“How to Clear Detrimental Emotions with the Akashic Records”

After reading this Akashic Inspirations post, I intend you’ll be supported by the Records
to work more deeply and effectively with any of your own emotions or clients’ emotions

that are no longer serving the highest good!

In this post, you’ll discover . . .

  • The importance of this work in the Records.
  • Two quick ways to identify negative emotions.
  • How to energetically connect to, communicate with, and then gently and lovingly clear such emotions with the assistance of your Records.
  • Why it’s smart to at least consider replacing any cleared emotions with helpful resources.
  • How to request the Divine to download such resources.
  • Opportunity to put this all into action with your own Records!

Why is it important to identify and clear detrimental or negative emotions?

Thank goodness we are frequently able to appropriately process the many emotions we experience each day – both positive and negative, including over excitement or over joy. Remember, too much of a good thing can be as stressful as some more typically unpleasant emotion.

Our emotions – the great ones and the not so great – all have an important purpose. They help us to process the experiences of our world. They’re one of the major learning experiences possible because we have physical bodies.


What are detrimental emotions?

  • those emotions that no longer serve your highest good,
  • those really challenging feelings,
  • the stuck ones,
  • the emotions we refuse to acknowledge, are ashamed of, or try to hide in some way,
  • or the ones that arrive embedded in severe shock and trauma,
  • or that you resonate with automatically because you already have a reservoir of that detrimental emotion from past lives, ancestors, picked up from others in utero, or from a current life experience,
  • or perhaps they arise because you’re exhausted after being up all night, are weak from an illness, or anything else.

All these scenarios have the potential to become locked or detrimental emotions for you. These bundles of negative energy are often stored in the physical body – creating the basis for physical discomfort or even eventually of disease. Energetically sensitive body workers can feel these balls of energy and can recognize when they’re no longer present in the body.

Unfortunately some emotions can be misguided, outdated, or simply inappropriate energy forms. They may come from your ancestors, other lives, or someone known or unknown in your environment if you’re an empath. If you suspect a sudden and strongly felt emotion is not yours, ask your Records: “Is this emotion of (whatever) mine or does it come from someone else?” If you find it is from someone else, ask your Records for guidance on whether to bless it and return it to the person you picked it up from or to send it on to the Light.


Eggs with emotional faces.

Photo by Tengyart on Unsplash

Wherever their cause, detrimental emotions tend to automatically bring us into resonance with more of that same detrimental emotion. Remember – like attracts like.

That’s why it’s helpful to do some form of “emotional housekeeping” whenever you find yourself reacting in unexpected or unpleasant ways. It’s a joyful experience to discover and transform such emotions – both for yourself and your clients.


TIP:  Sometimes if you’re working with a very heavy and perhaps longstanding emotion, it’s handy to assign a number between 1 and 10 to quantify how that emotion feels to you before you continue. One (or zero) is nothing at all and 10 is the worst experience of it that you can imagine. This is a practical way to put an objective value on a subjective feeling.

Discovering and releasing detrimental emotions and replacing them with new helpful resources with the guidance of the Records and Divine Assistance has immense potential to be life changing.

Two Quick Ways to Identify Detrimental or Negative Emotions

Identifying detrimental emotions can be very emotional or quite detached and/or mechanical – or anything in between.
I believe these emotions come to our attention when they’re ready for transformation. So I encourage you to take your time, bring all that you know about exploring the Records to the table, and let your Records and the Divine be your guide each time. Invite your client to co-create their experience with their Records, the Divine, and you. There is always more to discover about working with emotions.

The easiest way I’ve found to identify detrimental or negative emotions is simply to ask or open yourself up to receive them from your Records whenever they are ready for clearing.

When I do this, the emotions come as a stream of words identifying the specific emotions connected to whatever issue I’m exploring with the Records. I may or often may not request these emotions. Usually they suddenly spontaneously start to be shared from the Records in response to questions already asked.


Early in my Akashic practice, I set up an agreement with the Divine: as soon as one of these “floods” of emotions starts to flow, the Divine automatically steps in and clears each one as I write, think, or speak it. There is a specific feeling that comes with this. These particular emotions have been waiting to be cleared so they can be Divinely transformed and move on to their next higher level of vibration.

If I am exploring one particular emotion – with questions specifically related to it and its manifestation and ramifications – then the Records will focus on that one particular emotion. Eventually we’ll get to the point where I understand its background enough that I’m ready to let it go. At this time I’ll turn to the Records or activate Heart Integration to place myself in front of the Divine to request the Divine Direct Action required to heal and clear this emotion.

The second way I am sometimes guided to explore detrimental emotions is the Records invite me to dowse my list of detrimental emotions for each emotion until no more are ready to be cleared. (My list comes from my IPT training or you can use the Emotion Code list by Dr. Bradley Nelson: The Emotion Code Chart).

If you’re interested in expanding your repertoire of emotions, I highly recommend reading The Emotion Code or taking the Inception Point Therapy (IPT) training. There are probably other lists of emotions on the internet too. You can also create your own list of common detrimental emotions and Divine Resources, guided by your Records.

Don’t let your mind derail you by fretting over the distinction between a feeling, an emotion, and a thought. Just go with what you receive – all are part of you.

