“Requesting Healing – An Akashic Exploration!”

I hope this post finds you embracing this change of season and enjoying any family or social gatherings with extra grace and ease!

Monthly, those of us in our Akashic Alliance™ Community who’ve learned to access the Akashic Records of others, can come together to explore Akashic topics or questions as suggested by the group.

In October, we had a special time together during an intimate Akashic Gathering. The Records asked me to share with you what we received.

First, as we always do, we set up our sacred space using Heart Integration. I invite you to join me as I do this for you now. (I’ve included parts of Marilyn’s beautiful language – thank you!)

So let us begin.

I invite you to place your hands on your heart center to indicate you’re willing to move out of your head and into your heart.

Place one or both hands on your heart center

Heart Integration – Photo by Fa Barboza on Unsplash

Breathe and relax. Take as much time as you like, so you can feel fully present and focused in the now.

When you are ready, have a moment with your physical form. Inhabit your physical body, notice how all parts of your body feel, and fill it with your love. Breathe and relax.

Once you feel fully present in your physical body, shift your attention to the emotional aspect of who you are. Welcome this part and allow yourself to become comfortably aware of your current overall emotional state. Support this part of you with your love. Breathe and relax.

Moving on when you’re ready, connect now with your mental self. Let your highest and best thoughts now be illuminated by the Light of the Divine. Fill this part of you with your love. Breathe and relax.

When you feel complete, move your focus to your spiritual being – some call it the Higher Self. Sit with this part of you in gratitude for how it can often see the bigger picture of what is happening. Share your love with this part of you.

Bringing all this expanded awareness of self back to your heart center. Become aware of your Inner Light – that spark of Light that is always with you. Invite it to brighten and merge with the Divine.

Find yourself now at the doorstep of the Divine. Welcome the beautiful Heart Light of the Divine which gently flows from the Divine Heart through your heart and then back to the Divine. This continually flowing energetic exchange creates our Heart Light Circle and our Healing Circle. Welcome all your Highest Beings of Light and the Divine in all forms. You might feel guided to place yourself – all your levels of being – in our Healing Circle.

You have now created your Sacred Space. Keeping some awareness of all that you have just done, I invite you to continue.

Akashic Journaling

Akashic Journaling – Photo by lilartsy on Unsplash

We asked our Akashic Records the following questions, journaled our answers, and then shared with each other:

What is the best way to request healing for ourselves or others without interfering with Divine Intention and our highest Soul’s Purpose?

How can I welcome personal healing without directing the outcome?


Notice how different the “flavor” of each of our answers is and how together our answers create something bigger and more complete than each on its own. This is the beauty and power of exploring the Akashic Field with others.

(The group gave me their kind permission to share their responses in this post. If appropriate, I invite you to receive more from your own guidance as you continue to read.)

Sandra received this refocusing process to read slowly, breathing deeply after each statement:

  • Your body is always healing.
  • Old cells die and new ones appear every day.
  • Focus on being in this flow of Life and let go of specific details.
  • Welcome wellness – however that may be manifest.
  • Surrender to the Divine any fears, concerns, anxieties and request Divine Assistance.
  • Be present in the now moment.
  • All is well.

Janice was given a deeper look into the process of healing:

We have done so much inner work and our bodies are recalibrating. Because our bodies have a density, our cellular matrixes can take some time to change. We carry the Divine Feminine that intuitively knows how to heal. Even enquiry is profoundly healing.

Sitting in prayer

Prayer – Photo by Guilia Bertelli on Unsplash

Marilyn was given this as a way to pray for health:

Request the Divine for
strength to cope with the issue,
assistance to be open to learn what exactly is there for me to learn.
Assist me in trusting (faith) that this health issue can unfold for me in the perfect way for the highest good.

Gayle received this to bring it all together:

Healing isn’t up to you. You’re requesting Grace for what is upcoming. Allow the Divine to request the healing on your behalf as It knows better than you what is for your highest good. Here is an example of how to do that:

I invite you – Divine Presence – to place your holy hands on me and support my body in whatever way is best for my healing. I request this healing to be complete unto itself. I am grateful for Your immense wisdom, love, and grace on my behalf.

Here’s our wrap up from the Records:

“Love heals! Love is powerful! See yourself cocooned in the love of the Divine. Your body is held in Divine Love. Request love, not healing.”

Lastly, we agreed from what we’d learned, that if we would like to make a clear and simple request for support from others when experiencing a health challenge, we could say something like: “Please hold me gently in your heart and send me your love.”

PS:  A few weeks later, I’m happy to report that all the lab test results from the health issue which sparked this exploration with the Records came back benign! Personally, I believe this happened because of the loving support of this Akashic group, the healing power of our Records and the Divine, and the loving support of many others.

Your Invitation:
When making or receiving health requests, fill yourself (or the other person) with your love while opening to more love from the Divine and All Your Highest Beings of Light. Know this healing is Divinely Inspired.

I invite you now to close your Sacred Space with gratitude and love, by placing your hands on your heart and stepping out of our Heart Light and Healing Circle. You are welcome to return any time you like!

If you’ve never had an in-depth Akashic Session, would this be the time to reach out to one of the many professional facilitators now available? Or is it perhaps time now to learn to access and explore your personal Records or go on to learn to access the Records of Others?

My life work now is teaching the 3 tiers of Akashic Records Trainings brought through by the Akashic Alliance™. I invite you to consider if the Records have an important role to play in your continuing transformation. My Fall 2021 Zoom Module A wraps up in mid-November. New Module A and B Zoom trainings will be announced for early 2022.

Till next time,

Radiance and Love –


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