“How to Explore Your Dreams with the Akashic Records!”

Have you ever awakened from a dream feeling confused, lost, or wondering about its meaning? Dreams can be a powerful source of information and insight about your life. Some can be puzzling or hard to interpret. Others clearly reveal important messages and guidance.

One way to explore the deeper meanings of your dreams is with your Akashic Records. In this post, we’ll explore how to work with your Records to gain greater insight about your dreams.

So… what are these Akashic Records?

Your Akashic Records are a dynamic reservoir of all the emotions, intentions, and experiences of your soul throughout all its lifetimes. Through your Records, you can connect to higher aspects of yourself, your angels and guides, and to the Divine. The Akashic Field (the term I prefer) is an energetic soul resource containing information about past, present, and potential future events, as well as knowledge of your unique soul.

Here are some key ideas to keep in mind while reading this post…

• Before accessing your Akashic Records, first ensure your privacy and create sacred space. Then set a clear intention to connect to your personal Records.

• While it’s possible to connect with your Records through meditation, using visualization techniques, or even your heartfelt intention – learning a well-proven method to open and close the connection to your Records gives you a reliable and repeatable way to access whenever you desire.

• However you choose to access your Records, it’s important to stay open, trust your process, and be nonjudgmental about the information that comes through.

• Dreams can be explored with assistance from your Records, to discover important messages and revelations which support your personal growth and spiritual development.

When exploring dreams in the Records, pay close attention to any symbols, emotions, or recurring themes that appear.

And How Can the Akashic Records Help You Explore Your Dreams?

Dreams are often seen as messages from your subconscious or even your higher self. They can provide you with awareness of your deepest desires, fears, and even guidance and insight about your life path. By accessing your Akashic Records and asking questions about your dreams, you can gain a deeper understanding of your own unique symbolic dream language. Then you can interpret this language to better understand your soul’s journey.

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Steps to Exploring Dreams with the Akashic Records

Dreams are often considered to be a window into the mind. By exploring your dreams with your Records, you can gain deeper insight into your subconscious patterns and belief systems, as well as receive guidance about how to integrate this knowledge into your waking life.

1. Set your intention . . .

The first step to accessing the Akashic Records is to set your intention. This means that you have a clear idea of what you desire to achieve or learn from the experience. For example, you may want to better understand the meaning of a recurring dream or receive guidance on a particular issue.

AKASHIC TIP: Keep a dream journal. Add to it immediately upon waking to help you capture the details while your dream is still clear and available. A dream journal also gives you the ability to review important dreams over a period of time. Your journal might  be where you jot down important questions for your Records too.

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2. Each night, before going to sleep . . .

Connect with your Higher Self through prayer or intention and ask for guidance in understanding your dreams.

Set an intention both to remember your dreams and to receive insight from your Akashic Records about your dreams.

You might like to journal this if you have a specific topic you’d like to connect to through your dreams to anchor your intention more strongly.

3. When you wake up . . .

Document your dreams as soon as you wake up, while they are still fresh in your mind. Include as much detail as possible, including the people, places, and emotions you experienced in the dream. You can jot brief notes, draw pictures or symbols, and ask questions. Make your journal work for you.

4. Later in the day . . .

Find a quiet and peaceful space. To access your Records, be in a peaceful, curious, and open-hearted state. Find a quiet space where you can be undisturbed and sit upright in a comfortable chair.

5. Open your Records through prayer, meditation, intention, or the specific method to access you’ve learned during an Akashic Training . . .

Once you’re connected to your Records, ask whatever questions you have about your dream. (I recommend starting with the dream that intrigues you the most.) The questions you’re most curious to ask will be the most powerful prompts for your Records. You can ask single questions or a group. Ask for your highest guidance and insights about different aspects of your dream. Be open to receive whatever information comes through. Journal the process and more will flow.

6. Explore any Symbols or Archetypes . . .

The personal or universal symbols and archetypes that fill your dreams add depth and layers of meaning. Therefore, instead of using a generic dream dictionary or guidebook to help you interpret the symbols, archetypes, colors, words, and emotions in your dreams, ask your Records to give you a personal definition of what any specific dream element means to your soul. (You can find  more information about working with archetypes or emotions with the Akashic Records through these other Akashic Inspirations posts.)

7. As you become more proficient in exploring your dreams with your Records . . .

You can also ask for your Records’ guidance on how to request healing and clearing and how to integrate your dream wisdom into your waking life. To get started, you might like to read another of my Akashic Inspirations posts: “Requesting Healing – An Akashic Exploration.”

Final Tips from an Akashic Dream Expert Colleague

Maria DiSanti begin by deciphering her own dreams for several years and now helps her clients understand their dreams during Akashic Sessions. When I asked her to add her final thoughts to this post, she kindly shared the following.

“Once I set my intention to be open to work with my dreams, I put my journal right by my bed. I began to wake up in the night with dreams. I quickly jotted down a general feel of the dream and what most popped out to me. This helped me in the morning to remember the dream and sometimes add extra details.

Jotting my notes in the middle of the night made my dreams clearer to me and I unconsciously wrote what was most important to help me understand the dream. My unconscious could help me because I was still half asleep.

Recurring symbols appeared over and over. It was like learning another language. Curiosity was a really good guide for me as to what to work with first. Conversation with myself also helped. Eventually, I worked with a therapist about my dreams. When I got stuck, she asked questions that prompted me to unravel my dreams.

Now that I can access my Akashic Records and facilitate sessions for clients, I find that having a conversation with the Records is similar to working with a therapist. The Records now prompt the questions that take us deeper.

When there are a series of dreams in one night, a common thread usually joins them together. With the assistance of the Records, I first focus on the symbol that makes the most sense or something I recognize, especially when a dream is hard to decipher. That creates a flow to the more challenging stuff.

Patience and practice bring great rewards however you choose to work with your dreams!”

If you’re intrigued and would like to learn more about the Akashic Records in general, I wrote a series of four posts just for you – Akashic Secrets Revealed! They include:

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Benefits of Dream Interpretation with your Akashic Records

  • Gain insight into your subconscious patterns and beliefs.
  • Receive guidance about your life purpose and next steps to achieve it.
  • Deepen your spiritual practice and connection to your Higher Self.
  • Improve your dream recall and ability to lucid dream.
  • Find meaning and purpose in your life experiences.

If you have any thoughts or questions about exploring dream interpretation with your Akashic Records, please leave a comment below my signature block. I would love to hear about your experiences and continue this conversation with you!

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