“Akashic Visualization: Erasing Painful Experiences”

Last week the Akashic Records brought a unique healing experience during a session with one of my ongoing Akashic mentoring clients.

Tamara (not her name) has almost completed her 1st year residency. Since she was a child in Haiti, she’s dreamed and worked hard to become a medical physician. Being a woman, plus a woman of color born on a small non-American island, has brought its own challenges as she’s navigated the residency program in Pennsylvania. It’s been a true joy to see how she’s grown in confidence, inner strength, and wisdom during this past year.

Surgical Rounds

Photo by JC Gellidon on Unsplash

Over this past year, Tamara has been honing her medical skills through the numerous ward rotations, exams, and patients with whom she’s interacted. In addition, she’s also been learning how to navigate the intricate culture, politics, and bureaucracy of a busy American teaching hospital. As you may imagine this hasn’t always been a smooth process.

During our last session she brought up the issue she occasionally experiences when she finds herself in conflict with a person of authority. By nature Tamara is a gentle, highly sensitive, and loving person who doesn’t seek or enjoy confrontation. However, she does have a quick temper. It flares up quickly, especially when she feels she or someone else is being treated unjustly. Does this sound like you?

When Tamara asked her Records how to stop “polarizing” people, here is a synopsis of their reply.


She is a powerful force with strong internal energy. And yes, sometimes she sparks conflict in others. This is not a failing on her part as she has believed. Instead it is part of her life purpose in this life.


The opportunity for both parties that she activates is to recognize that they’re being offered a learning opportunity. So this is actually a beneficial aspect for Tamara. Instead of being oblivious to a new learning prospect, she can immediately be alerted by her spike of anger.


Her soul invitation, when a conflict with another occurs, is to be aware of her sudden anger and then use it to look deeper. Tamara’s Records encouraged her to look for the lesson that is being presented and the gifts that are offered once the lesson is understood.


(Excitedly Tamara related several recent incidents where the lessons and gifts that came from uncomfortable confrontations were already apparent to her!)

Once she’s learned how to stop reacting automatically with anger, and instead to look for the lesson and the gift, then the Records said that it’s quite possible that she will no longer require these unpleasant confrontations. She won’t draw them to her to learn from them. And then her soul can move on and bring her some new pattern for her greater soul growth.

To help Tamara more easily let go of such experiences, the Records brought her a simple visualization that the Akashic Field has asked me to share with you today.  Let’s call it “Erasing Footprints in the Sand.”

I invite you to join us for this Akashic Visualization to help you surrender, to let go of a challenging experience and all the emotions supporting it. The Akashic Field of this Group reading this post has adapted this visualization for you.

So let us begin. . .

Recall an unpleasant incident that you keep reenacting in full living color with four part harmony. You keep seeing, hearing, feeling, and knowing it. You’re tired of this pattern, this story that you identify with, and you’d like to let it go now.

Imagine you’re walking on very soft, loose golden sand, like a sand dune, that easily shifts and moves each time you take a step. This sand dune (this lifetime) and all the ones flowing off into the distance behind it are a symbol of all of your lifetimes. You’re invited to recognize this moment in this lifetime is just a mere speck in all your lifetimes. It is just one grain of sand.


Footsteps in Sand

Photo by Nathana Rebouças on Unsplash


You can choose if you’re trudging up this dune, on the ridgeline, or striding down. You can also choose if the sun is above you and feel the warmth of the sand under your feet or if you’re walking in the moonlight and the sand is cool between your toes.


Everything is symbolic here in this place.


You see, feel, know, or hear that you are totally alone. You’re comfortably focused on walking on this shifting sand. Feel how many muscles must engage, how much energy it takes to compensate for the movement of the sand with each step.


Do you feel any breeze or is the air still?

Can you hear the sound of the sand as it shifts beneath your feet?

Can you feel how hard your calf muscles have been working.


Do you smell any salt from a nearby ocean or are you in a place like the Sahara with no water?


Take a moment here and bring in all your senses to this imaginary scene to make it come alive in whatever way is right for you. (Pause.)


Then, when you’ve walked far enough, turn around and notice your footprints in the sand. They clearly show your journey.


If you haven’t already while you’ve been walking, now bring to your heart’s awareness the pain, challenge, or difficulty you’ve experienced. Allow yourself to feel this pain, your disappointment, confusion, regret, anger – all your emotions connected with this situation.


If you’d like to activate Heart Integration now for additional assistance, this is the time.

You might feel drawn to forgive yourself and the other person(s) for whatever transpired. The Akashic AllianceTM Prayer of Forgiveness may be helpful.

When you feel complete and ready to let go, to be finished with this incident so you don’t desire to activate this “story” in any way, welcome the learning and the gifts it has brought you.


With your Inner Divinity merged with Divine Presence, request the Divine Direct Action required by your soul to release this incident. With the loving assistance of the Divine, take a deep breath and exhale. Continue to breathe and relax for a few moments.

As you’re breathing and relaxing, observe, sense, know or affirm that your breath combined with the breath of the Divine quickly and easily erases all your footprints. Take whatever time you require to ensure all impressions, right back to the original source, are completely removed.


All imprints are now removed. Once again the sand is smooth.

Thank the Divine. Thank all your levels of being. Return to your present time with gratitude for all you’ve experienced.

Notice how you feel.

Gently come back to your present surroundings and look around. How does your world look? Do you notice any differences? Drink some water or whatever else you normally do to ground yourself.

Glass of Water

Photo by manu schwendener on Unsplash

You are free now to continue your life’s journey feeling lighter and happier. You’re welcome to come back whenever you’d like to let go of more.

If you’d like your Records to bring customized visualizations directly to you, then perhaps it’s time to learn to access your Akashic Records (Module A) or accelerate your Akashic abilities by learning to access for others (Module B).

My life work now is teaching the 3 tiers of Akashic Trainings brought through by the Akashic AllianceTM. I invite you to consider if the Records have an important role to play in your continuing transformation.


Till next time,
Radiance and Love –


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