“Exploring Tough Questions with the Akashic Records”

For this post the Akashic Records invite me to explore a tough topic with them. Have past or current events brought these same questions to your attention?


Death takes many forms. The passing of a favorite pet when we’re children may be our first experience of death. With the changes that have come from COVID-19, many have experienced the death of a career, a marriage, or a lifestyle. The political environment here in America and in many other countries, according to your perspective, may seem to bring the death of honor and integrity or the rebirth of safety through aggression.


Because death is something we cannot avoid, the Records propose we examine the following questions today:


  • Why do bad things happen to good people?
  • What is the reason beloved children die?
  • Where is the Divine when terrible things are happening?

Unfortunately there is no simple, single answer to the above questions that illuminates all people and circumstances. I wish there was.



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Yet these are important questions and therefore worth spending some time considering. In times of great global change, they’re particularly relevant.


If any part of this post resonates with you, then my intention is that it begins a heart-to-heart dialogue – with yourself, the Divine, loved ones who have passed, members of your family, friends, and church (if you have one).


I invite you to explore your Truth further by engaging with your intuition (or your Records), during prayer, through your dreams, while walking in Nature – whenever and however you feel most Divinely guided and supported.


Since I don’t feel competent to speak what is Truth for everyone, I’ll continue this post with what my personal Records share with me.


My only sibling, Judy, died when she was 48 years old. I wish we could have shared these past 24 years. I still grieve and long for her physical presence.


In addition to my own personal losses, there are the added painful historical and current challenging human experiences that have been impossible for me to ignore this year. I too would like answers.


This is what my Records tell me.


Such questions as these given above offer me the opportunity to move into a different perspective.


How do I do that? Frankly, I feel nervous and afraid even contemplating such questions with my Records.


So they invite me to place my hand gently on my heart center and I breathe and relax for a few moments. I invite you to pause and join me.


Instead of falling into shame, blame, or guilt connected to myself or others, the invitation of these tough questions is to acknowledge a broader perspective of who I am as a soul – who we all are. To remember I am so much more than who and what I am as a specific individual focused in this lifetime.


Female Light Body

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay


My Akashic Records invite me to become willing to explore answers from my soul’s perspective over all of its lifetimes. To trust as I open more and more to my Inner Divinity – that unseen part of me that is Divine. My Records gently remind me of what is Truth for me. Perhaps you and I share some of these truths?

  • Every person has a soul – many have incarnated multiple times. Each soul has free will.
  • We are at a moment of choice in every instance.
  • Our choices have consequences. We don’t always realize all the ramifications of our choices.
  • What we set up in our time between lives as a life purpose, may not be as easy for us to clearly remember, understand, or complete once we incarnate into a new physical body with all our intense emotions and physical needs.
  • Only 10% of our reality is apparent to our conscious minds. Our subconscious and unconscious minds contain the other 90%. Therefore we often don’t have the whole picture that can include reactions from shock, trauma, self-curses or vows, erroneous beliefs, detrimental emotions and more that are carried by our ancestral DNA and/or through themes we incarnate to explore over several lifetimes.
  • The experiences of our souls are shared with the Divine through our Inner Divinity.
  • Our Inner Divinity makes us powerful creators too.
  • We create our reality by our thoughts and intentions. What we focus on grows. It becomes real to us. Sometimes we choose to focus on the negatives. When enough people focus on the same negatives, especially when backed by strong emotions, these perceptions gain power and become our reality.
  • The Divine embodies merciful compassion, non-judgment, and unconditional love.
  • Our souls seek to resonate with these Divine traits.
  • We are Divinely guided and assisted. Therefore we are not alone, even when we see ourselves as completely separate and isolated.
  • Our souls never die. They move from one experience of reality to another.

Even if I had my sister’s permission to access her Akashic Records, which I do not, I cannot know the answers to these suggested questions from the fullness of my sister’s experience. I am not her. I can only come to a greater sense of peace and connection for myself by questioning my own Records.


This is what I understand from the perspective of my Akashic Records:


My sister did the best she could with the challenging circumstances in which she found herself throughout this lifetime. Her choices were dictated by her soul’s desire for growth, even if the results don’t make sense to me. There is no one to blame, including my sister.


I’ve grown as a soul because of my experiences with my sister throughout her life. Visiting her as much as I could and being part of her spiritual support during her last months completed my soul contract with her for this lifetime.

In loving Memory

Image by Andrew Martin from Pixabay


I still remember her frequently and wish she was physically present in my life. This is how I honor her memory. This is how she still lives for me, while she’s now experiencing what she was called to do next.


Judy’s greatest gift to me was to make her transition in the middle of the afternoon with her husband, hospice caretaker, and me gathered around her. Through my shock and tears, I also felt her joy as she slipped from her body in this lifetime and moved into her pure spirit. 


She showed me how the energy surrounding dying is so similar to birthing. I witnessed as she birthed herself through an invisible portal from her existence here with family and friends to another that is still unknown to us. She shared her soul’s delight with me in those moments of transition. That was her gift.


Because I was able to witness Judy’s passing, I no longer fear my own death. This was a huge step for me! Years later when it was time for each of my parents to move on, I drew strength from what I had learned about death from my sister. It wasn’t easy. I still grieve. Gradually I’ve been able to be more and more at peace with dying and death.


And so where is the Divine when all these terrible things are happening?


Circle of Life and Rebirth

Image by Siamlian Ngaihte from Pixabay


The Divine is right beside every one of us. It is not indifferent or uncaring. With Its merciful compassion It welcomes home those who are in transition. With Its unconditional love, It assists those left behind to embrace the opportunities for soul growth that deep grieving offers.


As the abundance of summer heat and foliage begins to die away with the coming of autumn, and increasing coolness prepares us for the deep rest offered by winter, I hope you too are moving through the seasons of your life with grace and ease. May you find the gifts of each of your losses.


If you are drawn to share your thoughts or experiences with challenging transitions, I would be honored to read your comments.  


Till next time,
Radiance and Love –


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