“Experience the Magic of MAGI – Akashic Infusions!”

Today the Akashic Records asked me to create a guided meditation for you that incorporates a set of five, specific Akashic Infusions recently released to the subscribers of my Monthly Akashic Group Infusions (MAGI). Instead of being ancient gifts from three wise men to baby Jesus, these monthly Infusions are valuable blessings from the Akashic Field to humanity.

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Are you intrigued? I certainly am. FYI – the five Akashic Infusions are bolded in blue. As you read or listen, please know these Infusions become available to you as well.

Here’s the audio if you prefer to listen. 

You might like to pause to set up your sacred space by lighting a candle or a stick of incense and then taking a centering breath as you relax.

And now, let’s begin.

“Energy of ‘I AM Peace’ is now being infused into every level of your being.”

As I quietly read aloud our first Infusion, I immediately feel the shift of energy it brings. Gently it flows into me, settling me, bringing me an unmistakable sense of inner peace. With a deep breath, I welcome this I AM Peace into all the cells, organs, and systems of my physical body. As I exhale, I happily release anything that could hinder this Divine Peace from permeating all areas of my body.

Breathing in and breathing out, I become aware of how feelings in my emotional level of being are now being infused with I AM peace. Any worries I have start to fade away. I move into a deeper trust of the Records and their process as sacred space forms more strongly around me.

Gently, with another breath, I notice my mental level of being is now infused with thoughts and ideas of I AM Peace. Yes – I welcome this soothing, calming energy as my mind quiets.

Last but never least, my spiritual level of being, my Higher Self, also welcomes I AM Peace.

Gratefully, I breathe and relax, spending a few moments in this gentle energetic flow. What a delicious way to begin!

And then, from this place of inner peace, I feel myself begin to open to our second Infusion –   “Attunement to Universal Law: The Law of Divine Oneness.” I hear the Records tell me: ‘Everything connects to everything else, Dear One. What you think, say, do, and believe has a corresponding effect on others and the world around you.”

I feel the Truth of this statement in a fresh, new way that has not been apparent before. Opening myself to attunement with Universal Law, I realize its purpose is to help me be more aware of how my thoughts and actions impact both me and my world – thus inspiring me to create an even more positive flow.

While I’m writing this, the Records reveal that I’m sitting right next to you, and yes, you, and you also – all of you around the world who will ever read or listen to what I’m writing here. We are all sitting together. There is no distance, no time or space. The Records show me we are family – brothers and sisters of spirit. This post can be your Akashic Infusion if you choose. Breathing and relaxing, I feel your version of Oneness join with mine and welcome you to merge with my inner peace if that feels right for you.

Grief KarmaFrom this deep sense of inner peace and oneness, I feel supported, nourished, and cherished – ready to approach our third Infusion: “Grief Karma.” Tentatively at first, but with more and more confidence, I allow the Akashic Records to gently release the weighty emotions of intense grief, heartache, and sadness I still hold from my past lives and current lifetime. Once again, I breathe and relax as I feel this burden dissolve.

I visualize, sense, know, and affirm that wherever the old feeling of deep grief has restricted me from living my life fully, this Infusion is now eliminating that distressing emotion while bringing healing to the associated heart wounds.

My heart opens even more as those ancient constrictions dissolve… dissolve… dissolve. I breathe and relax in gratitude once again.

Energy previously restricted by the karma of ancient grief is now bubbling up within me, energizing me, sustaining me in ways not possible before. I feel a quiet effervescence as my heart lightens. Do you feel these bubbles of joy, too?

And so, naturally, it’s easy to move into appreciation of our fourth Infusion – “Desire and Ability to Thrive.” Just as plants burst forth from the earth each spring while tree leaves unfurl in nature’s wild green abundance, so too am I infused now with increased inner strength. All the cleared spaces where karmic grief was trapped are now filled with Divine Light and Grace. I can thrive!

Can you, like me, feel yourself opening to all that you are? Each of us has untapped potential. Not just to survive, but to thrive and make a positive difference. It’s my personal choice as to how to use my inner divinity to create. I’m making a choice right now to immerse myself even more fully in all the Divine brings to me.

As a dear friend of mine frequently says, “I choose in this moment to ‘Show up and say yes to the Divine!’” Will you join me by showing up in your life and saying yes to your highest good?

As the strength of this inspiring Akashic transmission begins to wane, I receive our last gift for this month’s MAGI. A delightful Infusion of “Self Care” comes sweetly into my awareness. It brings me the energy to deeply nurture my physical body in the best ways for me with grace and ease. I also feel this Infusion refreshing my home, making space for the new that is yet to come during the rest of this year. I feel myself charged with potential and welcome it all!

World Peace - MAGI Symbol

This image of open hands comes from the Records as a symbol of the five Akashic Infusions initiated through this post.

Observing or recalling this image brings your conscious mind into alignment with all that is available through this process. Miracles are possible!

As I breathe and relax, reflecting on these Akashic Infusions, I am grateful for each one.

I’m especially glad the Records brought me the opportunity to share them with you in this special way.

The End


This post offers you the experience of a recent Monthly Akashic Group Infusion (MAGI). The Records asked me to walk you through this innovative Akashic experience from my perspective to make it available to you, too. If you’d like to learn more about the easy and simple MAGI spiritual practice, here’s a link, including how this innovative Akashic process began and what it can do for you – MAGI.

For Akashic assistance with Sandra as your facilitator, click here to set up a private session, or here to learn to access your own Records.

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