“New Akashic Records Training Now Available: Module C – Train the Trainers!”

I’m very excited to share with you the major achievements that Akashic Alliance™ members accomplished in March! Will you join us in our celebration?


Introducing our first Module C graduate – Janie MacMillan!

Module C - Learn to be an Akashic Trainer

Module C – Learn to be an Akashic Trainer

I’ve dreamed about passing the Akashic Alliance™ legacy along to others for more than a decade. Not only did Janie request Module C, she also trusted me to pull it all together from the Module C Records. As I received each step from the Records, Janie promptly completed all the training requirements with great dedication.

It was energetically intense, time consuming, and challenging for us both – all while Janie worked a busy full time corporate job. From total strangers, we became heart-centered friends who are grateful for the experience.

Janie then immediately facilitated two very well received live weekend Module A Akashic trainings at The Reiki Center in Columbus, Ohio. Her first training was filled by the Center’s Reiki practitioners and teachers, readers of various modalities, and even the owner who had all been waiting eagerly for Janie to teach them how to access and explore their personal Records. While these women all have amazing gifts and skills, each desired a quick and easy way to access her Records. The owner can now happily advertise that the Center’s readers can also access their personal Akashic Records. What an achievement!

Information about Janie’s next Module A’s, both in person and via Zoom, is on the beautiful website she created here. I invite you to also explore her other innovative services!

Deborah Hellman (long time Akashic co-trainer with our beloved Nancy Ring) and Jenny Kellogg (my current Module C trainee) and I joined Janie on Zoom last week to celebrate Janie’s graduation. When two or more gather in the Akashic Field, we know we always bring in a higher vibrational frequency.

After Janie stated her heartfelt dedication as an Accredited Akashic Alliance™
 Trainer for Module A, the Divine stepped forward to anoint her with a special “Akashic Blessing Oil.” It was a very emotional experience for us all.

Module A Graduation Ceremony


Learn to Access & Explore Your Akashic Records

Learn to Access & Explore Your Akashic Records

Later that week, Jenny Kellogg and I completed the final section of the Module A we’ve been co-facilitating over the past eight Saturdays.
Jenny’s an astrologer who incorporates ancient Greek culture, trauma-informed psychotherapy, and ancient wisdom traditions in her work.

Our graduates included a clinical psychologist in New Mexico, a corporate office administrative assistant for an American retail chain headquartered in Wisconsin, a retired scientist who grew up in Argentina now residing in Iowa, and a cybersecurity whiz from South Carolina.


I mention all these backgrounds so you can see the Akashic Records are now bringing a very diverse range of professions to our Akashic Alliance™ trainings. Since Jenny currently lives in the DC area and I live near Asheville, North Carolina, the Zoom platform magic made locations no obstacle.

It’s always sad to wrap up such intimate workshops, and yet it’s exciting to see how well our graduates are now able to interact with their Records in so many different ways after a short period of time! We look forward to being with them again for our Monthly Akashic Gatherings!

The next Module A Jenny and I will co-facilitate as part of her Module C training will begin in July. With two facilitators, you have access to an even greater accumulation of Akashic experience. Several seats are already reserved, (welcome to the New Zealander!). If you’re interested in learning to access and explore your Records OR would like to refresh your original Module A training and go deeper to prepare for Module B, you can find the details here.


That brings me to my third item of exciting Akashic Alliance™ News!

I’m delighted to share that Deborah Hellman has recently agreed to join me as a Module C trainer. Working together will ensure an even stronger teacher training program and give prospective learners the opportunity to have a choice of trainers.

Here’s Your Personal Invitation to Module C

If you’ve completed Modules A and B, have a well-established Akashic practice, and your clients and/or the Records have been asking you to teach them how to open their Records, Module C trains you to become an accredited Akashic Alliance™ Trainer first for Module A and then for Module B. Your first step would be to contact either Deborah Hellman or myself to set up a Zoom meeting to explore your options and qualifications.


If we all are guided to proceed, then you’ll be invited to be an observer for your trainer’s next Module A training. This immersion is a busy time. You’ll write notes and questions as the Module A unfolds. You’ll observe what questions learners ask and what they share after they complete each Integration Process.

As you monitor what the facilitator(s) are doing, you’ll also learn how to support all the learners energetically from first contact through graduation and beyond. The purpose behind each training section is explained. Stepping up to teach others will also accelerate the abilities you bring to your private Akashic Sessions so you too will have clients asking you to teach them. This is just the beginning.


If you’ve never had an in-depth Akashic Session, would this be the time to reach out to one of the many professional facilitators now available? I do love to recommend my experienced Akashic Alliance™ Facilitators!

Or is your next step perhaps to learn how to tap into your Akashic Records or dive deeper and learn to access the Records of Others?

Learn to Access the Records of Other People, Places, and Things

Learn to Access the Records of Other People, Places, and Things

My next goal is to transform Module B – Learning to Access for Other People, Places, and Things – from a three day in person training to an exciting Zoom delivery with even more interaction with clients than I could offer in person. Thank you to all who have been patiently waiting for my upgraded version of Module B!

I’d love to have you join us and experience the fullness of your life the Akashic Way!

Till next time,

Radiance and Love –



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