“Akashic Secrets Revealed: Part 4 – “How Can Someone Access their Akashic Records?”

Let’s digress from the vastness of the Akashic Field for just a moment . . .


The end of the year is always an extra busy time. There are those special holidays we love to celebrate, along with everything else we’re keen to achieve before we wrap up another year, or perhaps you’re even taking some personal time like I am, which has its own To Do List. So yes – it’s a busy time.


Therefore, for this Akashic Inspiration, I’m giving you access to a fascinating podcast I made with lots of help from some of my Akashic graduates.


Instead of the news or a boring TV show, I invite you to listen to something uplifting while you bake those Xmas cookies (bless you!) or wrap your well-chosen presents, or perhaps simply sip a cup of tea one evening while you relax in front of the fire.


Making Xmas cookies!

Photo by Svitlana on Unsplash

Now – getting back to our title – can you, yes YOU, learn to access your personal Akashic Records – the energetic database of your soul in all of your lifetimes?


My shortest answer?

Yes, you can – as long as you’re at least 18yrs old and have a heartfelt commitment to taking this step on your spiritual journey.


Let’s make it easy, because if you’ve taken the time to open this post, then your soul is calling you to explore a very special form of inner growth that you can experience easier than you may think.


This podcast is your opportunity to listen to a lively chat with me and a few of my Akashic graduates. They kindly shared the many practical ways the Records have enriched their lives and how their hearts have opened! They had me in truth bumps from the very beginning.


Discover why the Akashic Records are now more essential and relevant than ever before.


Click to listen to the “Learn to Access the Akashic Records” podcast.


Photo by Sixteen Miles Out on Unsplash


The end of the year is an ideal time for self-discovery. The Akashic Records are an excellent way to support you on your spiritual journey. Not only do they bring you information, they also bring you Divine Direct Actions customized for you – so you can respond more positively to life challenges and accelerate your inner growth.


This wraps up my four part Akashic Records Secrets Revealed! series. If this is the first you’ve read, then here are the links to the previous three parts.


September – Part 1:   What Are the Akashic Records?
October – Part 2:        Why Are the Akashic Records Often Shrouded in Mystery?
November – Part 3:    What Can Accessing My Akashic Records Do for Me? What’s It Like?
December – Part 4:    How Can Someone Access their Akashic Records?


As you read these Akashic Inspirations and check out the links, you’ll find you’re more knowledgeable about the Akashic Records and whether they’re something important for you to experience.


If you’d like to have a guided experience of your Records with a professional facilitator who can bring you with her into your Records so you can experience them for yourself, this is the time to request an Akashic Session. Since I’m fully engaged now with promoting my Akashic Illumination Deck and advanced Akashic trainings, I do love to recommend my experienced Akashic Alliance™ Facilitators!


Or is it perhaps time now to learn how to tap into your Akashic Records to find your own answers or dive deeper and become a professional  Akashic Facilitator? Either way, send me a quick email stating your interest, and I’ll happily reply.


Holiday blessings however you celebrate and please take good care of yourself too.


Next year look for news about a totally new and innovative way to join us and experience the fullness of your life the Akashic Way!


Till next time,
Radiance and Love –


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