“Embracing the Gift of Community”

Community has been a hot topic for me lately. What’s your definition of community?

Did you have a large family that created its own self-contained community or were you a single child, perhaps of a single parent, who longed to belong to a larger social crowd?

Family is where we all begin to experience community. Church, school, clubs, and sports are a few of the other communities that can quickly become important in our lives.

Growing up in a small oil company town in the 50’s as one of the then typical American nuclear family of two parents and two children, I longed for a wild, noisy, loving extended family filled with quirky, creative cousins, aunts, uncles, and grandparents like those I read about in library books.

Instead, I discovered the quieter joys of community in a combination of a few close friends, an older lady down the street who kindly taught me how to crochet and work in clay, and my many dedicated teachers who inspired me with a love of learning.

When I think back over my life, prompted by my Akashic Records, I realize how incredibly important community has been for me. And how seldom I was consciously aware of or nurtured that gift.

Wrapped Gift Boxes

Image by Michael Schwarzenberger from Pixabay 

At each pivotal point in my life, I now recognize how new communities materialized to help me.

Being an introvert, I certainly wasn’t the one to step forward and extend my hand in friendship when I was 15 yrs old and arrived at boarding school in a strange country. I bless the high school girl who did! She changed my life in a few moments.

It seems there has always been someone who has been willing to take a risk, welcome me into their world, and introduce me to their friends. Now it’s the Akashic Records that keep introducing me to new and amazing people. I truly am blessed.

I invite you to remember all the communities you’ve belonged to over the years and how they’ve enriched your life.

With the social isolation we’re all experiencing more than ever at this time and the uncertainty of when or how it will end,
the Akashic Records of the group of people who will read this post invite us all to contemplate the incredible benefits of having a heart to heart with a dear friend or being an active member of a community that feeds your soul.

If you’re lucky, you may still have family. If not, or they live far away or you’re not emotionally close, then I hope you too have found ways to reach out to others. The reaching out part is what is most important – whether you can physically touch or not.

We are social beings. We don’t often thrive in isolation.

It may take a little more effort now to find the energy to connect when you can’t visit someone or attend a social gathering in person. I imagine few of us actually prefer Zoom calls, while many, like me, are probably still delighted to leave the car in the garage.

Communities are a hot topic lately, just Google “benefits of community.” Research consistently confirms how people with a wide range of social connections live longer, are happier, healthier, and more productive than those who isolate.

Have you found yourself withdrawing more, because either it takes more effort or it’s just not as yummy to visit friends remotely? Have you found you miss the tactile experience of warm hugs so choose sometimes not to connect at all? What about all those meals that tasted better because you were eating and sharing with friends – enjoying the enticing aromas, exchanging cooking tips, seeing actual colors with your eyes, living your life?

So today’s Akashic Inspiration is not a story. Instead it’s a simple invitation to more mindfully cultivate your friend and your communities, even within the current restrictions.

Bright Lights Gathering
Image by 45 3169 from Pixabay

This is your invitation to step up, be seen, and be a better friend, an active part of a special group of people that means something to you. Be creative! Help the world sparkle more.

eaders of my monthly posts – whether you’ve signed up for my newsletters, are one of my past or present Akashic clients, or are one of our Akashic training graduates – you all combine to create an Akashic community that continually supports me in my personal growth. I thank you all! My prayer is that these Akashic Inspirations enhance your inner development too.

May this Akashic Inspiration resonate with you and inspire you to reach out to your family, friends, and community, become more involved, and bring more of your unique Light to all. If you’re feeling a lack of community in your life, then now is the time to create more community.

We are stronger when we come together in a common cause.

FYI:  Learning to access your Akashic Records (or the Records of Others) not only connects you to that amazing spiritual resource. It’s also is a delightful way to more actively join our growing Akashic community and make strong heart connections with others who also have an interest in spiritual growth. Connecting with the Akashic Records helps you transcend the limits of our current separation. If you’re drawn to dive more deeply into the Akashic Field, I invite you to email me with some suggested times we could chat.

Our diverse Akashic Community grows and thrives with communication. So of course your comments about this Akashic Inspiration are always welcome!

Till next time,

Radiance and Love –

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