“Inner Radiance of Heart Gratitude!”

Just recently I had a major insight into heart gratitude. Since this is the month America celebrates Thanksgiving, it seems appropriate to share my discovery with you.


Gradually over the past several years, I’ve become more aware of how gratitude keeps grabbing my attention. It’s happening even more frequently lately. Have you noticed this too?

Before I delve into my recent experience with what I’m calling heart gratitude, I’d like to share something else that also flooded me with gratitude.

Lately, I’ve received several unsolicited and heart-felt testimonials from clients. With their permission, I’m sharing their words as another way of sharing my gratitude for each of these women and their Akashic Records.


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“I want to say thank you for a meaningful session. It was helpful and provided much food for thought. As I continue to ponder, its benefits continue to come!”
~ Marilyn

“I just completed listening and taking notes from my Akashic recording.  WOW…. It was so very confirming and seems to have taken a load off some of my ‘shoulds’.  I feel encouraged, supported, inspired and even quite thrilled.  Your gifts are impeccable as well as most encouraging and helpful.  This is one of the finest and clearest readings I have ever received.”
  ~ Anna

And then from Wendy, one of my Akashic graduates: “While I was looking over material to use for my new website, I came across a message my Records gave me through you during a 15 minute session at a fair several years ago. I really loved it. Since it still inspires me, I’m considering including it on my website.

“You came into this world with enough Light to find your way out of the dark,
enough strength to conquer any battle, enough kindness to save a soul,
enough love to shift a planet…
Now why do you still worry?
You are equipped with all you could ever need.
Look within. You are drenched in Magic. You are Luminous.”

If you explore Wendy’s website, I believe you’ll see how this message from her Records years ago is even more accurate today! (The quote is here.)

Her poem inspires me too. I’ve always longed to write love poems like Rumi’s that dive deep into the heart. Sadly that’s not one of my gifts. Therefore, I’m grateful to remember that for one brief moment, I served as a channel for an Akashic love poem!

Sweet little notes like these highlight that being an Akashic facilitator allows me to participate and absorb transformative processes that touch people in vastly different ways. I am honored and grateful every time I’m asked to be an Akashic guide. Each session also helps me to grow.

Let’s return now to what I’m calling “heart gratitude.”

For a long time I experienced gratitude in a very mental, mundane way – kind of like ticking off a list.

√   I am grateful for the Akashic Records and all they continue to bring         to my life.

√  I am grateful I live here in the lushness of Western North Carolina          now and no longer in the harsh dryness of Saudi Arabia.

√  I am grateful my husband seeks spiritual growth in his own unique          way, while also encouraging me to walk my path towards merging          with the Divine.

And the list continues. I have much to be grateful for. I’ve done my best to appreciate it all and let others know of my gratitude for the many gifts of their friendships.


Then this weekend – I had that amazing peak experience of heart centered gratitude.

Image by chezbeate from Pixabay 

It happened without my looking for it, or intending it, or anything.
It just simply was.

After an intense half day Enneagram workshop with a new teacher, my husband and I decompressed with a restorative Indian buffet at Cinnamon Kitchen in Asheville.

Afterwards, following my inner guidance and reveling in my spontaneous change of plan, I drove Bill home and continued on to the Illuminate Expo.

The first person I was magnetically drawn to – I just caught a glimpse of the back of her head – was my delightful roommate from my Egyptian pilgrimage earlier this year! We hugged. We talked. We stepped outside of time. We loved each other, happy to be together again.

And it went on like that for two hours. Person after person, each one who made my heart sing for some special reason, appeared in front of me. (
Some are reading this post with you!)

It was magical. None of it was planned. And it was totally beautiful.

For the first time I felt gratitude in a visceral way, from my heart. Gratitude for each wonderful person, including myself, infused every level of my being. I felt radiant with love, like every cell of my body was glowing. It had no resemblance to mentally ticking off a list and saying appreciative thank you’s.

My heart gratitude had nothing to do with an intellectual exercise and everything to do with merging with love with each of my unique friends.

When it came time to go home, instead of feeling exhausted as I normally would after long day full of people, I felt content and satisfied like I’d just participated in some amazing feast.

I’m looking forward to following my inner guidance and participating in many more celebrations of love and gratitude.

I believe this is how the Divine intends us to feel every minute of every day – grateful, serene, and content. As a spiritual being living in my physical body, and after seven months of intensive self-care, I realize my soul purpose is to continually fill myself with so much love and gratitude that it just spills over, attracting more and more love – and more to be grateful for.

Imagine what our world would be like if we all honored this basic Divine intention!

So, dear hearts, how have you been experiencing gratitude lately? Have you noticed a shift from “list making” gratitude to “heart” gratitude? I always love reading your comments!


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Till next time,
Radiance and Love –

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