“Love Letter to My Akashic Records”

When February arrives each year, my thoughts naturally turn to those special relationships that have lovingly enriched my life. After the bleak challenges of last year and with more crucial decisions to come during this year, my heart expands in gratitude for my many blessings.

However, this year my Valentine is not a person.

Instead it’s my personal Akashic Records and the Akashic Field. By sharing some of my Akashic experiences, my hope is that you too might better understand what this birthright offers you.

So, let’s begin.

To My Dear Akashic Records:

I gather my thoughts with gratitude for all you’ve brought to me, what you’ve continued to teach me, how you’ve loved and supported me through my many fears and challenges. I greatly appreciate your ongoing patience and assistance so I can continue to evolve to the best version of myself that my Soul intended in this lifetime.

Sure, I’ve doubted, struggled, and cried many times during this process, so it hasn’t all been champagne and bubbles. And yet you’ve never let me down. Whenever I found myself jumping off yet another Akashic cliff, doing something crazy scary that I’d never done before, you’ve always supported me, guided, and encouraged me with your wisdom and your love. I am beyond grateful.

You’ve shown me how to have a vibrant and loving rapport with the Divine, so I never feel alone.
When asked, you showed me how to pray for myself and others each night before I sleep. This comforts me and helps me be of service to the world.

You showed me how to clear lifetimes of karma for myself and clients who have trusted me as their Akashic Guide. Working with ancestral lines is always a special delight because so many souls benefit from that work.

You’ve brought together an Akashic Alliance Community of heart connected training graduates, which continues to grow and support each of us.

Due to my enquiring mind, I’ve spent hours over the past forty years studying a wide range of metaphysical topics.

Some bloomed full of promise and vanished quickly. A few remain close to my heart, even if not a prime focus now. The only one that has withstood the test of time is you. You never disappoint.

Back in the 1980’s, you gently invited my attention when that biography of Edgar Cayce
fell off the library shelf at my feet. It introduced the idea of an energetic database of my soul through all lifetimes. I had no idea how that book would change my life for the better. Thank you!

It took more than 20 years before I was ready for my first Akashic Teacher. Eventually, I learned to open my own Records and then later to open the Records of other people. I am still grateful.

During those classes, I met two fellow seekers of Truth: Chanda Nancy Berlatsky in Sedona who already held a double Doctorate of Divinity and Nancy Ring in Charlotte who had years of experience as a successful corporate trainer. Independently, our Records invited us to receive and then teach others a new way to access and explore the Akashic Field. We created the Akashic Alliance. I’m grateful to and love these two amazing women who gave me the confidence to answer this call from the Records. They’re still two of my best friends.

Each Monday for months the three of us met by phone, did personal clearing work in the morning, took an hour for lunch, and then came back to tackle the topic offered by the Records. It was a step-by-step journey. Our intention was to set aside what we’d learned, assumed, and believed about the Records and let the Akashic Records Integration Process guide us.

The rest is history.

To our delight, during our first Akashic training, we discovered the Akashic Alliance Method to Open also worked for others! The training process you brought to us clearly made it easy for learners to access their Records and also to know what to do once they’d arrived.

Since our first beta training, my life has been intricately entwined with all things Akashic. You’ve brought me opportunities to give educational and experiential presentations to many groups in person and now by Zoom, so many delightful clients, and all my dear Akashic graduates who trusted me to teach more deeply what I love to learn. You’ve inspired me to write articles, stories, and posts about my experiences with you. Just recently you brought me a way to share my wisdom on social media in a consistent and professional manner. It’s all been a stretch, and with your guidance, I’ve stepped up to each new opportunity.

In 2010 during a California training, one of the learners excitedly shared her revelation from the night before. She said: “What I’m doing here is not just learning to access and explore my Records. Actually, what I’m learning is how to open myself to an entirely new relationship! And it’s so wonderful! I feel just like I do when I’m falling in love with someone new. I’m taking it slow so I can savor each encounter and look forward to the next!”

And that’s exactly what happened for me.

As I learn more about you, I understand me better. One of the scariest things I’ve learned through you is to trust myself more. It’s one of the biggest boons the Records offer. Through trusting myself more, I’ve found I can love all of me more too! As I love myself more, I am more loving to my husband, family, friends, and the world.

While you’ve totally enhanced and expanded the terrain of my life, I know there are still more aspects of you to be discovered. We simply don’t yet know the questions to ask that will eventually unlock your hidden parts. I look forward to continuing my affiliation with you for the rest of my life.

Thank you for being the kind friend, amazing teacher, and supportive mentor who makes my life better!

I now release this Valentine to you with my love – Sandra.

What relationship continues to reward you, especially during the upheavals and turmoil that we’re all currently experiencing? It may be your Akashic Records, a beloved person, or loved pet. Please leave me a comment. I’d love to read about your true love!

Till next time,

Radiance and Love –


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