Adventures, Lessons, and Miracles: “Credit Card Miracle at British Train Station!”

Part 3 of 3

Are you ever glad you do things your way, even when everyone else thinks you’re a bit daft?

During the 10 minute drive from our English inn to the train station, our taxi driver tried to convince us we didn’t need to arrive an hour before the train departed. (He’d said the same thing the night before when we booked the taxi.) Alex certainly thought we were rather strange.

Our ...

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“Adventures, Lessons, and Miracles: Our Best Travel Day and the Worst – Meeting an Angel!”

After the early morning van from the marina deposited us at Shannon Airport, we boarded the short flight to England, eager for a week of hiking in the Cotswolds.

Arriving in Winchcombe, our cute two story row cottage was just as advertised. Plus, courtesy of our landlady, a bouquet of white roses, a banana nut cake and bottle of wine awaited us!

Here’s the audio if you prefer:

Next morning we walked to the vintage ...

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