I was delighted at how much easier it was for me to connect with emotions in the Records once I had a bit more back ground information about emotions. You might also like to explore the “Heart Wall” concept found in The Emotion Code and then ask specific questions about that in your Records.

How to gently and lovingly clear emotions with the assistance of your Records

Usually I find each emotion requires specific and individual attention as guided by the Records. So I use the following 2-part process. If I’m working with a client, I invite them to participate by asking their Records for their detrimental emotions and then the best resources when we get to that part.

the Records help me to identify one emotion and then ask the Divine to clear it in the most appropriate way.

I ask the Records for the particular resources now of greatest benefit to replace the void left by the clearing of the negative emotion. When I feel complete with the list (usually about 3 – 5 resources works well), I request the Divine to download these resources – similar to what I’ve said previously.

I find that having as few assumptions as possible while focusing on being curious are a great help. No matter what detrimental emotions arise in the Records, I find there is also an aspect of unconditional love and forgiveness that facilitates their transformation. If I, or my client, can’t quite get there, then I ask the Records what is required in order to facilitate the desired emotional clearing with grace and ease.

Importance of filling empty space from each cleared emotion with dynamic new resources

Majestic waterfall pouring into a pond Photo by Rohan Gupta on Unsplash

From IPT, I also learned to request specific positive and supportive resources from the Divine to replace any cleared emotion(s). For example, after clearing grief, request that space be filled with the resources of inner strength, understanding, and serenity – whatever is most appropriate.


In my experience with the Records, this is an essential additional step when releasing negative emotions. As I receive what these resources are for the particular emotion that’s been Divinely cleared, I write them down. Then I activate Heart Integration and request the Divine to download all these resources into me (or my client).

As you go through the clearing and receiving resources process with your Records, check back in from time to time with yourself and your Records to discover your current evaluation number. Keep asking your Records “What else? ”What’s the next level of this?” or something similar, until you find your number indicates this emotion is no longer troubling you.

Wrapping Up

Once you feel complete or no more emotions are claiming your attention, take a few moments before you close your Records (or your client’s Records) to notice how you feel and how your body feels. (Or you can ask your client to check in with her body to recognize how she now feels.)

You might even get up and walk around a bit (or invite your client to do so) to see how your body moves now it is no longer carrying that energetic burden. Can you breathe more easily? This is an opportunity for gratitude for all that’s been accomplished. Feel free! Feel lighter! Feel whatever and however you feel and lovingly acknowledge your shift.

That completes what the Records brought forward for this topic. Once again, have I covered everything, all possibilities, and all that is potentially here for you with the Records regarding emotions? Definitely not! I’m still learning all the time.

Your Opportunity: Put this information into action with your own Records!

Let’s take a few moments now for your Records to integrate all you’ve been reading with a short personal experience with one of your detrimental emotions and one of your empowering emotions! Don’t worry about looking at any notes or “trying” to remember what you’ve read. Give yourself about 15 minutes for this guided Akashic experience.


   1. Let’s pause now for a moment to reconnect with full awareness with your Records. Breathe and relax.
    2. When you feel ready, ask your Records to bring to your awareness now one of your detrimental emotions – the one that’s most ready to be transformed at this time. Write down what you receive.
    3. Ask your Records to guide you through greater awareness of this emotion.
    4. When you feel ready, clear it – or even better, request the Divine to lift it up and out of all your levels of being.
   5. Request the most appropriate resources to replace that emotion and invoke the Divine to download them into all your levels of being.
    6. If you like, request your Records to share about one of your most empowering emotions and how it can assist you now. Remember to also request how you can more fully embody this wonderful emotion now. 
    7. After you’ve collected those last impressions from your Records, and you feel complete, please come gently back into your present space and time.


I hope you enjoyed this taste of an Akashic journey while exploring your emotional level of being. Please come back soon and visit with this part of yourself again, however your Records guide you to do that.

If this has been a new experience for you, know this was an introduction with lots more to come, guided by your Records! And if you’ve done lots of emotional clearing work already, then I hope this opened up some new possibilities for you.

I’d love to hear any questions or tips you’ve found about clearing negative emotions in the comments area beneath my signature block.
I’m sure there are many different ways to do this type of work in the Records.

Personal Update

If you’ve been following my health journey during the beginning of 2023, I’m now feeling more comfortable in my body and have been slowly regaining my strength over the past month.

Since it’s important for my health to reduce my work load, I’ll be focusing primarily on publishing the innovative Akashic Illumination Deck. In the coming months, I’ll be introducing it to the Akashic community and general public through informative short videos, fun trainings, and quick info on social media.

Therefore, if you’d like a professional Akashic facilitator to bring you with her into your Records to guide you to discover and clear your detrimental emotions, I love to recommend my graduates who are experienced Akashic Alliance™ Facilitators.

I suggest you have a look at their websites, if one is available, or reach out to any of these highly experienced facilitators for a Discovery Call. I happily work with any of them whenever I feel I’d like a little more energy in the Records or a fresh approach to a complicated topic.

Janie and Jenny are currently teaching Module A’s live in person or by Zoom.

Since Gayle and Marilyn are not training, they may have quicker availability for an Akashic Session.

Till next month,

Radiance and Love –

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