“Akashic Secrets Revealed: Part 2 – “Why Are the Akashic Records Often Shrouded in Mystery?”

An alternate title for this Akashic Inspiration could be: “Yes! You too can access and explore your Akashic Records!”

This post shares what I and my Akashic colleagues understand from exploring our own Records, those of 1000’s of clients, and our training experiences with students with all levels of expertise and backgrounds.

During Lumerian and even into Atlantean times, accessing the Records was something everyone could do.
It was a natural part of being human – our birthright.

Unfortunately, people eventually abused this wonderful gift and it was withdrawn.

For centuries people could only access what I now prefer to call the Akashic Field through fasting, purging, sleep deprivation, ingesting horrible tasting botanicals, breathing in hallucinogenic substances, going on vision quests, or other usually unpleasant procedures.

Muzzy headed person ancient times

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All these approaches were very challenging if not downright damaging – physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. In most cases you had to dedicate years to training with one of the few mystery schools or find a solitary adept. Not all these teachers were knowledgeable, caring, or kind. This was a tough journey filled with challenges. Some initiates died along the way.

You may be familiar with the Oracle at Delphi in Greece whose famous prognostications had to be deciphered and interpreted. Even with extensive training, the messages that came forth were often difficult or impossible to understand. It’s hard to be a clear channel when you’re not well grounded.

And that’s how things went on for quite some time. Occasionally, the Records may have rated a rather obtuse definition buried in a glossary of esoteric terms.

Then with the new millennium of the year 2000, you may have noticed a shift.
Suddenly, accessing the Akashic Records found new momentum and new ways of connecting. This was reflected in the sudden upsurge of books written about this topic. Now you can have your choice of many schools and many teachers.

So what’s going on now?

More and more people, especially with our time out during the peak of Covid, have been waking up and realizing they’re connecting to something else other than their own intuition, the astral field, or a guide. Maybe they know or suspect that they’re connecting with the Akashic Records, and yet they’re not entirely sure.

Connecting with your Records can happen spontaneously through mediation, prayer, dreams, or it might click on (or off) without cause or reason.
I wouldn’t be surprised if some of you readers have had such experiences.

It wasn’t until I’d been teaching others to access for a few years that one of my learners, a pilot, asked me: “How do I know it’s safe to open my Records?”

In all my years of exploring the Akashic Field, I’d never questioned my safety or the safety of my clients or students. This concern had never been raised in my previous years of conversations with the other members of the Akashic Alliance™ either – and we talked about and questioned everything! How had we missed this essential question?

I was astonished! And didn’t know the answer. So I paused and asked the group’s Records. This is a synopsis of what I received:

Pilots learn to be aware of 360 degrees around their plane  – above, below, all sides. They’re highly trained to continually be on the lookout for potential dangers to ensure their plane is safe. (So it immediately made sense to me that safety while accessing and exploring the Records was very important to this man.)


Pilot's aerial view of clouds and plane wing, engine

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Then the Records helped me to understand something very important and essential that was built into our Method to Open – something I’d never questioned nor fully understood until then.

The first of the seven steps in our Akashic Alliance™ Method to Open is: “I, (state your name), step into the Light of the Divine.”

The Records made the following very clear during that training. When you begin your Akashic journey by first stepping into the Light of the Divine, then nothing else can be there but the Love, Grace, totally all-embracing LIGHT of the Divine – of All That Is.

Notice that you’re not intending to maybe, perhaps, at some time be in the Light of the Divine in some nebulous way. No. You actively step into the Light of the Divine. You make a choice by that statement to place yourself very consciously in the energy field of the Divine which is that Divine Oneness.

Aren’t we always there in the Light of the Divine if the Divine is All That Is?
Yes – only most people often forget this (or don’t realize it at all) because our physical bodies seem entirely separate and individual. So in this very first step to access, we remind ourselves that we are choosing to take step after step only in the Light of the Divine.

A few years after that training, the Akashic Alliance™ was given the Akashic prayer process called “Heart Integration.” (My Akashic Inspiration post – “Five Easy Steps to Find Yourself in Front of the Divine” – will take you through the process.)

We now complete Heart Integration each time before accessing the Records. This process reinforces that everything we do with our Records takes place within the presence of the Divine.

In case you missed Part I of this series, here’s what I call my “working definition” of the Records.

The Akashic Records, or Akashic Field to be more accurate, are an energetic reservoir (or dynamic database if you prefer) of information about your soul throughout all its lifetimes. This includes every thought, word, deed, emotion, and intention experienced by your Soul. Through your Records, you can also connect to higher aspects of yourself and to the Divine.

Instead of writing one lengthy post, I’m breaking this material into four parts, which may be subject to change as I actually write them. If you have questions, ASK! These posts are written for you.

Akashic Records Secrets Revealed!

September – Part 1:   What Are the Akashic Records?
October – Part 2:        Why Are the Akashic Records Often Shrouded in Mystery?
November – Part 3:    What Can Accessing the Akashic Records Do for You? What’s It Like?
December – Part 4:    How Can Someone Access their Akashic Records?

Each month as you read these Akashic Inspirations and check out the links, you’ll find you’re more knowledgeable about the Akashic Records and whether they’re something important for you to experience.

If you’d like to have a guided experience of your Records with a professional facilitator who can bring you with her into your Records so you can experience them for yourself, this is the time to request an Akashic Session. Since I’m fully engaged with Akashic trainings, I do love to recommend my experienced Akashic Alliance™ Facilitators!

Or is it perhaps time now to learn how to tap into your Akashic Records to find your own answers or dive deeper and become an Akashic Facilitator? Either way, send me a quick email stating your interest, and I’ll reply.

I’d love for you to join us and experience the fullness of your life the Akashic Way!

Till next time,
Radiance and Love –


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