“Awareness in Times of Transformation”

Transformation doesn’t tend to come with grace and ease, does it?


It’s messy, filled with gut wrenching and heart breaking emotions. You may have long periods where you’re lost and wandering without any clear idea of your new life or how to create it. I’ve heard others call this the “Caterpillar Mush Stage.” That’s the not so pretty time before the caterpillar (old you) transforms into a gorgeous butterfly (new you) and flies away into its new life.


Caterpillar Mush

Photo by Suzanne D. Williams on Unsplash


After all, if transforming who you are and how you live your life was a snap, how important could that life experience be? What would you learn?


Have you gone through a major life transformation?


I have, several times.


Looking back on it now, how do you feel about the experience? Did you take advantage of all the best opportunities presented? I hope so! Each of my transitions created a new and better version of me. They crafted the woman I now am.

Whether people know it or not, humanity is moving through a major transformation right now. It’s been going on for a while and will continue for several more years before we come out the other side. (For some thought provoking ideas, I highly recommend Karen Curry Parker’s book: “The Quantum Human – Understanding the Evolution of Consciousness, the Solar Plexus Mutation, and Human Design.”)

Yes, COVID and its global impact is part of our continuing evolution. It’s the visible surface of how we’re being called to look at our fears and our dreams.


There’s also global warming, accelerating dissatisfaction with our governing bodies, realizations that big business does not have our best interests as their highest interest, and the expanding demand for quality elder care. All these are exacerbated by continuing color, race, and gender inequalities. And that’s not the end of the list.


We can look at all this and feel despair – or we can choose a different mindset.

I believe each of us is unique in our soul’s expression of the Divine. You are an amazing being. The experiences I’ve had with the Akashic Field over the past 17 years continually support my belief.

Are we living in integrity with our highest ideals or do we succumb under pressure to act or do what is the status quo? Can we create new and more effective, beneficial responses? Or do we numb ourselves with fake news and hopelessness?


Every day we are offered new challenges. We‘re called upon to make new decisions – ones we’ve never had to make previously. We are growing, renovating, and evolving regardless of how chaotic it may look in the moment.



Photo by Milivoj Kuhar on Unsplash


So this month, the Akashic Inspiration Group Records invite us to explore how we’re moving through this time of transition. They ask us to take a few moments to ponder where transformation is being offered in our lives.


What are your dreams? This is the time, right now, to dream big. It’s time to quit hesitating, making yourself small, teetering in self-doubt and indecision, giving away your power to other people, other institutions.

Late in 2011 at the end of a presentation about why people might like to learn to access their Records, the Records asked me to share the following information about the incoming energy of 2012. This is the gist of their message:


“It’s time to come out of the metaphysical closet! Step into your unique gifts and powers. Let yourself be the best version of self that your soul desires you to be. It’s time.”


That was almost 10 years ago!


It's now 2021!

Photo by Anne Nygård on Unsplash


The Records invite you to pause here to contemplate. How has the world changed? How have you changed? With this May spring energy, what new seeds of transformative inner growth are you planting? What dreams do you long to harvest?

If you can access your Records, I encourage you to ask them these questions. If not, take the questions into your meditations, journalings, prayers, and walks.

Remember – dream big and dream from your heart – not your head, which only knows how to question!


Hold your vision for yourself and for your world close to your heart. Nurture your vision every day with your love and determination, even if you don’t know “how” to make it happen. Cherish each small step you make, that we all make.


Bestow your attention more and more on what’s working well in your life, what’s working well in your world. Let all the old “junk” wither and fall away through lack of attention. You can refuse to collect any more information about how the world is not working. It’s your choice.


What you focus on – that’s what grows. So watch your mind chatter, the movies and books you choose to fill your subconscious mind, what you say to others and how you say it. Can you make better choices? Can you make one better choice?


Here’s my recent epiphany about how I’m currently being called to transform.


For years I’ve been an Akashic Facilitator primarily focused on private Akashic Sessions, teaching when I could.


My Records, clients, learners, and graduates are now calling me out of my comfort zone once again. This time it’s to recognize, step up, and share my expertise with a larger audience. It’s time for me to accept I’m an Akashic Alliance Master Teacher, who facilitates a university level curriculum that was received from the Akashic Field by Chanda Berlatsky, Nancy Ring, and myself. Now I’m facilitating live Zoom trainings, I can be available to eager learners wherever they live!


Teaching on Zoom


For those who know me well, this may not seem like much of a transformation. After all, I’ve been teaching for years. However, this internal shift of self-perception feels huge! My new vision requires a total reexamination of everything I do and how I do it, including my email signature block.


The first thing I did was a session in my Records to overcome my fears around using new tech. It’s such a relief now to be comfortable with the many different tech prospects coming to me!

How am I accomplishing this change? I talk with my Records. I meditate regularly to release stress and raise my personal vibration. I don’t have all the details yet. I’m simply watching in amazed delight all the opportunities the Divine brings me. What’s liberating is that I don’t have to say “Yes” to them all, only the ones that feel yummy to me. (Note a great one in the PS.)

If you’re attracted to learning to access your Akashic Records (Module A) or accelerating your Akashic abilities by learning to access for others (Module B), or dedicated to learning to teach others Modules A & B (Module C), then perhaps it’s time to email me.


Our Live Zoom Summer 2021 Module A filled in less than two weeks, fastest registration rate ever. If you missed it, (you had to be quick) Janie and I already have the dates for our Live Zoom Fall 2021 Module A. Let’s chat! Maybe the Records have an important part to play in your transformation.


Till next time,
Radiance and Love –


PS:  Please join me at the AKASHIC RECORDS UNLOCKED Summit on May 17 through May 23. This is one of my recent invitations – to step into a bigger Akashic arena with 20 of the World’s Leading Akashic Pioneers! My 40 minute interview, including a brief intro about Heart Integration, launches May 20. During the Summit, you’ll learn how the infinite wisdom of the Akashic Records can transform your life. You won’t want to miss this!  I’ve saved a place for you here: https://akashicrecordsunlocked.com/sg

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