“How to Engage with Deceased Loved Ones thru your Akashic Records!”

Will there be an empty seat at your holiday table this year?

As we approach year’s end, remembrances of our loved ones, especially those who’ve departed, often activate memories, emotions, and even regrets. If you’re experiencing this, then I invite you to read about how the Akashic Records can serve as a bridge to communicate with your cherished departed.

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Why Connect? Unveiling the Gifts of Akashic Communication . . .

Explorations: “Deceased Loved Ones” Card from the Akashic Illumination Deck

1. Healing the Heart Grieving is a process and the Akashic Records offer a unique pathway for healing, forgiveness, and closure. The Records can bring you the support to finally say or hear what you were unable to state or acknowledge when your loved one was alive.

2. Continuation of Love Love transcends the physical. It’s a bond that endures regardless of physical distance or realms. Through the Akashic Records, you may find a soul centered way to relate to those who have passed that heals and transcends your past relationships. From your Souls’ perspectives, you have the opportunity to better understand each other.

3. Personal and Spiritual Growth Insights gained serve as catalysts for profound personal and spiritual growth, bringing greater appreciation of your own life while inspiring you to live more constructively.

4. A Word of Caution While the desire to connect with a departed loved one can be strong, it’s crucial to understand their spiritual journey continues. Sometimes, they might not be immediately available for communication as they’re immersed in their own spiritual pursuits free of the demands of a physical body. It’s possible they’ll connect later, when you’re least expecting it and in a more appropriate way. • •


What are these Akashic Records again?

Before we unravel tips on how to communicate with Deceased Loved Ones through the Records, here’s a quick refresher on what the Akashic Records are.

The Akashic Field (the term I prefer) is the energetic reservoir of your Soul’s experiences across lifetimes, a sacred connection to higher aspects of yourself, angels, guides, and the Divine.


What does drawing the “Deceased Loved Ones” card from the Akashic Illumination Deck signify?

This card invites us to explore connections beyond the physical, offering a way to focus on connecting to a departed soul. While I’ve never felt personally called to reach out through my Records to my loved ones, I’ve been honored to witness the solace it brings to others. So when the Records of the Akashic Illumination Deck gave me the list for the 20 key areas of Akashic Exploration for the Deck, “Deceased Loved Ones” was included because it is an area of the Records that some people choose to access. • •


What the Records of the Deck shared about this card . . .

“Drawing this card may indicate that one of your loved ones who has transitioned would like to communicate with you in regards to the issue you are exploring. (If you feel uncomfortable connecting with their energy, you can place them in a healing circle you co-create with your Records and the Divine.) They may ask for forgiveness, have wisdom to share with you, offer you loving support, or something else. This card can also be a prompt to consider what is dying (or has died) in your life – a business, a relationship, a job that is no longer serving your highest good, a beloved pet, or anything else – that is connected to the issue you’ve inquired about. Be curious and open minded with every card, as subtle prompts may come to consider something you may not normally associate directly with this area of Akashic exploration.”


Connected Akashic Inspirations Article

If you’re interested in communicating with deceased loved ones, you may enjoy reading one of my previous posts which gives further insights into why I prefer working with my Records to discover my personal Truth instead of approaching most psychics and mediums. • •


Akashic Tutorial for Engaging with Deceased Loved Ones

Image by Markus Winkler from Pexels.

1. Center Yourself Find a quiet space, take some long, slow, relaxing breaths, and release any expectations, embracing this communication with an open heart and mind. Activating the Akashic Prayer Process – Heart Integration – is a wonderful way to begin.

2. Intention Matters Set your clear intention to connect with a specific deceased person and that your communication is a meaningful exchange.


3. Trust the Process Communicating through your Akashic Records may not be as straightforward as a regular conversation. Embrace any symbols, feelings, and impressions, allowing your Soul’s unique language to guide you. Keep your senses open through your heart. Acknowledge all you receive by journaling, so more can flow.


4. Ask Open Ended Questions Encourage richer interactions by asking questions that begin with the key words: “Who,” “What,” “When,” “Where,” “Why,” and “How.”


5. Use the Akashic Illumination Deck as a Resource Focus on the “Deceased Loved Ones” card to strengthen your connection. Examine the card, place it on your heart, put it on your altar, or anything else your Records suggest that resonates with you.


6. Be Curious If you don’t understand something that comes to your attention, ask your Records more questions. Give them feedback of what you require so you can go deeper. In Conclusion . . . Communicating with deceased loved ones through your Akashic Records is a transformative journey, encouraging healing, understanding, and an enduring sense of  love beyond earthly boundaries. Welcome this journey of self-discovery and empowerment through the profound wisdom and enlightenment awaiting you within your Akashic Records. Curious about connecting with your deceased loved ones through your Records? Share your thoughts or questions below my signature block. Let’s keep this fascinating conversation going!

Remember: The ideas in this post come from my years of experience as an Akashic Records expert. Your journey is unique, so explore and discern what resonates best with you in the infinite realms offered by your Akashic Records. • •



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