“How to Explore Your Life Path with Your Akashic Records!”

Ever wish there was some way to create a spiritual spot check on how your life is progressing?

This is when it’s handy to check in with where you currently are on your Life Path! Certainly, you can do this through a guided meditation. (For fun I just Googled “Life Path meditation” and found about 92,800,000 results. Note that many were not a good match!)

However, my personal preference is to access my Akashic Records and ask a bunch of questions about where I currently am on my Life Path. I let go of any assumptions and focus instead on being very curious.

"Life Path" Explorations card from the Akashic Illumination Deck. Shows a woodland scene of a wood chip pathway meandering through trees headed towards the Light.

Explorations: “Life Path” Card from the  Akashic Illumination Deck

Every aspect of your Life Path is symbolic of what’s going on with you at this time.

If you don’t understand some feature that comes to your attention, ask your Records more questions to reveal the purpose of that symbol.

Journaling everything you receive definitely improves your ability to receive more.

Before I go into some possible Life Path scenarios, you might like to first refresh your basic definition of the Akashic Records.

What are these Akashic Records again?

Your Akashic Records are a dynamic reservoir of all the emotions, intentions, and experiences of your soul throughout all its lifetimes. Through your Records, you can connect to higher aspects of yourself, your angels and guides, and to the Divine.

The Akashic Field (the term I prefer) is an energetic soul resource containing information about past, present, and potential future events, as well as knowledge of your unique soul.

What might you discover when exploring your Life Path?

Remember your Life Path is an energetic snap shot of where you currently are in your Life Purpose. Other than the first bullet point below, the others can come to your awareness in
any order. It’s helpful to begin by focusing on your feet to help you to ground and focus on your experience of your Life Path.

First, examine the surface under your feet. Feel if it’s hard or soft. Is it easy to walk? See if it is smooth or bumpy with pebbles or rocks to navigate around. Is it flat, climbing, or dipping. Know if it beckons you straight ahead or if it’s winding. What do you hear about your path?

Then expand your exploration outwards from your location. Is your path open to the sky or obscured by vegetation or a hill / mountainside?

• What are you aware of that’s ahead of you? Can you get an idea of what’s ahead or is that not possible yet?

What is around you? Are you alone or are others walking with you or nearby on their own independent paths?

What’s the weather like? Is it sunny, cloudy, overcast?

• How do you feel? Comfy, struggling, curious, happy, focused, aware, confident, unsure? Lonely or overwhelmed by others? Notice how you feel.

• What is your pace as you begin to move forward? Can you stride out easily. Or is each step a cautious challenge?

• Remember all you experience about your Life Path is symbolic. Ask more questions of your Records if you don’t understand what something represents.

What can you do with what you discover about your Life Path?

If you find challenges in your Life Path, then ask their purpose. Remember to use your “Who,” “What,” “When,” “Where,” “Why,” and “How” questions.

Perhaps if there is something blocking your path so you have to walk around it – this could be an important prompt to slow down and evaluate.

OR it could be letting you know that there are at least three options for you to explore – walk to the left or to the right around the obstruction, or forge a new and easier path! Ask: Where each will take you? Which would be the best choice for you at this time?

What does the obstacle represent? If it’s a fear or reluctance or detrimental pattern or belief within you, that’s the signal to ask your Records for more information.

Once you understand what the hindrance represents, you can decide how to approach it.
If you don’t know how, ask your Records!

You might also like to request the Divine Direct Action (DDA) to clear the obstacle for your highest good.

If you feel isolated, ask your Records for one of your Highest Beings of Light to walk with you, bringing you whatever support is most helpful to you.

If it’s foggy or unclear, ask your Records to bring you clarity to understand, see, or feel the symbols on your Life Path.

AKASHIC TIP:  Basically – explore, understand the significance of all the symbols. Only request transformation of some aspect if something is no longer serving your highest good. Then embrace the shift with gratitude!

onclusion: Explore your Life Path to better understand your life.

A pair of shoes standing in front of two white forward pointing chevrons that are indicating this is the way.

Photo by Jon Tyson on Unsplash

To conclude, I invite you to continue with your journey of self-discovery and empowerment whenever you embrace the spiritual wisdom and enlightenment that awaits you in the Akashic Records.

Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in this post are based on my experiences as an Akashic Records expert. Each person’s journey is unique. I encourage you to explore and discern what resonates best with you.

I thank my first guided meditation teacher in Australia back in the 1980’s for introducing me to the importance of being able to explore my Life Path.

Remember, discovering and understanding your Life Path with the assistance of your Records is most powerful when it’s part of an ongoing process that supports you to continuously evolve.

If you prefer to experience the full benefits of exploring and understanding your Life Path facilitated for you during an Akashic Session, you may find it highly beneficial to request the added energy of a well-trained Akashic Alliance™ Facilitator to be your Akashic guide.

Thoughts or questions about exploring your Life Path? Please leave a comment below my signature block.
I would love to hear about your experiences and continue this conversation with you!

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I invite you to have a look at their websites if one is available, or reach out to any of these excellent facilitators for a Discovery Call. I happily work with any of them whenever I feel I’d like extra energy in the Records or a fresh approach to a complicated topic.

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