“How To Discover More of Your True Self with Heart Integration!”

Over the past 18 years, I’ve had many insights and inspirations when exploring my Akashic Records, making it easy for a client to embrace her soul truth through her Records, and when training others to walk their Akashic Path.

I call such experiences Akashic epiphanies because each one brings me an illuminating discovery, realization, or enlightenment.
Such a shift is seismic and yet it happens in a flash. Frequently I’m instantly crying tears of release and then of joy.

My heart opens.

My energetic vibrational frequency rises.

Lightening bolt of Akashic epiphany experience

Akashic Enhanced Photo by Rafał Szczawiński on Unsplash

That’s what happened to me today and yesterday as I prepared to open my Records by activating the Akashic Alliance™ prayer process titled Heart Integration. (For a detailed how to, explore the link.)

My years of using Heart Integration have proven to me that from the first of the five simple steps when I place my hand on my heart with intention, the Divine instantly meets me to gently guide me through the rest of the steps.

Yesterday my Divine inspiration was to address each of my levels of being with the title of “Beloved.”

Such a simple thing!

Yet, just doing that and briefly connecting with each aspect of self, brought me tears of release and love. I knew something within me was different and better.

Today, my experience was even deeper
as I was Divinely guided to become aware of each level of my being using the Beloved title and then engage in a feeling, seeing, knowing, and hearing conversation with each part of myself.

It went something like this:


Woman placing hands on heart for Heart Integration

Photo by Fa Barboza on Unsplash

Beloved Body
(and I paused for a timeless moment of wordless communication to be deeply present with my physical body.)

I fill every cell of my body with my love.
(I felt and envisioned my love permeating every cell of my body). I welcome the sweet centering energy of the Earth to flow up into all the cells of my body to keep me focused and grounded today. (I felt that flow of energy come through my feet and my body up to the top of my head.) I welcome the Radiance of the Divine to flood my body with grace, healing, and love. (I paused to breathe and feel that special blessing throughout my body.)

With all of that support in place, I thanked my body for how it has supported me throughout my life even when I haven’t always been an excellent steward of my physical vessel. Memories surfaced. I forgave myself and others. I blessed my body, the earth and the Divine.

With another breath, I shifted my focus to welcome my Beloved Emotions.

As I was inspired to embrace all my feelings with the love I’d freely give to any loved one or dear pet, I briefly reexperienced many times of emotional pain, grief, and regret, as well as joy and delight. I lovingly embraced them all and forgave myself yet again. I invoked the sweet centering of the earth’s energy and the always uplifting Divine Radiance into my emotional field like I had for my physical body.

With more tears, I felt myself easily and gently come into resonance with greater inner peace and self-love.
I paused to share my gratitude and appreciation for how my emotional body now appropriately processes the many emotions I experience every day. After resting peacefully with my emotions, I took another breath and moved on.

My Beloved Mind has been my refuge since I can first remember. This part of me was where I did my best to understand my volatile emotional sensitivity, to organize chaotic and conflicting input from my surroundings, and to escape from reality by honing my imagination.


Woman connecting with her Mental Level of Being.

Photo by Lola Rose on Unsplash

With recognition mingling with my tears of delight, I melted into my mental field and felt it welcome me.
This is where words and ideas reside, so we had a brief deep and meaningful conversation. For extra support I again welcomed the sweet centering earth energy and the blessing of Divine Radiance to illuminate all my best ideas to ensure those are the ones that come most easily to me.

When I felt ready to move on, I directed my attention to my Beloved Higher Self.

I was amazed at how reaching out with a slightly different name brought me into a noticeably different level of connection with this part of myself.
I felt closer to my Higher Self than I ever had before, like I understood it better and what its purpose is as part of me.

As my Beloved Higher Self welcomed me, I felt recognized and appreciated in new ways.
For the last time, I welcomed the centering energy from the earth and more Divine Radiance to expand and support my Higher Self.

After such a rich connection with all these parts of myself, I was not surprised to feel a heightened connection to the Divine in the final step of Heart Integration. As more cleansing tears fell, I finally accepted in my body, heart, and soul that I always have all the support I could desire as I move through this next time of transition and move into my ever-evolving Beloved Self that I AM.

Whether you know how to tap into your Akashic Records or not, I invite you to begin a regular practice of Heart Integration. Welcome the Divine as you place your hand on your heart to begin and ask It to be your guide. The more Divine Light you hold, the more you can share that Divine Light with others! We could all use some more Light at this time. Thank you.

If you’d like to have a guided experience of Heart Integration and your Records to discover more of who you are, would this be the time to request an Akashic Session with one of the many professional facilitators now available? I do love to recommend my experienced Akashic Alliance™ Facilitators!

Or is it perhaps time now to learn how to tap into your Akashic Records to find your own answers or dive deeper and become an Akashic Facilitator? Either way, send me a quick email with some good times to chat and I’ll make a time to call you.

I’d love for you to join us and experience the fullness of your life the Akashic Way!

Till next time,

Radiance and Love


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