Heart Opening at Honeymoon Temple of Luxor!

After an uneventful EgyptAir flight across the desert from Cairo, we were picked up at Luxor airport and whisked to the Iberotel right on the Nile. Finally, this was the long desired start to our spiritual pilgrimage to the temples of Egypt!

Over dinner at the hotel, Sameeta – our dedicated tour organizer from Mumbai – told us a bit about the Temple of Luxor. Her dark eyes sparkled with excitement as she outlined the three spiritual rituals we could initiate to begin our spiritual tour. We’d be visiting the temple that evening because the spiritual energies there were strongest at night.

Eager to begin, we quickly finished our meals and piled into the van. Quietly, I opened my Akashic Records and asked my Records for their guidance and support that evening.

Much to my surprise, once we arrived and stepped into the huge empty area in front of the Temple of Luxor, tears of clearing and joy immediately began to flow down my cheeks. I felt my heart open in a way that it never had before. And we hadn’t even passed through the entry portal of the temple yet!

Entering Portal to Temple of Luxor
Guided by Sameeta’s instructions, each of us paused in the opening to this ancient temple to request permission before entering. Overwhelmed by emotion, I let the others precede me.

You can see all six of my companions above as they approach the temple. Notice the orbs in this photo (or perhaps specks of dust on my camera lens)? One particularly bright one marks the entryway to the temple.

After a few moments, I gathered myself, and moved forward. I asked permission of Isis and Osiris to enter and then stepped into the temple proper. Tears continued to flow even though I didn’t perceive the screen of shimmering green light Sameeta saw at this entry portal.

As directed we walked straight through the various halls of the temple to the furthest enclosure – the smallest and darkest one. There in the ascension chamber, or the holy of holies, I requested Mother Divine and all of her aspects as the goddesses and gods of Egypt to accelerate the pathway of my ascension.

Once I felt step two was complete, I returned to the first part of the temple – the large courtyard or hypostyle hall, lined with colossal columns, where the common people had gathered during ceremonies. I stood in the center of this vast space for a few moments, seeking the vortex of spiraling energy Sameeta said was present there.

Since feeling vortexes is usually not one of my gifts, I wasn’t surprised to find that I was unaware of this one. Instead I felt inspired to ground myself deeply into the earth and then walked to where I was guided for a few moments of private meditation. Step three was now complete. Tears continued to pour down my face.

SLG Standing in Front of Temple of Luxor
Here I am after my experience in the Temple of Luxor. This photo clearly shows how light and free I felt! This was only the first of the many heart openings I experienced on this trip.

The men you see standing behind me are two of the ubiquitous temple guards who were very visible in every temple we visited. I’m grateful Sameeta arranged for private guides who spoke good English to accompany us to the rest of the sites we visited.

Exhausted from our long day and well satisfied, we returned to the van and quietly went back to the hotel.

Nile View from Our Balcony
Early the next morning I woke to discover this tranquil Nile scene from our hotel balcony. A few moments later, on the far side of the river, we could see a dozen or more hot air balloons lifting silently up through the haze.

After an early breakfast, we met a friend of Sameeta’s who accompanied us to Karnak Temple. 

When we arrived, once again I walked down that avenue of small sphinxes I remembered so well from my visit as a child. This time it was a different experience. More about that next month.

PS:  For you history buffs, here’s some background on the Temple of Luxor which has been a place of religious worship for over 3,000 years. A mosque was built on the eastern portico of the first court in the 13th century to show the strength of Moslems who had invaded during the 7th century.

The original Egyptian patrons of the Temple of Luxor were Isis and Osiris. Here’s some backstory about this ancient Egyptian goddess and god.

Osiris, usually easily recognizable with a green face and wrapped as a mummy with his hands crossed over his chest, was murdered twice by his jealous brother, Set.

During the second murder, Set chopped Osiris into 14 pieces and threw them into the Nile, hoping to ensure Isis would be unable to revive him again.

However, Isis flew over the Nile as a vulture, one of her many divine guises. With her powerful ability to smell carrion, she eventually located all but one of the parts of her husband Osiris. (Some say the missing part was his penis. Others say it was one of his legs.)

Through powerful magic, Isis not only restored Osiris to some semblance of life, she also managed to get pregnant with him. Horus, the hawk headed God, is their divine son. The story of Isis and Osiris is a long and complicated one with many variations that we would hear many times on this trip.

Osiris (on right) feeds Isis as they hold hands during their yearly honeymoon.


Osiris and Isis came yearly to the Temple of Luxor, carried from the Nile in a grand procession, to celebrate their once a year conjugal visit known as the “27 Days of Honeymoon” with daily processions and ceremonies. It was truly a time of celebration for the ancient Egyptians.

Over many years the Temple of Luxor was modified by Hatshepsut, Amenhotep III, Ramses II, and even later by the Romans.

Largely covered by sand and even with a small village eventually built on top, this beautiful temple complex began to be excavated in 1885. The massive project was finally completed in 1937. Eventually even the mosque was also excavated and also can be seen today.

For more Egyptian spiritual adventures, including exploring parts of Karnak, our long, hot drive to Hathor’s Temple of Dendera, and visiting several more beautiful temples as we sailed south on the peaceful waters of the Nile – look for my next Akashic Inspiration.

To be continued . . .

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