“Resting Beside the Lake . . .”

Before I opened the Records to ask what to write about for this Akashic Inspiration, I must admit feeling a tad unenthusiastic about writing this post, which is unusual for me.

Then my inner saboteur popped up with some useless mental chatter: “You’ve been sharing these monthly Akashic Inspirations for a while. What else could you possibly write that would be fresh and interesting?”


“Hush!” I said and proceeded to open the Akashic Records for this post.


And then the magic happened!


Immediately recognizing my current lack of interest in writing a post, the Records said: “Let’s do something different and fun! Fun for you to create with us and fun for your readers too.”


Well – that was all it took to get me intrigued.


So, I responded: “Like what?”


Records: “Let’s find a beautiful picture, write a tiny story, and then wrap it up.”


Me: “Sounds like we have a plan. Let’s go!”

In a moment, I shifted from bored to inspired and I was having a grand time looking at gorgeous online photos that might prompt an intriguing story. Here’s what the Records and I created.


Akashic Records Visualization PromptThe above is what my special place would look like today.

Here’s my tiny story.


This old worn bench waits beside a deep blue lake. It’s always autumn here, my favorite time of year. As I sit quietly watching the sun diamonds dance across the lake, the nearby trees sway in the gentle breeze. A light fragrance of pine infuses the air. I listen to the calls of hidden birds and lazily watch the clouds drifting overhead. I am grateful for this peaceful place. No one waits for me here. There is nothing for me to do. I rest here, absorbing the serenity, for as long as I like.

I thank the Records for how they quickly and easily created an Akashic guided visualization that was the right thing for me to share with you today! I hope it comforts you too or that you’re inspired to discover your own evocative picture and jot down your own tiny story. You’re most welcome to share yours in the comments!

Thank you for accompanying me on this Akashic experience.

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Till next time,

Radiance and Love –

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