“Inspired to Trust”

This January my Records prompted me to request something new – my “Three Akashic Keywords for 2021.” These words would support all my levels of being (physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually) and all my activities for the entire year. They would help me decode how to live 2021 to the best of my ability. They were also infused with the unique loving support of my personal Records.

Eagerly I welcomed this experience with my Records. (Yes! You too can make this request to your Akashic Records. Let me know if I can help.)

My Three Akashic Keywords, “Love,” “Relax,” and “Trust,” came immediately with more than usual certainty and impact. I resonated with their power and was excited to have them be my main search vectors for the year. Such simple words and yet they felt huge to me!

How have I been applying these words? Several times each day I focus on each keyword, sending them out to bring to my attention what’s most important for me to receive and to transmit. They guide me, settle me, and encourage me to experience even more.

Valentine of Pink Flowers
Last month the Records inspired my February monthly post titled Love Letter to My Akashic Records.” Without realizing it at the time, I spent many delightful hours over several days steeped in the first of my Akashic Keywords – “Love” – specifically my love for the Akashic Records. It was a powerful experience. I loved writing that post!

While I may be guided to write about “Relax” some other time, this month the Records are prompting me to write about “Trust.”

I’m amazed at how much diversity my keyword of “Trust” has brought to my attention.

Trust works three ways – trusting myself, giving and receiving trust with others, and Divine Trust. Then there are those mundane things I trust (like spring is coming even though this winter has seemed long) and the more esoteric (like my thought forms and words have incredible creative power!) that I’ve been learning to trust as part of my inner journey over the past decades.

Even odd things, like how gravity makes things fall to the floor instead of floating away, though sometimes I wonder if that’s a construct all of us here on earth have agreed upon like those of linear time and measurable space.

I am grateful for all these things I can trust – how they order my world and help me to feel all is well in my world and to recognize my many blessings.

However, the headline from my Records about my keyword of “Trust” for this year was to start trusting myself more. You can be sure that got my attention!

Rivited Lemur

Consequently I’ve been noticing many aspects of my life where I don’t trust myself. One of them I haven’t been able to avoid lately is my reluctance to trust I can use various new technologies. Yep, I am so old school that I still don’t know how to initiate a text or use all the helpful capabilities of my Prius. So I’ve been embracing more tech and have been delighted with my experiences!

I don’t always trust my ability to understand what my body requires for optimum health, even with my naturopathic knowledge. Actually I’m pausing here to do my promised daily 20 minute workout as once again I’ve been sitting all morning.

Self-doubt destroys lives. Shame is supposed to be the bottom of the emotional pile, but I wonder if it’s actually self-doubt.

Recently I explored a past life of mine as a ruler who made one bad edict that ended in the unforeseen death of his beloved. I felt his anguish. After that he never trusted himself again. He became immobilized and failed to be the powerful ruler required to protect his country. All his citizens suffered because of his self-doubt. Since issues of self-doubt have plagued me most of my life, it was clear why this lifetime had come for healing!

Honestly my biggest lack of self-trust for years has been about how well I’m fulfilling my life purpose as an Akashic facilitator and trainer. Are people living happier lives as a result of trusting me to be their Akashic guide during a session(s) or from taking my basic and advanced Akashic trainings? Could I be of more service and serve in a bigger way?

My Records keep assuring me I’m doing great. They bring me amazing ideas that have helped me grow my business. Because of the connection I’ve forged through the Records with the Divine, it’s been years since I’ve felt lonely. And yet I still wonder what legacy I’ll leave behind when I’ve completed this Akashic journey I’ve been on since 2004. Will I accomplish all my soul planned for me in this lifetime?  

Just as I got to this part of writing this post I received an email from a long ago client that took me right back into my heart in humility, gratitude, and appreciation of the Akashic Records. Allison is a living angel sent by my Records with a message so powerful that once again I’m inspired to trust that I am doing my true life’s work – now and for many years.

When she thanks me, I believe she’s really thanking her Records for bringing all they did and her unique younger self for being able to receive with such clarity.

When you’re lost in self-doubt, it’s not always obvious you’re living your life to the best of your abilities. With her enthusiastic permission, I’m sharing Allison’s own words while hoping they inspire you to trust yourself more too.  May such an angel as mine visit you soon!

Angel of Light


About 17 years ago I came to you in my late teens needing insight, healing, and hope. Obesity, sickness in childhood, father issues, no clear direction on my education or love…You guided me through my records and explained them all.


I had childhood sickness to prepare me. I’d need strength and know-how later on.


My father issues were meant to be settled in this life and we were intended to need, love and mutually respect one another.
My weight related to my past life with my father and his did as well.


Love in this life would be abundant, as it has been many times before…


And with my career and education… “You’re called to help. You see things other people do not and they will seek you out for healing. You have a future, I think, in this line of work. You will be the communicator.”

Sandra, I have kept your words so close to my heart and they have provided HOPE when I was broken. They gave me INSIGHT into relationships and temperance in navigating them.


My father and I lost weight together when he and my mother divorced. We needed – still need and love one another. We were all we had for a while.


 Love looks much different than I thought it would, however, it comes by way of my four incomparably exquisite children. ‘They are the ones for whom the sun doth shine.’


 My childhood sickness brought PTSD. EMDR Therapy cured me in 2017 and built resilience. I then decided to dedicate my life to helping others like me by becoming a Psychologist.


Three of my four children were diagnosed with Autism in the first year of my bachelors. But you’d never know. My childhood sickness brought me strength to navigate these waters with them. I’ve taught them how to swim.


I am now in Graduate School for Clinical Mental Health Counseling. I will combine my spiritual gifts with my blessings and gifts you identified in this life. And I am quite literally seeing what other people do not. They are seeking me out and I am excelling. I am the communicator.


It hit me today like a slap in the face. And I HAD to reach out and let you know my story. I must and want to tell you thank you for giving me the hope I would need to sustain me. It was enough. I thank you. And I send you such love, grace, and well-wishes that I hope you can feel them as you read. I appreciate you. Thank you for meeting me on this side again, I’m grateful for your mentorship. It quite literally outlined my life.


Warmest Regards, Allison

Leaping off the Cliff

Sometimes when exploring the Akashic Records, it feels like I’m leaping off a cliff into the unknown. Now I’ll remember Allison and happily open into all I’m guided to share, trusting I’m being my best version of myself.

My prayer for 2021 is that we are all inspired to trust ourselves more, to interact with others with trust, and we’re blessed with Divine Trust.

If you’re intrigued about finding your own Three Akashic Keywords or opening to more trust but don’t quite know how, then perhaps it’s time to email me.

If you’ve found your Three Akashic Keywords for 2021, I invite you to share so I and others can to support you on your Akashic journey!

Till next time,

Radiance and Love –


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