“Akashic Tips: How to Know When You’re Clearing!”

Whether you know how to access your Akashic Records (lucky you!), have had an Akashic Session(s) (yum!), or you work with an alternative practitioner – it’s helpful to have a well-developed understanding of the signs of “clearing.”

So how do the Records define “Akashic Clearing?”

Clearing occurs when you energetically let go or surrender something that is no longer serving your highest good.
Such a clearing can be experienced physically, emotionally, mentally, and / or spiritually.



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When working through an issue, once you have enough information, you can facilitate clearing by requesting it. You may be guided to get up and move your body, drink water, journal or draw what you’re experiencing, or to be exquisitely aware of all your levels of being and your connection to your Records.

Usually a clearing occurs during a session. It can also happen days, weeks, or months later. Some people are very aware when a clearing occurs. Others may not be so certain. Regardless, it still happens.

When activating the Akashic Alliance™ Method to Open for Others, I bring a client with me into her Records so we can explore her Records together. This is a very interactive and co-creative process with my client, her Records, and me. Therefore, I can confirm some of the most common ways people clear from 1,000’s of sessions and feedback during trainings.


The Records asked me to share this post with you to

  • refresh your memory if it’s been a while since your last Akashic training.
  • alert you to some ways you may not yet have recognized as this is subtle work.
  • give you concepts to be aware of whenever you work with any alternative modality.


I believe the more I open to the concept of letting go with grace and ease, the more deeply I can clear.

Therefore, it’s helpful to give yourself, your Records, and your facilitator some feedback when you’re experiencing a clearing.
I hope this post gives you some useful language to describe what is sometimes challenging to put into actual words.


Common Signs of Clearing

woman absorbing cleansing energy of waterfall

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Huge yawns, coughing, passing gas, getting suddenly very hot or cold, spontaneously toning, breathing shifts, sweating, tears of release or joy, runny nose or mucus, body shaking, tingling in finger tips and possibly throughout your body. Yes – clearing can be embarrassing and each indication is something to celebrate!

Did you relate to a few signs of clearing that you hadn’t consciously been aware of before? Great!

Bonus Akashic Tip!

Afterward a clearing or at the end of a session, you may also experience indications that something within you has changed or is different! You may be aware this is a result of the clearing work you’ve just experienced, or not. These signs are great things to look for to help you recognize the shifts that have been happening.


Common Signs Your Vibration Is Rising

Burping (energy rising!), the world somehow looks brighter or shinier to you (and it’s not just more sunlight), you feel lighter in some way you may or may not be able to describe, feel effervescent, giggly, spontaneous laughter, feel like you’re flying, sense of expansion.


light bathing

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Here are some other things you may notice when you’re in a higher vibration:

  • feel more centered and aligned or happier, lighter or more joyful.
  • experience a renewed sense of purpose.
  • notice your intuition is stronger and more reliable.
  • find you have more compassion for yourself and others, contentment, and clarity.
  • feel a renewed sense of peace and calmness with better sleep.

(I thank Dr. Jane Smolnik Boyd for bringing these last bulleted items to my attention as part of her
BioField Training program!)

Your Akashic Records Invitation

Have a visit with your Records. Notice for yourself how you clear and how you can tell you’ve done great clearing work with your Records and the Divine after you’ve closed your Records!

If you’ve never had an in-depth Akashic Session, would this be the time to reach out to one of the many professional facilitators now available? I do love to recommend my experienced Akashic Alliance™ Facilitators!

Or is it perhaps time now to learn how to tap into your Akashic Records (Summer 2022 Module A) or dive deeper and learn to access the Records of Others during a Zoom Module B training? Either way, send me a quick email with some good times to chat and I’ll make a time to call you.

I’d love to have you join us and experience the fullness of your life the Akashic Way!

Till next time,

Radiance and Love –


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