“Pathway Gift to Your Heart’s Desire!”

Ever wonder what, if anything is interfering with your ability to do or be the most magnificent YOU your heart desires? Maybe it would be to finally clear your clutter, write your book, find a loving partner, etc.? Or perhaps there’s something even bigger?

I invite you to give yourself the gift of your time. Pause for a moment and explore your Heart’s Desire. You’re reading this for a reason.

Where does this block come from? What’s the purpose in it? What am I learning from it? How can I clear this so I can experience my true Heart’s Desire?

I offer you now this opportunity to go within and find your center.

You might like to breathe and relax for a moment or two – letting go of any other thoughts. You can come back to them. You might place one or both of your hands on your heart center as you breathe and relax.

I welcome you to unlock your heart with me.

Locked Heart
Let your inner vision unfold to reveal your most significant past life that connects to the current interference you’re experiencing about your Heart’s Desire.

If you’d like a little assistance, I offer to be your guide in these realms. I invite you to journey deep, deep into you as I tell you a soul story.

Perhaps, after being open, you imagine finding yourself sitting cross legged in front of a fire. This is you in another lifetime. It’s night. You realize you’re in a cave in the forest. Somehow you know you’re a female shaman or witch in a Druid / Celtic time. You’re not a very good person, not quite sane. You work spells and magic, but not for the highest good of the recipients. (Therefore, not for your highest good either.) Your long black hair is wild. Your eyes are dark smudges in your sallow face. Your clothes are dark, torn, and tattered. Obviously, you haven’t been taking care of yourself. This has not been a happy lifetime.

You sit and look into the flames of the fire. You are tired. Your mind drifts.

Open Fire

Now our inner sight steps back a bit so we can notice another woman sitting crosslegged opposite the fire from the first woman.

This new woman has long white hair, artfully arranged. She’s dressed in sumptuous white furs and her face is radiant with light. Know this is another of your past lives – one where you have been the best you can be. As your avatar self, you’ve used your gifts for the betterment of all, including yourself.

These two versions of you – two lifetimes – are here as messengers from your soul. Let’s watch, sense, know, or simply imagine as this story unfolds.

After a few moments you realize White Lady is talking telepathically to Dark Lady. This avatar of you is talking to you!

When Dark Lady opens her senses, she hears a very soft and loving voice: “You have a choice to make, Dear Heart. I can’t make it for you. Do you want to make this choice?”

Dark Lady is intrigued. She asks: “What choice?”


White Lady:  Do you choose to be whole and complete, healed?”

Dark Lady desires power above all else – but not the power for good. She feels that if she’s stronger and healthier, she can hold more power, manipulate more. So she says loudly: “Yes!”

White Lady just sits, simply is. She fills with radiant love that spills out all around her, saturating the darkness of the cave with bright light.

Dark Lady absorbs this love, grace, and appreciation of all that is good within herself. It builds and builds. She has no idea she was so good! She surrenders her hunger to grasp and manipulate power. Slowly she becomes filled with love, power, and appreciation.

And so the two women sit silently for a while with the fire flickering bright between them.

Eventually White Lady asks: “Would you like to work with the powers of Light, to do all your work through Light?”

Grey Lady considers. She draws on all the healing she’s received and realizes she can’t go back to the dark. So she says: “Yes – I’d like to work only with the Light.” Immediately she receives the power to work only in the Light.

White Lady holds her hands open – radiating love, light, and appreciation for what Grey Lady is creating for herself.

As we watch, sense, know, or imagine – we realize Grey Lady is now totally transformed. She is wearing clean bright clothes in rainbow colors. She’s prosperous and receiving many precious gifts in gratitude from others. She holds her power in her heart, her being, and her gentle hands.

White Lady asks her final question: “Are you ready to be all you can be – even more than you are now?”

Rainbow Lady hesitates in confusion. She’s not sure how she can be more. She’s also curious and intrigued by the offer of more – wondering what more might bring.

So she decides to accept.

Her Heart opens even more.

Her Mind opens even more.  
Her Whole Body opens even more.

As Rainbow Lady receives more than she has every received before, she sits in gratitude, knowing she is truly the Divine. Divine in her. Her in Divine. They are One.

Rainbow Lady opens her eyes and sees, knows, and feels everything about the White Lady and how she too is one with the Divine. With this recognition, the two merge to become One Lady.

One Lady steps out of the cave into the sunlight, into her life – doing the work she loves. Filled with joy.

Sunlight - Bluebells

Since you’ve come with me on this journey, your Akashic Records – the energetic database of your Soul in all its lifetimes – gift you with these same choices.

To make it easy for you – here are your questions.

What do you choose?

  1. “You have a choice to make, Dear Heart. I can’t make it for you. Do you want to make this choice?”
  2. Do you choose to be whole and complete, healed?”
  3. “Would you like to work with the powers of Light, to do all your work through Light?”
  4. “Are you ready to be all you can be – even more than you are now?”

Please connect with me if you would like some Akashic assistance with this process. I’d love to take us together into your Akashic Records and explore your Heart’s Desire, clearing whatever might be hindering your soul’s journey. I invite you to give yourself a gift from your heart for the holidays.

Till next time,

Radiance and Love –



PS: My heartfelt gratitude to Akashic Facilitator – Gayle Ray – who made it easy for me to receive from my Akashic Records the rich experience of this Akashic journey and acted as my scribe so I could share with you.


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