“In Celebration of Good News!”

Are you a person whose life is plagued by drama and trauma that wears you out and drags you down? Or are you one of the lucky ones whose life is more often filled with many blessings of good news? Thankfully, I find myself inhabiting the second group. And that’s partly by my conscious and dedicated design.


I actively look for good news in my life and in the lives of others. When I find it, I celebrate it with acknowledgement, appreciation, and gratitude. I’ve actually created what I call a “Good News” Bank in my memory field.


This is because I believe in what I’ve heard from the Akashic Records many times since I started exploring them in 2004. “What you focus on – grows.” Part of my ordination as a Priest of Melchizedek also included this powerful Bible verse from Romans:15: “How beautiful are the feet of those who bring good news.”


I don’t watch TV news and haven’t for years. Unfortunately, it just makes me deeply depressed and frustrated because it leaves me with more questions than answers – questions not answered in subsequent broadcasts. Our TV at home only streams movies, etc. My husband watches the news on his TV down in his shop whenever he likes.


What news have you been attracting or creating? What thoughts or emotions have you been stashing away in your Akashic Field?

Image by Mystic Art Design from Pixabay 

Lately, I was surprised to discover what a great relief it was to choose to listen to music instead of NPR while I was out driving. Because I’ve been spending more time than usual driving since this spring as I’ve focused on self-care, I’ve been hearing much more than I need about Trump and other crazy-making incidents.


I hadn’t realized how much even that little bit of heavy news was impacting me until I changed my car’s radio station one day and spent my time happily singing along with an “oldies but goodies” station. I felt revitalized at the end of my trip, even though I’m not a good singer nor can I remember the lyrics.


I’m not saying a news embargo is best for everyone. Because of my level of sensitivity, I just know it’s important for my sanity. Years ago, I discovered that if there is a major situation – anywhere in the world – somehow I’ll hear about it.


Meanwhile, I continue to nourish my unique Light through daily meditation, affirmations, dear friends, and spending lots of quality time in the Akashic Field with clients or on my own. I believe that the more Light I build within, the more Light I automatically share with others, which has the potential to also uplift their vibration. Win / win!


Even though it’s not the traditional time of gratitude in our country until next month, I’ve had lots of good news lately that has expanded my heart with gratitude and made me more aware of the healing energy of good news. So I’m celebrating my good news right now by sharing with you.


My younger son and his family reached out to spend Thanksgiving with us this year! I’ll get to share the holiday with my two grandchildren – always more fun than just having adults around the table.

A very good friend who had two unexpected major abdominal surgeries in two weeks is now back home and thriving after three additional crucial weeks in rehab.

In September my husband and I had a truly delightful visit with my brother-in-law and his wife who live in Portland, OR. I experienced being warmly welcomed into family who knew my departed sister and parents – something I’d been craving for too many years.

And my “Good News” list could go on and on. Each one of these experiences is a treasure I can revisit in my heart whenever I like.


So, dear hearts, where has your focus been this year? What good news have you been experiencing? Love to hear your stories so I can add them to my “Good News” Bank!

Till next time,

Radiance and Love –


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