“Three Important Spiritual Insights I’ve Reinforced by Playing Solitaire!”

Yep – I confess that I’m a confirmed solitaire player. Always have been. I play when I’m looking for a quiet transition to refresh between activities, or late in the day when I’m too tired to do something more productive, or even (sigh) when I’m procrastinating about things I’ll be happy to complete.


Over the years I’ve indulged my inner solo gamer, I’ve had several spiritual epiphanies. Here are three of my top favorites that illuminate my life whenever I reconnect with them.



  1. Mental relaxation allows beneficial ideas to surface. For me, playing solitaire sometimes results in a breakthrough with a challenging problem or perhaps a simple reminder from my subconscious (or my Akashic Records) about something important I’ve forgotten to do. Or more commonly, it’s deliciously relaxing. I give myself permission to relax in this way.
  2. Lots of different options create success. Since I’ve set my game level at “solvable,” I know that if I don’t win the first time, I can replay without any penalties until I do. That encourages me to persist. Occasionally it takes a few repeats and I always know that I’ll win. When so much in my life right now is uncertain, it’s comforting to know that I’ll be 100% successful in this one area.
  3. Keep focused on the goal, even when it looks like it’s totally hopeless. There have been countless times I’ve been adamantly certain that a game is impossible to win. However, once I can let go of my negative thoughts and look at the game with “fresh eyes,” I relearn that great spiritual lesson: “There is always a way to win.”

This simple game reinforces how the Divine looks after me even in small ways.
Playing untimed, relaxing, solvable games while open to my spiritual guidance, is a great way to remind myself that I’m always divinely guided and assisted.

From facilitating over 1000 Akashic Sessions, I truly understand the Divine always wants all of us to be happy, peaceful, and successful. Yes – that’s you too and this planet, no matter what’s going on that may look so crazy and pointless.

So, dear hearts, what games have you been playing lately that help you to relax while supporting your spiritual growth? Love to hear from you!


Till next time,
Radiance and Love –

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