“Welcoming Your Shadow Self in Our Time of Quiet”

I hope this post finds you taking advantage of the amazing blessing of this “Time of Quiet,” as my Akashic Records are now calling it. Are you going deep within and finding more of you? Are you discovering more about who you are, what motivates you, and perhaps even revisiting some of your most cherished hopes and dreams? I am!


Recently a paragraph from another Charles de Lint novel – “Spirits in the Wires” – leapt off the page right into my heart. Here’s the pivotal excerpt from the journal of one of the main characters:


“. . . at around the age of six or seven we separate and then hide away the parts of ourselves that don’t seem acceptable, that don’t fit in the world around us. Those unacceptable parts that we secret away become our shadow.”

Immediately I felt compelled to explore this concept in my own way and then share my experience with you in case it also speaks to you.


So let’s play with the possibility that we reject parts of ourselves at a very young age because from that undeveloped perspective we don’t recognize the value of all our aspects. I’m not saying it’s true, I’m just saying the idea profoundly spoke to me.


As I thought about this idea (based loosely on Jung’s concept of shadow work), my Records helped me to identify my Top Ten Traits – those I may have accepted and those I could have rejected. I came up with the following list.


Before you even let yourself peek at what I discovered – I encourage you allow your guidance to assist you as you mull over and jot down your own two Top Ten lists.



Library of the Akashic Records


I found it helpful to recall what I was like back when I was about seven and then uncover the word that most closely described the exact opposite of that aspect of myself. Another tip I picked up from de Lint’s novel was to allow my shadow to be the opposite gender. That seemed very enlightening for me, but might not for everyone.


Before I even finished my list I realized all these rejected aspects of self are exactly what I’ve spent most of my adult life laboriously chasing.


So here’s my list. (I hope you’ve already made a good start on yours!)


Accepted Rejected
Female Energy Male Energy
Timid Outgoing
Over Sensitive Resilient
Emotional Logical
Passive Assertive
Dreamer Pioneer
Uncertain Decisive
Guided by Others Self-Directed
Ineffectual Competent
Fearful Confident


Years ago when I started writing Akashic related articles, I found this photo. I had no clue about what the guy was doing up on a rock wall by the ocean. I did know his whole persona spoke to me and that someday I’d be using his photo to illustrate one of my posts. Now I understand he resonates with my Shadow Self.


Man on a Ledge

After playing with my Shadow Self for about a week, gradually refining both sides of my Top Ten list, I knew I wanted all these rejected parts of myself back
. Whatever the reason, for much of my life, I’ve lived without them. I could see how I’d live larger with them.


So the other day as I was out for my morning walk, I opened my Records and asked for a ceremony, some experience I could complete with their assistance to meld my Top Ten aspects back together for my highest good.


(I invite you to pause now and find your own method to integrate, or you’re welcome to follow along with mine.)


The following ritual came clearly to me.


Print out the table with the two lists and place it in my burning bowl. Add a couple of whole sage leaves for enhanced purification and because they live with my burning bowl. Take the bowl outside and walk myself through the five steps of Heart Integration to position myself in front of the Divine. Place my intention in the Heart Light Circle that is always also my healing circle.


I’ve just completed these steps.


My Two Lists

To my surprise it took quite a bit of dedication to get the paper and sage to burn. I had to really focus on what I intended! I pondered the symbology. Carefully torching different spots of the list, I incorporated all my senses in this process as my Records guided me.


♥  I watched the flames brighten and burn my offering, sending the smoke upwards. I blessed myself by scooping up the smoke with my hands and bringing it up over my face and head.


♥  I smelled the acrid bite of the paper as it burned, along with the familiar sage fragrance.


♥  I heard the faint crackle of the paper, as the flames burned.


♥  I touched some of the soft ash, rubbing it between my fingers and then on my third eye.


♥  I tasted a small bit of the ash when I placed it on my tongue. (Ugh!)


♥  I knew in my heart all these lost or rejected parts of myself were now integrated with me.



At the end, I offered the remaining ash to the Divine and Mother Nature and knocked my burning bowl clean in the light breeze that came to carry the ashes away. I felt complete.


I now look forward to moving through the rest of my life, accomplishing more of my life purpose and heart’s desires with greater grace and ease. I feel more focused, grounded, complete, and empowered!


I hope this Akashic Inspiration also resonated with you. If it’s for your highest good, I am delighted you’ve taken this journey with me. May you too have rediscovered the lost parts of yourself that are pivotal for your personal growth. I’d love to hear about your experience.


Till next time,
Radiance and Love –

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