“Two Essential Ways You Can Welcome 2021!”

During the end of the year holiday festivities, after enjoying reconnecting with family, friends, and yourself, do you take a breath and get curious about what the new year will bring? I do!

I find it exciting to welcome each January with its entirely different energetic signature for the year and to return to the work I love with the Akashic Records.


Part of getting me ready to rejoin the world consists of gifting myself with the time to explore both my “Personal Year” and “My Three Words.” You can find all the DIY details about these two New Year essentials in my January 2020 Akashic Inspirations, “Two Excellent Ways to Peek Into 2020 and Beyond!”


To give you an idea of what a Personal Year Number – which runs from January through December for everyone – can illuminate let’s look at my 6 Personal Year for 2021. The first word that comes to my mind in conjunction with the numerological meaning of the number 6 is – responsibility – specifically responsibility to family.


Double Doors with White Number 6


Immediately, I’m aware there’s going to be a huge energetic shift from the energy of my previous 5 Personal Year. As we all experienced, 2020 was filled with chaotic and abrupt changes in thought and direction required by COVID-19, charged racial confrontations, unsettling political challenges in America and abroad, plus whatever else came at us.


However, since the energetic flow for a 5 Personal Year is naturally one of dynamic shifts and unpredictability, I was well supported energetically to navigate these twists and turns along with the many and varied opportunities the Divine and the Records offered me throughout 2020.


It was a very busy and productive year for me! Thank you to all my wonderful clients and happy graduates who helped make this past year one of accelerated growth for us all.


(You might like to discover your personal year number for 2020 and see how it resonates with your own experience of such a challenging and life changing year.)


With a Personal Year Number 6, the easiest flow of my energy of 2021 will focus primarily on domestic matters. Could it be that all that private time spent with my husband in 2020 blossoms in 2021 to even greater marital bliss with more opportunities to entertain family and friends in our home? (Personal Years of 2 or 6 are also considered auspicious times for weddings or births – additions to the family – or perhaps the purchase of a home.)


This particular Personal Year Number also alerts me to the increased potential for onerous domestic problems and responsibilities. Could that be because one year at home in the ever changeable 5 year energy was rather fun for me, but another year of social distancing and staying home with just my dear husband, Bill, could bring more interpersonal challenges to navigate and less happy, convivial days?


However 2021 plays out for me, I am now aware that my home life will take center stage this year. I know that taking better care of myself and Bill while focusing on home (like perhaps finally clearing out all the clutter!) will be highlighted this year.


Needlepoint Pillow with Text about Home

This is a needlepoint pillow my mother made years ago.


Knowing this, I can prepare by bringing myself into alignment and setting my intentions to match the strong flow of this year’s domestic energy. I know I’ll do best when I’m focused on home and responsibility – not welcoming personal leadership, enhanced spirituality, or expanded creativity – to mention the primary energy flows of some other personal years.


Since it looks like Bill and I will be spending lots of time together again in 2021, I of course quickly worked out his Personal Year. With his upcoming 2 Personal Year, he’ll find it natural to be supportive to his primary relationship (me), which is very compatible with my 6 Personal Year which focuses energy on domestic interaction. So it looks quite possible that we’ll continue to enjoy being home together!


Let’s have a look now at my other essential New Year practice – discovering My Three Words.


Choose Your Words


My Three Words for 2020 were “focus, embrace, and spontaneity” – and they certainly were a great support. They were my touchstones frequently throughout the year. I always found they helped me to reconnect with what was essential in my life.


I invite you to pause with me for a moment here. I’ll ask my Records (or you could ask your Highest Beings of Light) for the most empowering My Three Words to guide me through 2021.


TIP:  Once I am consciously aware of the natural energy flow of my year, my guidance easily brings me the words to support that natural flow. Yet another great reason to find your Personal Year Number if you haven’t!


Since I know that sharing with others who support my inner growth further activates Divine messages and intentions, here’s what I just received:

My Three Words for 2021

Find the happy midpoint between my outer work with the Akashic Field and my deep inner work that nurtures all my levels of being.

Rediscover my healthier body and ensure a serene, supportive home and work environment.

Infuse all that I do for myself and others with quality – quality time, quality care, quality work. Ensure my home complements my life by providing a quality environment.



I hope you’re curious now about what your Personal Year Number is and how you can support yourself this year by discovering your Three Words!


If you are drawn to further activate your Personal Year and / or Three Words by sharing them in the comments, I would be honored to support you in your journey!


Till next time,
Radiance and Love –

Brighten 2021! Shine Your Light
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