“Akashic Records Reminder: All You Need Is Love!”

Are you hearing this Beatles song in your head right now and singing along to the lyrics like I am? It’s the perfect soundtrack for this post.


This morning I’ve been filled with gratitude for all my blessings and an intense desire to write about love. When I opened my Akashic Records with Heart Integration to begin this post, all my levels of being filled with pink.


Then when I found myself in the Heart Light Circle with the Divine in front of me and personally connected with the Divine once again, I felt so much love. Tears of joy welled up from my heart and flowed out my eyes.


Pictures have the ability to capture more than words can say. They speak to our soul in a visual language of symbols and color. They have the magical power to instantaneously transport us into heartfelt emotions.


So today, instead of writing first and then finding some images to support my text as I normally do, the Records invited me to start by creating a collage of love for you.


They asked me to share my love for each of you who are reading this, the Akashic Field, the Divine, my dear husband, family, and friends, and this amazing planet which nourishes us all by doing something visually creative.


Through this post – your Records also extend this invitation to you. Today see if you can find some time to pause what you normally would do. Do something creative instead that shows the love that inspires you – however you’re guided. Here are some ideas to get you started.


♥   Bake cookies and put your love in every action. Share them with your loved ones.


♥   Draw, paint, or collage from your heart, and then place your masterpiece somewhere so it can remind you frequently of all the love that surrounds you.


♥   Make a love bracelet with your Inner Child and together, place it on your wrist to help you to remember to cherish your Little One frequently.


♥   Create and then activate a ceremony to honor our earth and all its people with love.


♥   Call a family member or friend you haven’t spoken to in a while. Be courageous and tell them you love them and why they’re special to you.


My internal Akashic radio station just started streamingLove Is in the Air by John Paul Young from 1978.
You can read his lyrics here. I’ve never listened to music when I’m in the Records, so this is rather amazing! Since my heart is singing while I’m dancing in my chair, this seems to be the appropriate place to share the love collage I made for you.


Ways of Love Collage

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My life work now is teaching the three tiers of Akashic Records Trainings brought through by the Akashic Alliance™. I invite you to consider whether the Records have an important role to play in your continuing transformation. My latest Feb 2022 Zoom Module A training co-facilitated with Jenny Kellogg has just a few places left! New Module B Zoom trainings will be announced this year.


I’d love to have you join us and experience the fullness of your life the Akashic Way!

Till next time,

Radiance and Love –


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