“What Happens After Waiting to RSVP? A New Podcast Series!”

Full disclosure here – I’m not exactly a patient person. It’s challenging and contrary to my natural flow to wait to respond. I love to initiate! However, I’ve gradually come to understand that’s actually not my best path.

After much reflection, I’ve realized that all the most significant highlights of my life – including my children, my career as a naturopath, my amazing husband, and especially the Akashic Records – came to me when I responded.

They just happened. I didn’t  initiate any of these major events. I certainly didn’t ask for them. Some I didn’t even intend.

During the past few years as I’ve been waiting to respond, I’ve diligently worked to create the solid foundation I required to be a professional Akashic Facilitator and Teacher.
This past year I added nourishing myself with lots of self-care.

Question MarkIn my personal Akashic work over the years, I’ve frequently asked:

  • “How can I be more visible right now to those people who are seeking to know themselves better?”
  • “How can what I offer through the Akashic Records be available to those who could most benefit from the loving contact with their personal Akashic Records?”

That’s my backstory. Let’s move into current time now.

Just recently, with Divine Timing and Assistance, something major has shifted

Several new clients used my website form to request my free 20 minute Discovery Call, previous clients unexpectedly reached out for sessions, several people have kindly recommended me, and two new learners eagerly started my Online Module A Training! This was like a tsunami of Akashic connections, but somehow it all happened with grace and ease.

(A warm welcome to you if this is your first time reading one of my Akashic Inspirations! I am grateful to be of service through the Akashic Field.)

Best of all – last week I was invited to give a series of seasonal podcasts on the topic of the Akashic Records! This is what I want to share with you.

I’ve had similar offers before, but they’ve never felt right. This time it was immediately clear that these podcasts are my next steps. So I RSVP’d, “Yes!”

This opportunity lit me up because I know I feel most alive, engaged with the Divine, and happy when I’m sharing in some way about the Akashic Records.

Here’s the scoop.

Each hour long podcast will be professionally produced by Claudia Pureco of C View Quantum – who nine years ago created one of the first internet radio networks for metaphysical and alternative medicine in the Carolinas.

Claudia’s never had anyone present a series on the Akashic Records, so this will be a whole new area for her listeners. Best of all she’ll handle all the techy part, including social media, so I can relax and focus on my listeners and the group’s Akashic Records!

I’m so excited to have this opportunity to share, hopefully with you and a bunch of new folks, some stories about what I’ve experienced since I first opened my Akashic Records in 2004 as well as brand new information from the Akashic Records.

Once a quarter, I’ll let the Records guide me to reveal the facts, stories, and experiences to finally demystify the Akashic Records for you!  

It is your spiritual birthright to explore your Akashic Records. 2020 is the time!

Whether the Akashic Field is something new to you or you’ve already been accessing the Records for a while, my Records are already humming with lots of great ideas about what to share with you
, including:

  • real encounters with the Records compiled from recent Akashic sessions,
  • experiential guided meditations of several powerful Akashic Prayer Processes you too can use to change your life,
  • time for live Q & A about the Records – yes, that’s when you can call in and ask your questions about what the Records are and how I work with them,
  • plus the opportunity to win a complementary Akashic Prize during each show,
  • and more.


Your Next Step

To hear more details as they arrive from the Records about what will be presented throughout the series and reminders so you don’t miss out, please “like” my Facebook business page titled Akashic Focus – “Access Your Akashic Records” That will link the latest news about these programs to your FB news feed. I don’t plan to focus on these podcasts in future Akashic Inspirations.

Would you like to join me on the podcast and share your experience as one of my Akashic clients or Akashic graduates?

If so, please email me here. I’m delighted to invite you to take advantage of this unique opportunity to reinforce a pivotal experience you’ve had in your Records by sharing it with others in your own words!

All four podcasts are free. Can’t make the dates? They’ll also be available as audio files on my website as quickly as I can post them.

Simply call in and experience the loving energy of the Akashic Field.

Spring Akashic Focus Podcast – #1 of 4

Monday, March 23 @12 noon to 1:00pm EST.
Call in number: 805-830-8344

I’ve already put all four podcasts dates in my calendar and am so looking forward to what the Akashic Records will bring to us.

Won’t you join us? I have a feeling this is going to be such great fun!

Till next time,

Radiance and Love –


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