!

Till next time,
Radiance and Love –

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