“Epiphany on the Nile River!”

Some life changing spiritual experiences can’t be shared
in a few words. This is one of mine.

At Luxor a few days before our Nile cruise, Sameeta (our intrepid tour organizer) suggested we write down three or four things we’d like to let go of during our Egyptian spiritual pilgrimage.


And then to write down three or four things we’d love to manifest. She said she’d tell us the details of how we’d accomplish all this when the time was right.

Radamis I – Our Luxurious Nile Cruise Ship for Four Nights

One night as the Radamis traveled down the Nile while we enjoyed another delicious dinner from the extensive buffet, Sameeta announced:

“Tomorrow morning, we’ll activate our manifestation ritual!”

The spiritual experiences of the previous five days had prepared us well. We were ready to accept this expansion of personal growth. I felt the dedication of our six pilgrims.


As I was dressing the next morning in our comfortable stateroom, I unexpectedly had a very clear epiphany. (I remember being surprised because I hadn’t even opened my Akashic Records yet.)

Following my inner guidance, I found my journal and tore out the page I’d prepared with the list of what I was choosing to let go.
I understood it was important to let go first to create space for the new to enter.

As I read the items to discard, I compared them to my epiphany. Then I did the same with what I desired to manifest.

What I’d carefully written on both lists now seemed so SMALL, so petty, and very complicated.
I could feel the constriction of those ideas. I no longer resonated with any of what I’d previously written. This was my opportunity to finally think big.

I slashed through both lists – removing them from my intention.

Then I confidently wrote my epiphany. It was so short and concise that I can still easily remember it without referring to my journal.


What holds me back that I surrender today:
“Whatever I do without joy.”

What I choose to manifest now:
“Whatever brings me the most joy in my life.”


This was so clear, so simple, so easy. I knew in my heart that this was now my Truth. I also realized my surrender and new choice would resonate through all levels of my being – physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.

Somehow I’d finally leave behind, at an ancient Egyptian temple, the most significant part of me that blocked the joyful life I now desired. With this surrender, I’d be free to manifest my new and better self.
The person I would be when I returned to western North Carolina would not be the one who left on this pilgrimage!

And so it was.

Before leaving our room, I opened my Akashic Records and requested their loving support and guidance for the day. I firmly believe my Records and Highest Beings of Light were with me every step of that luminous day!

Leaving the air conditioning of our floating hotel, we greeted our driver and climbed into his van for a trip across Aswan Dam and eventually arrived at a small pier on Lake Nasser.


River taxi to Temple of Kalabsha

River Taxi on the Way to Temple of Kalabsha

Helping each other navigate, we carefully stepped down into one of the river taxis.
Our captain expertly piloted us across the vast still lake to the seldom visited Temple of Kalabsha.

We were all very quiet, deep in self-introspection.

As the boat nudged the empty pier, we eyed the steep climb up the stairs to the small temple that stood high and bright in the sweltering noon heat. Then we gathered our water bottles, phones for photos, and quietly helped each other off the gently bobbing boat.


Climbing up to Kalabasha

Climbing Up to the Temple of Kalabasha

We had arrived.

Before we passed through the gateway to the inner part of this ancient temple, I silently requested permission to enter.
We explored the outer court, the purification hall, and inner sanctuary frequently tilting our heads back to gaze up the high walls.

Abu – our gentle and knowledgeable guide from the river cruise – patiently filled us in on the long history of this site. He pointed out the slightly different symbolism that showed the influence of Egyptian, Nubian, and Roman art and beliefs.

Surrounded by floods of hieroglyphics, we picked out the now familiar symbols of Isis, Osiris, and Horus gracing the walls and towering columns.

Originally built in 30 BC, this temple honored a Nubian god who was the local representation of
Horus, the Egyptian falcon headed god. (You may remember Horus, the son of Isis and Osiris, from my March post.)


Nubian version of Horus, surrounded by papyrus - notice the tight curls.

Nubian Version of Horus with Tight Curls, Surrounded by Papyrus Reeds.

Restored during the Roman conquest, the
Temple of Kalabsha was eventually dismantled in the 1960’s and relocated to its present location on the edge of the lake. During deconstruction, each stone was meticulously numbered so the temple could be perfectly rebuilt above the rising waters of the Aswan Dam.

(Did you catch the subtle themes of death and rebirth
symbolized by this temple?)

After a leisurely exploration of the inner chambers, enjoying whatever shade we could find, Sameeta led us back out into the bright sun.

Just in case we needed more confirmation this whole pilgrimage was Divinely Guided and Assisted, Victoria shared she’d noticed a huge nest inside the temple close to the partial ceiling. While we’d been off exploring, she’d followed her inner guidance and patiently waited to see what kind of bird lived there.

Eventually when it flew back to its nest, Victoria recognized it was a black raven. Shortly afterwards, it flew off to sit on top of the entry gateway. She pointed out it was still there, watching us.

Sameeta was delighted by Victoria’s discovery because it’s unusual to see black ravens there.
In ancient Egypt a raven was considered a good luck symbol. They were messengers to the gods from the earth plane. Hmmm . . .

With Sameeta leading the way, we wandered around behind the temple to a deserted area with huge chunks of scattered rubble. Gathered together, we silently centered ourselves.
Then each supported by the rest, we stepped forward one by one and burned our list of what we no longer chose to carry. At the end we stepped on the ash and watched it disappear on the breeze.

Immediately an intense feeling of exhilaration swept over us.
What had been holding each of us back was no longer there! We got quite giddy for a few minutes, laughing and dancing around, hugging each other. And the raven was gone. Our requests had been taken to the gods!

Once we’d released that surge of energy, Sameeta quietly invited us to find our own ways back inside Kalabsha.
There we privately completed the rest of the process by activating the manifestation of our new life choices however we were guided.

As I reentered the temple, I felt Sekmet’s healing energy blessing me.


Sekmet - Lion Headed Goddess of Healing is in the center w/ her hand raised in blessing.

Sekmet – Lion Headed Goddess of Healing – Center Figure with Her Hand Raised in Blessing.

I found myself quickly walking the largest figure eights I could make – retracing them again and again first through the purification hall, then the inner chamber, and finally when I felt ready, to the innermost holy of holies.

While pacing each infinity symbol diagonally from corner to corner, I softly repeated various affirmations of how I now perceived my life:

  • I now choose to act only on what brings me joy.
  • I now find it easy to keep my focus on what brings me joy in all the areas of my life.
  • I now embrace my new life where I am free to live in joy.
  • I now experience joy physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.
  • I now naturally turn away from whatever feels like less than joy.
  • I now am attracted only to those people and experiences that fill me with joy.
  • I now fill my life with joy.
  • I am now a magnet for Divine Joy.

And these affirmations flowed effortlessly through hundreds of heartfelt variations.

I was free and empowered in a totally new way.
Tears once again poured down my cheeks through this whole process. I felt a new freedom and ability to choose a life of joy.

When I was complete, I walked back to the first courtyard and stood in the center of it.
I grounded myself and my whole experience 
by focusing my energy down into the center of Mother Earth. Merging my energy with that of the earth, I allowed both streams to rise through me and pour out through my open heart with love and gratitude.

Then my newborn self slowly walked back down to the pier.


Sandra relaxing on the water taxi with Sameeta smiling in the background.

Sandra relaxing on the water taxi with Sameeta smiling in the background.

After a late lunch at a restaurant, we wrapped up this remarkable day by taking another river taxi to watch the sound and light show at Philae Temple. A dramatic sound track of famous British actors narrated the legends of Isis and Osiris in words, light, and music. I was exhausted and happy by the time we crept into our beds back in our stateroom.

Next morning before we set out for another day of adventures, I smiled when I pulled this Lakshmi message card from Sameeta’s goddess deck:

“You are timeless eternal soul. Your soul holds knowledge and wisdom of the ages. Go within your heart and find SELF.”


To be continued . . .

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